interesting what3words locations

what3words is an interesting system that encodes geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to three words separated by dots. More info: official site, Wikipedia.

I wanted to programmatically search for interesting what3words addresses. Unfortunately, the algorithm and the English wordlist seemed not to be public. However, I was able to obtain a few hundred what3words addresses with their corresponding coordinates by generating random latitude-longitude pairs and encoding them with the what3words batch conversion tool.

Below is a list of some what3words addresses in which all three words are the same four-letter word. (I didn't find any shorter words.) Click an address to see it in Google Maps.

what3words country
afar.afar.afar Russia USA USA
bags.bags.bags UK
beam.beam.beam USA UK
blob.blob.blob USA
brag.brag.brag Finland
busy.busy.busy UK USA
carb.carb.carb Australia USA
cats.cats.cats USA
cave.cave.cave USA
chef.chef.chef USA
chop.chop.chop USA
chug.chug.chug Russia
clan.clan.clan Netherlands
clay.clay.clay USA
crux.crux.crux Russia
daft.daft.daft Australia Japan
deaf.deaf.deaf USA
dean.dean.dean PRC
debt.debt.debt PRC
deck.deck.deck USA
dens.dens.dens India USA
diva.diva.diva USA
dive.dive.dive USA
dole.dole.dole Australia
duos.duos.duos USA
duty.duty.duty USA
envy.envy.envy USA USA
feel.feel.feel Australia
fees.fees.fees USA
fell.fell.fell USA
file.file.file Japan
fins.fins.fins Australia
flap.flap.flap Australia
flow.flow.flow France
foal.foal.foal USA
fuel.fuel.fuel USA
full.full.full USA
fuzz.fuzz.fuzz Norway
glad.glad.glad Australia
glug.glug.glug Australia
good.good.good USA
gosh.gosh.gosh USA
hang.hang.hang USA
hill.hill.hill USA
hoax.hoax.hoax Australia
hued.hued.hued Brazil
huts.huts.huts PRC
iced.iced.iced Australia
jock.jock.jock Russia
jolt.jolt.jolt USA
judo.judo.judo Australia
just.just.just USA
keen.keen.keen USA
kegs.kegs.kegs USA
king.king.king USA
lads.lads.lads Norway
lags.lags.lags Australia
lame.lame.lame UK UK
leap.leap.leap USA
lest.lest.lest Australia
lift.lift.lift USA
lilt.lilt.lilt Australia
limp.limp.limp USA
lobe.lobe.lobe Denmark
luge.luge.luge USA
lump.lump.lump Belarus
lung.lung.lung UK
maps.maps.maps USA
mass.mass.mass USA
milk.milk.milk UK
mojo.mojo.mojo DR Congo
moth.moth.moth USA
move.move.move USA
mull.mull.mull USA
nail.nail.nail USA
neon.neon.neon USA
nest.nest.nest USA
nice.nice.nice Germany
nosh.nosh.nosh Canada
oils.oils.oils USA
opal.opal.opal Poland
oust.oust.oust Russia
oval.oval.oval USA
over.over.over USA
owns.owns.owns PRC
perk.perk.perk Australia
perm.perm.perm Russia
pest.pest.pest USA
ploy.ploy.ploy Chile
poet.poet.poet USA
pogo.pogo.pogo USA
poke.poke.poke USA
pond.pond.pond Russia
pool.pool.pool UK
pose.pose.pose USA
prep.prep.prep USA
prop.prop.prop USA
pulp.pulp.pulp Belgium
punk.punk.punk USA
quid.quid.quid Australia
rear.rear.rear USA Australia
riff.riff.riff Australia
rigs.rigs.rigs USA
rook.rook.rook Canada Argentina
ruby.ruby.ruby USA
ruin.ruin.ruin Slovenia
rule.rule.rule Brazil
rust.rust.rust USA USA
sang.sang.sang USA
sawn.sawn.sawn USA
semi.semi.semi Canada
sham.sham.sham Russia
shut.shut.shut USA
sill.sill.sill Russia
skit.skit.skit Mozambique
snip.snip.snip USA
snug.snug.snug Bolivia
sock.sock.sock USA
soya.soya.soya USA
span.span.span USA USA
stir.stir.stir USA
sung.sung.sung USA Niger
tabs.tabs.tabs PRC
tall.tall.tall UK
tans.tans.tans Canada
tell.tell.tell USA
tens.tens.tens USA
tent.tent.tent Australia
term.term.term USA
thin.thin.thin USA
tops.tops.tops USA
trek.trek.trek Cuba
twin.twin.twin UK
unto.unto.unto Cuba
used.used.used PRC
vans.vans.vans India
vest.vest.vest USA
vets.vets.vets USA
vows.vows.vows USA
wasp.wasp.wasp USA
welt.welt.welt Canada
wept.wept.wept Spain
whim.whim.whim Russia
woks.woks.woks Australia
yarn.yarn.yarn Australia
yowl.yowl.yowl Libya
zaps.zaps.zaps USA
zest.zest.zest USA