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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
92977 16b31 𖬱 Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim So Pahawh Hmong Nonspacing Mark
92978 16b32 𖬲 Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Kes Pahawh Hmong Nonspacing Mark
92979 16b33 𖬳 Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Khav Pahawh Hmong Nonspacing Mark
92980 16b34 𖬴 Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Suam Pahawh Hmong Nonspacing Mark
92981 16b35 𖬵 Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Hom Pahawh Hmong Nonspacing Mark
92982 16b36 𖬶 Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Taum Pahawh Hmong Nonspacing Mark
92983 16b37 𖬷 Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Thom Pahawh Hmong Other Punctuation
92984 16b38 𖬸 Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Tshab Ceeb Pahawh Hmong Other Punctuation
92985 16b39 𖬹 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Cheem Pahawh Hmong Other Punctuation
92986 16b3a 𖬺 Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Thiab Pahawh Hmong Other Punctuation
92987 16b3b 𖬻 Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Feem Pahawh Hmong Other Punctuation
92988 16b3c 𖬼 Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Ntxiv Pahawh Hmong Other Symbol
92989 16b3d 𖬽 Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Rho Pahawh Hmong Other Symbol
92990 16b3e 𖬾 Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Tov Pahawh Hmong Other Symbol
92991 16b3f 𖬿 Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Faib Pahawh Hmong Other Symbol
92992 16b40 𖭀 Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Seev Pahawh Hmong Modifier Letter
92993 16b41 𖭁 Pahawh Hmong Sign Meej Suab Pahawh Hmong Modifier Letter
92994 16b42 𖭂 Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Nrua Pahawh Hmong Modifier Letter
92995 16b43 𖭃 Pahawh Hmong Sign Ib Yam Pahawh Hmong Modifier Letter
92996 16b44 𖭄 Pahawh Hmong Sign Xaus Pahawh Hmong Other Punctuation
92997 16b45 𖭅 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Tsov Rog Pahawh Hmong Other Symbol
93008 16b50 𖭐 Pahawh Hmong Digit Zero Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93009 16b51 𖭑 Pahawh Hmong Digit One Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93010 16b52 𖭒 Pahawh Hmong Digit Two Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93011 16b53 𖭓 Pahawh Hmong Digit Three Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93012 16b54 𖭔 Pahawh Hmong Digit Four Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93013 16b55 𖭕 Pahawh Hmong Digit Five Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93014 16b56 𖭖 Pahawh Hmong Digit Six Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93015 16b57 𖭗 Pahawh Hmong Digit Seven Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93016 16b58 𖭘 Pahawh Hmong Digit Eight Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93017 16b59 𖭙 Pahawh Hmong Digit Nine Pahawh Hmong Decimal Number
93019 16b5b 𖭛 Pahawh Hmong Number Tens Pahawh Hmong Other Number
93020 16b5c 𖭜 Pahawh Hmong Number Hundreds Pahawh Hmong Other Number
93021 16b5d 𖭝 Pahawh Hmong Number Ten Thousands Pahawh Hmong Other Number
93022 16b5e 𖭞 Pahawh Hmong Number Millions Pahawh Hmong Other Number
93023 16b5f 𖭟 Pahawh Hmong Number Hundred Millions Pahawh Hmong Other Number
93024 16b60 𖭠 Pahawh Hmong Number Ten Billions Pahawh Hmong Other Number
93025 16b61 𖭡 Pahawh Hmong Number Trillions Pahawh Hmong Other Number
93027 16b63 𖭣 Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Lub Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93028 16b64 𖭤 Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyoo Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93029 16b65 𖭥 Pahawh Hmong Sign Hli Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93030 16b66 𖭦 Pahawh Hmong Sign Third-Stage Hli Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93031 16b67 𖭧 Pahawh Hmong Sign Zwj Thaj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93032 16b68 𖭨 Pahawh Hmong Sign Hnub Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93033 16b69 𖭩 Pahawh Hmong Sign Nqig Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93034 16b6a 𖭪 Pahawh Hmong Sign Xiab Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93035 16b6b 𖭫 Pahawh Hmong Sign Ntuj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93036 16b6c 𖭬 Pahawh Hmong Sign Av Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93037 16b6d 𖭭 Pahawh Hmong Sign Txheej Ceev Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93038 16b6e 𖭮 Pahawh Hmong Sign Meej Tseeb Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93039 16b6f 𖭯 Pahawh Hmong Sign Tau Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93040 16b70 𖭰 Pahawh Hmong Sign Los Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93041 16b71 𖭱 Pahawh Hmong Sign Mus Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93042 16b72 𖭲 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Hais Lus Ntog Ntog Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93043 16b73 𖭳 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Cuam Tshooj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93044 16b74 𖭴 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Txwv Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93045 16b75 𖭵 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Txwv Chwv Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93046 16b76 𖭶 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Pub Dawb Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93047 16b77 𖭷 Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Nres Tos Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93053 16b7d 𖭽 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Tsheej Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93054 16b7e 𖭾 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Yeeg Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93055 16b7f 𖭿 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Lis Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93056 16b80 𖮀 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Lauj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93057 16b81 𖮁 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Xyooj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93058 16b82 𖮂 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Koo Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93059 16b83 𖮃 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Hawj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93060 16b84 𖮄 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Muas Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93061 16b85 𖮅 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Thoj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93062 16b86 𖮆 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Tsab Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93063 16b87 𖮇 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Phab Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93064 16b88 𖮈 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Khab Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93065 16b89 𖮉 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Ham Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93066 16b8a 𖮊 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Vaj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93067 16b8b 𖮋 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Faj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93068 16b8c 𖮌 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Yaj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93069 16b8d 𖮍 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Tswb Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93070 16b8e 𖮎 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Kwm Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93071 16b8f 𖮏 Pahawh Hmong Clan Sign Vwj Pahawh Hmong Other Letter
93952 16f00 𖼀 Miao Letter Pa Miao Other Letter
93953 16f01 𖼁 Miao Letter Ba Miao Other Letter
93954 16f02 𖼂 Miao Letter Yi Pa Miao Other Letter
93955 16f03 𖼃 Miao Letter Pla Miao Other Letter
93956 16f04 𖼄 Miao Letter Ma Miao Other Letter
93957 16f05 𖼅 Miao Letter Mha Miao Other Letter
93958 16f06 𖼆 Miao Letter Archaic Ma Miao Other Letter
93959 16f07 𖼇 Miao Letter Fa Miao Other Letter
93960 16f08 𖼈 Miao Letter Va Miao Other Letter
93961 16f09 𖼉 Miao Letter Vfa Miao Other Letter
93962 16f0a 𖼊 Miao Letter Ta Miao Other Letter
93963 16f0b 𖼋 Miao Letter Da Miao Other Letter
93964 16f0c 𖼌 Miao Letter Yi Tta Miao Other Letter
93965 16f0d 𖼍 Miao Letter Yi Ta Miao Other Letter
93966 16f0e 𖼎 Miao Letter Tta Miao Other Letter
93967 16f0f 𖼏 Miao Letter Dda Miao Other Letter
93968 16f10 𖼐 Miao Letter Na Miao Other Letter
93969 16f11 𖼑 Miao Letter Nha Miao Other Letter
93970 16f12 𖼒 Miao Letter Yi Nna Miao Other Letter
93971 16f13 𖼓 Miao Letter Archaic Na Miao Other Letter
93972 16f14 𖼔 Miao Letter Nna Miao Other Letter
93973 16f15 𖼕 Miao Letter Nnha Miao Other Letter
93974 16f16 𖼖 Miao Letter La Miao Other Letter
93975 16f17 𖼗 Miao Letter Lya Miao Other Letter
93976 16f18 𖼘 Miao Letter Lha Miao Other Letter
93977 16f19 𖼙 Miao Letter Lhya Miao Other Letter
93978 16f1a 𖼚 Miao Letter Tlha Miao Other Letter
93979 16f1b 𖼛 Miao Letter Dlha Miao Other Letter
93980 16f1c 𖼜 Miao Letter Tlhya Miao Other Letter
93981 16f1d 𖼝 Miao Letter Dlhya Miao Other Letter
93982 16f1e 𖼞 Miao Letter Ka Miao Other Letter
93983 16f1f 𖼟 Miao Letter Ga Miao Other Letter
93984 16f20 𖼠 Miao Letter Yi Ka Miao Other Letter
93985 16f21 𖼡 Miao Letter Qa Miao Other Letter
93986 16f22 𖼢 Miao Letter Qga Miao Other Letter
93987 16f23 𖼣 Miao Letter Nga Miao Other Letter
93988 16f24 𖼤 Miao Letter Ngha Miao Other Letter
93989 16f25 𖼥 Miao Letter Archaic Nga Miao Other Letter
93990 16f26 𖼦 Miao Letter Ha Miao Other Letter
93991 16f27 𖼧 Miao Letter Xa Miao Other Letter
93992 16f28 𖼨 Miao Letter Gha Miao Other Letter
93993 16f29 𖼩 Miao Letter Ghha Miao Other Letter
93994 16f2a 𖼪 Miao Letter Tssa Miao Other Letter
93995 16f2b 𖼫 Miao Letter Dzza Miao Other Letter
93996 16f2c 𖼬 Miao Letter Nya Miao Other Letter
93997 16f2d 𖼭 Miao Letter Nyha Miao Other Letter
93998 16f2e 𖼮 Miao Letter Tsha Miao Other Letter
93999 16f2f 𖼯 Miao Letter Dzha Miao Other Letter
94000 16f30 𖼰 Miao Letter Yi Tsha Miao Other Letter
94001 16f31 𖼱 Miao Letter Yi Dzha Miao Other Letter
94002 16f32 𖼲 Miao Letter Reformed Tsha Miao Other Letter
94003 16f33 𖼳 Miao Letter Sha Miao Other Letter
94004 16f34 𖼴 Miao Letter Ssa Miao Other Letter
94005 16f35 𖼵 Miao Letter Zha Miao Other Letter
94006 16f36 𖼶 Miao Letter Zsha Miao Other Letter
94007 16f37 𖼷 Miao Letter Tsa Miao Other Letter
94008 16f38 𖼸 Miao Letter Dza Miao Other Letter
94009 16f39 𖼹 Miao Letter Yi Tsa Miao Other Letter
94010 16f3a 𖼺 Miao Letter Sa Miao Other Letter
94011 16f3b 𖼻 Miao Letter Za Miao Other Letter
94012 16f3c 𖼼 Miao Letter Zsa Miao Other Letter
94013 16f3d 𖼽 Miao Letter Zza Miao Other Letter
94014 16f3e 𖼾 Miao Letter Zzsa Miao Other Letter
94015 16f3f 𖼿 Miao Letter Archaic Zza Miao Other Letter
94016 16f40 𖽀 Miao Letter Zzya Miao Other Letter
94017 16f41 𖽁 Miao Letter Zzsya Miao Other Letter
94018 16f42 𖽂 Miao Letter Wa Miao Other Letter
94019 16f43 𖽃 Miao Letter Ah Miao Other Letter
94020 16f44 𖽄 Miao Letter Hha Miao Other Letter
94032 16f50 𖽐 Miao Letter Nasalization Miao Other Letter
94033 16f51 𖽑 Miao Sign Aspiration Miao Spacing Mark
94034 16f52 𖽒 Miao Sign Reformed Voicing Miao Spacing Mark
94035 16f53 𖽓 Miao Sign Reformed Aspiration Miao Spacing Mark
94036 16f54 𖽔 Miao Vowel Sign A Miao Spacing Mark
94037 16f55 𖽕 Miao Vowel Sign Aa Miao Spacing Mark
94038 16f56 𖽖 Miao Vowel Sign Ahh Miao Spacing Mark
94039 16f57 𖽗 Miao Vowel Sign An Miao Spacing Mark
94040 16f58 𖽘 Miao Vowel Sign Ang Miao Spacing Mark
94041 16f59 𖽙 Miao Vowel Sign O Miao Spacing Mark
94042 16f5a 𖽚 Miao Vowel Sign Oo Miao Spacing Mark
94043 16f5b 𖽛 Miao Vowel Sign Wo Miao Spacing Mark
94044 16f5c 𖽜 Miao Vowel Sign W Miao Spacing Mark
94045 16f5d 𖽝 Miao Vowel Sign E Miao Spacing Mark
94046 16f5e 𖽞 Miao Vowel Sign En Miao Spacing Mark
94047 16f5f 𖽟 Miao Vowel Sign Eng Miao Spacing Mark
94048 16f60 𖽠 Miao Vowel Sign Oey Miao Spacing Mark
94049 16f61 𖽡 Miao Vowel Sign I Miao Spacing Mark
94050 16f62 𖽢 Miao Vowel Sign Ia Miao Spacing Mark
94051 16f63 𖽣 Miao Vowel Sign Ian Miao Spacing Mark
94052 16f64 𖽤 Miao Vowel Sign Iang Miao Spacing Mark
94053 16f65 𖽥 Miao Vowel Sign Io Miao Spacing Mark
94054 16f66 𖽦 Miao Vowel Sign Ie Miao Spacing Mark
94055 16f67 𖽧 Miao Vowel Sign Ii Miao Spacing Mark
94056 16f68 𖽨 Miao Vowel Sign Iu Miao Spacing Mark
94057 16f69 𖽩 Miao Vowel Sign Ing Miao Spacing Mark
94058 16f6a 𖽪 Miao Vowel Sign U Miao Spacing Mark
94059 16f6b 𖽫 Miao Vowel Sign Ua Miao Spacing Mark
94060 16f6c 𖽬 Miao Vowel Sign Uan Miao Spacing Mark
94061 16f6d 𖽭 Miao Vowel Sign Uang Miao Spacing Mark
94062 16f6e 𖽮 Miao Vowel Sign Uu Miao Spacing Mark
94063 16f6f 𖽯 Miao Vowel Sign Uei Miao Spacing Mark
94064 16f70 𖽰 Miao Vowel Sign Ung Miao Spacing Mark
94065 16f71 𖽱 Miao Vowel Sign Y Miao Spacing Mark
94066 16f72 𖽲 Miao Vowel Sign Yi Miao Spacing Mark
94067 16f73 𖽳 Miao Vowel Sign Ae Miao Spacing Mark
94068 16f74 𖽴 Miao Vowel Sign Aee Miao Spacing Mark
94069 16f75 𖽵 Miao Vowel Sign Err Miao Spacing Mark
94070 16f76 𖽶 Miao Vowel Sign Rounded Err Miao Spacing Mark
94071 16f77 𖽷 Miao Vowel Sign Er Miao Spacing Mark
94072 16f78 𖽸 Miao Vowel Sign Rounded Er Miao Spacing Mark
94073 16f79 𖽹 Miao Vowel Sign Ai Miao Spacing Mark
94074 16f7a 𖽺 Miao Vowel Sign Ei Miao Spacing Mark
94075 16f7b 𖽻 Miao Vowel Sign Au Miao Spacing Mark
94076 16f7c 𖽼 Miao Vowel Sign Ou Miao Spacing Mark
94077 16f7d 𖽽 Miao Vowel Sign N Miao Spacing Mark
94078 16f7e 𖽾 Miao Vowel Sign Ng Miao Spacing Mark
94095 16f8f 𖾏 Miao Tone Right Miao Nonspacing Mark
94096 16f90 𖾐 Miao Tone Top Right Miao Nonspacing Mark
94097 16f91 𖾑 Miao Tone Above Miao Nonspacing Mark
94098 16f92 𖾒 Miao Tone Below Miao Nonspacing Mark
94099 16f93 𖾓 Miao Letter Tone-2 Miao Modifier Letter
94100 16f94 𖾔 Miao Letter Tone-3 Miao Modifier Letter
94101 16f95 𖾕 Miao Letter Tone-4 Miao Modifier Letter
94102 16f96 𖾖 Miao Letter Tone-5 Miao Modifier Letter
94103 16f97 𖾗 Miao Letter Tone-6 Miao Modifier Letter
94104 16f98 𖾘 Miao Letter Tone-7 Miao Modifier Letter
94105 16f99 𖾙 Miao Letter Tone-8 Miao Modifier Letter
94106 16f9a 𖾚 Miao Letter Reformed Tone-1 Miao Modifier Letter
94107 16f9b 𖾛 Miao Letter Reformed Tone-2 Miao Modifier Letter
94108 16f9c 𖾜 Miao Letter Reformed Tone-4 Miao Modifier Letter
94109 16f9d 𖾝 Miao Letter Reformed Tone-5 Miao Modifier Letter
94110 16f9e 𖾞 Miao Letter Reformed Tone-6 Miao Modifier Letter
94111 16f9f 𖾟 Miao Letter Reformed Tone-8 Miao Modifier Letter
94176 16fe0 𖿠 Tangut Iteration Mark Ideographic Symbols and Punctuation Modifier Letter
94177 16fe1 𖿡 Nushu Iteration Mark Ideographic Symbols and Punctuation Modifier Letter
100352 18800 𘠀 Tangut Component-001 Tangut Components Other Letter
100353 18801 𘠁 Tangut Component-002 Tangut Components Other Letter
100354 18802 𘠂 Tangut Component-003 Tangut Components Other Letter
100355 18803 𘠃 Tangut Component-004 Tangut Components Other Letter
100356 18804 𘠄 Tangut Component-005 Tangut Components Other Letter
100357 18805 𘠅 Tangut Component-006 Tangut Components Other Letter
100358 18806 𘠆 Tangut Component-007 Tangut Components Other Letter
100359 18807 𘠇 Tangut Component-008 Tangut Components Other Letter
100360 18808 𘠈 Tangut Component-009 Tangut Components Other Letter
100361 18809 𘠉 Tangut Component-010 Tangut Components Other Letter
100362 1880a 𘠊 Tangut Component-011 Tangut Components Other Letter
100363 1880b 𘠋 Tangut Component-012 Tangut Components Other Letter
100364 1880c 𘠌 Tangut Component-013 Tangut Components Other Letter
100365 1880d 𘠍 Tangut Component-014 Tangut Components Other Letter
100366 1880e 𘠎 Tangut Component-015 Tangut Components Other Letter
100367 1880f 𘠏 Tangut Component-016 Tangut Components Other Letter
100368 18810 𘠐 Tangut Component-017 Tangut Components Other Letter
100369 18811 𘠑 Tangut Component-018 Tangut Components Other Letter
100370 18812 𘠒 Tangut Component-019 Tangut Components Other Letter
100371 18813 𘠓 Tangut Component-020 Tangut Components Other Letter
100372 18814 𘠔 Tangut Component-021 Tangut Components Other Letter
100373 18815 𘠕 Tangut Component-022 Tangut Components Other Letter
100374 18816 𘠖 Tangut Component-023 Tangut Components Other Letter
100375 18817 𘠗 Tangut Component-024 Tangut Components Other Letter
100376 18818 𘠘 Tangut Component-025 Tangut Components Other Letter
100377 18819 𘠙 Tangut Component-026 Tangut Components Other Letter
100378 1881a 𘠚 Tangut Component-027 Tangut Components Other Letter
100379 1881b 𘠛 Tangut Component-028 Tangut Components Other Letter
100380 1881c 𘠜 Tangut Component-029 Tangut Components Other Letter
100381 1881d 𘠝 Tangut Component-030 Tangut Components Other Letter
100382 1881e 𘠞 Tangut Component-031 Tangut Components Other Letter
100383 1881f 𘠟 Tangut Component-032 Tangut Components Other Letter
100384 18820 𘠠 Tangut Component-033 Tangut Components Other Letter
100385 18821 𘠡 Tangut Component-034 Tangut Components Other Letter
100386 18822 𘠢 Tangut Component-035 Tangut Components Other Letter
100387 18823 𘠣 Tangut Component-036 Tangut Components Other Letter
100388 18824 𘠤 Tangut Component-037 Tangut Components Other Letter
100389 18825 𘠥 Tangut Component-038 Tangut Components Other Letter
100390 18826 𘠦 Tangut Component-039 Tangut Components Other Letter
100391 18827 𘠧 Tangut Component-040 Tangut Components Other Letter
100392 18828 𘠨 Tangut Component-041 Tangut Components Other Letter
100393 18829 𘠩 Tangut Component-042 Tangut Components Other Letter
100394 1882a 𘠪 Tangut Component-043 Tangut Components Other Letter

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