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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
2546 9f2 Bengali Rupee Mark Bengali Currency Symbol
2547 9f3 Bengali Rupee Sign Bengali Currency Symbol
2548 9f4 Bengali Currency Numerator One Bengali Other Number
2549 9f5 Bengali Currency Numerator Two Bengali Other Number
2550 9f6 Bengali Currency Numerator Three Bengali Other Number
2551 9f7 Bengali Currency Numerator Four Bengali Other Number
2552 9f8 Bengali Currency Numerator One Less Than The Denominator Bengali Other Number
2553 9f9 Bengali Currency Denominator Sixteen Bengali Other Number
2554 9fa Bengali Isshar Bengali Other Symbol
2555 9fb Bengali Ganda Mark Bengali Currency Symbol
2556 9fc Bengali Letter Vedic Anusvara Bengali Other Letter
2557 9fd Bengali Abbreviation Sign Bengali Other Punctuation
2561 a01 Gurmukhi Sign Adak Bindi Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2562 a02 Gurmukhi Sign Bindi Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2563 a03 Gurmukhi Sign Visarga Gurmukhi Spacing Mark
2565 a05 Gurmukhi Letter A Gurmukhi Other Letter
2566 a06 Gurmukhi Letter Aa Gurmukhi Other Letter
2567 a07 Gurmukhi Letter I Gurmukhi Other Letter
2568 a08 Gurmukhi Letter Ii Gurmukhi Other Letter
2569 a09 Gurmukhi Letter U Gurmukhi Other Letter
2570 a0a Gurmukhi Letter Uu Gurmukhi Other Letter
2575 a0f Gurmukhi Letter Ee Gurmukhi Other Letter
2576 a10 Gurmukhi Letter Ai Gurmukhi Other Letter
2579 a13 Gurmukhi Letter Oo Gurmukhi Other Letter
2580 a14 Gurmukhi Letter Au Gurmukhi Other Letter
2581 a15 Gurmukhi Letter Ka Gurmukhi Other Letter
2582 a16 Gurmukhi Letter Kha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2583 a17 Gurmukhi Letter Ga Gurmukhi Other Letter
2584 a18 Gurmukhi Letter Gha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2585 a19 Gurmukhi Letter Nga Gurmukhi Other Letter
2586 a1a Gurmukhi Letter Ca Gurmukhi Other Letter
2587 a1b Gurmukhi Letter Cha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2588 a1c Gurmukhi Letter Ja Gurmukhi Other Letter
2589 a1d Gurmukhi Letter Jha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2590 a1e Gurmukhi Letter Nya Gurmukhi Other Letter
2591 a1f Gurmukhi Letter Tta Gurmukhi Other Letter
2592 a20 Gurmukhi Letter Ttha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2593 a21 Gurmukhi Letter Dda Gurmukhi Other Letter
2594 a22 Gurmukhi Letter Ddha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2595 a23 Gurmukhi Letter Nna Gurmukhi Other Letter
2596 a24 Gurmukhi Letter Ta Gurmukhi Other Letter
2597 a25 Gurmukhi Letter Tha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2598 a26 Gurmukhi Letter Da Gurmukhi Other Letter
2599 a27 Gurmukhi Letter Dha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2600 a28 Gurmukhi Letter Na Gurmukhi Other Letter
2602 a2a Gurmukhi Letter Pa Gurmukhi Other Letter
2603 a2b Gurmukhi Letter Pha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2604 a2c Gurmukhi Letter Ba Gurmukhi Other Letter
2605 a2d Gurmukhi Letter Bha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2606 a2e Gurmukhi Letter Ma Gurmukhi Other Letter
2607 a2f Gurmukhi Letter Ya Gurmukhi Other Letter
2608 a30 Gurmukhi Letter Ra Gurmukhi Other Letter
2610 a32 Gurmukhi Letter La Gurmukhi Other Letter
2611 a33 Gurmukhi Letter Lla Gurmukhi Other Letter
2613 a35 Gurmukhi Letter Va Gurmukhi Other Letter
2614 a36 Gurmukhi Letter Sha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2616 a38 Gurmukhi Letter Sa Gurmukhi Other Letter
2617 a39 Gurmukhi Letter Ha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2620 a3c Gurmukhi Sign Nukta Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2622 a3e Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Aa Gurmukhi Spacing Mark
2623 a3f ਿ Gurmukhi Vowel Sign I Gurmukhi Spacing Mark
2624 a40 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Ii Gurmukhi Spacing Mark
2625 a41 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign U Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2626 a42 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Uu Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2631 a47 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Ee Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2632 a48 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Ai Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2635 a4b Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Oo Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2636 a4c Gurmukhi Vowel Sign Au Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2637 a4d Gurmukhi Sign Virama Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2641 a51 Gurmukhi Sign Udaat Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2649 a59 Gurmukhi Letter Khha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2650 a5a Gurmukhi Letter Ghha Gurmukhi Other Letter
2651 a5b Gurmukhi Letter Za Gurmukhi Other Letter
2652 a5c Gurmukhi Letter Rra Gurmukhi Other Letter
2654 a5e Gurmukhi Letter Fa Gurmukhi Other Letter
2662 a66 Gurmukhi Digit Zero Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2663 a67 Gurmukhi Digit One Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2664 a68 Gurmukhi Digit Two Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2665 a69 Gurmukhi Digit Three Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2666 a6a Gurmukhi Digit Four Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2667 a6b Gurmukhi Digit Five Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2668 a6c Gurmukhi Digit Six Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2669 a6d Gurmukhi Digit Seven Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2670 a6e Gurmukhi Digit Eight Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2671 a6f Gurmukhi Digit Nine Gurmukhi Decimal Number
2672 a70 Gurmukhi Tippi Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2673 a71 Gurmukhi Addak Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2674 a72 Gurmukhi Iri Gurmukhi Other Letter
2675 a73 Gurmukhi Ura Gurmukhi Other Letter
2676 a74 Gurmukhi Ek Onkar Gurmukhi Other Letter
2677 a75 Gurmukhi Sign Yakash Gurmukhi Nonspacing Mark
2689 a81 Gujarati Sign Candrabindu Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2690 a82 Gujarati Sign Anusvara Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2691 a83 Gujarati Sign Visarga Gujarati Spacing Mark
2693 a85 Gujarati Letter A Gujarati Other Letter
2694 a86 Gujarati Letter Aa Gujarati Other Letter
2695 a87 Gujarati Letter I Gujarati Other Letter
2696 a88 Gujarati Letter Ii Gujarati Other Letter
2697 a89 Gujarati Letter U Gujarati Other Letter
2698 a8a Gujarati Letter Uu Gujarati Other Letter
2699 a8b Gujarati Letter Vocalic R Gujarati Other Letter
2700 a8c Gujarati Letter Vocalic L Gujarati Other Letter
2701 a8d Gujarati Vowel Candra E Gujarati Other Letter
2703 a8f Gujarati Letter E Gujarati Other Letter
2704 a90 Gujarati Letter Ai Gujarati Other Letter
2705 a91 Gujarati Vowel Candra O Gujarati Other Letter
2707 a93 Gujarati Letter O Gujarati Other Letter
2708 a94 Gujarati Letter Au Gujarati Other Letter
2709 a95 Gujarati Letter Ka Gujarati Other Letter
2710 a96 Gujarati Letter Kha Gujarati Other Letter
2711 a97 Gujarati Letter Ga Gujarati Other Letter
2712 a98 Gujarati Letter Gha Gujarati Other Letter
2713 a99 Gujarati Letter Nga Gujarati Other Letter
2714 a9a Gujarati Letter Ca Gujarati Other Letter
2715 a9b Gujarati Letter Cha Gujarati Other Letter
2716 a9c Gujarati Letter Ja Gujarati Other Letter
2717 a9d Gujarati Letter Jha Gujarati Other Letter
2718 a9e Gujarati Letter Nya Gujarati Other Letter
2719 a9f Gujarati Letter Tta Gujarati Other Letter
2720 aa0 Gujarati Letter Ttha Gujarati Other Letter
2721 aa1 Gujarati Letter Dda Gujarati Other Letter
2722 aa2 Gujarati Letter Ddha Gujarati Other Letter
2723 aa3 Gujarati Letter Nna Gujarati Other Letter
2724 aa4 Gujarati Letter Ta Gujarati Other Letter
2725 aa5 Gujarati Letter Tha Gujarati Other Letter
2726 aa6 Gujarati Letter Da Gujarati Other Letter
2727 aa7 Gujarati Letter Dha Gujarati Other Letter
2728 aa8 Gujarati Letter Na Gujarati Other Letter
2730 aaa Gujarati Letter Pa Gujarati Other Letter
2731 aab Gujarati Letter Pha Gujarati Other Letter
2732 aac Gujarati Letter Ba Gujarati Other Letter
2733 aad Gujarati Letter Bha Gujarati Other Letter
2734 aae Gujarati Letter Ma Gujarati Other Letter
2735 aaf Gujarati Letter Ya Gujarati Other Letter
2736 ab0 Gujarati Letter Ra Gujarati Other Letter
2738 ab2 Gujarati Letter La Gujarati Other Letter
2739 ab3 Gujarati Letter Lla Gujarati Other Letter
2741 ab5 Gujarati Letter Va Gujarati Other Letter
2742 ab6 Gujarati Letter Sha Gujarati Other Letter
2743 ab7 Gujarati Letter Ssa Gujarati Other Letter
2744 ab8 Gujarati Letter Sa Gujarati Other Letter
2745 ab9 Gujarati Letter Ha Gujarati Other Letter
2748 abc Gujarati Sign Nukta Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2749 abd Gujarati Sign Avagraha Gujarati Other Letter
2750 abe Gujarati Vowel Sign Aa Gujarati Spacing Mark
2751 abf િ Gujarati Vowel Sign I Gujarati Spacing Mark
2752 ac0 Gujarati Vowel Sign Ii Gujarati Spacing Mark
2753 ac1 Gujarati Vowel Sign U Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2754 ac2 Gujarati Vowel Sign Uu Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2755 ac3 Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic R Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2756 ac4 Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2757 ac5 Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra E Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2759 ac7 Gujarati Vowel Sign E Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2760 ac8 Gujarati Vowel Sign Ai Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2761 ac9 Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra O Gujarati Spacing Mark
2763 acb Gujarati Vowel Sign O Gujarati Spacing Mark
2764 acc Gujarati Vowel Sign Au Gujarati Spacing Mark
2765 acd Gujarati Sign Virama Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2768 ad0 Gujarati Om Gujarati Other Letter
2784 ae0 Gujarati Letter Vocalic Rr Gujarati Other Letter
2785 ae1 Gujarati Letter Vocalic Ll Gujarati Other Letter
2786 ae2 Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic L Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2787 ae3 Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2790 ae6 Gujarati Digit Zero Gujarati Decimal Number
2791 ae7 Gujarati Digit One Gujarati Decimal Number
2792 ae8 Gujarati Digit Two Gujarati Decimal Number
2793 ae9 Gujarati Digit Three Gujarati Decimal Number
2794 aea Gujarati Digit Four Gujarati Decimal Number
2795 aeb Gujarati Digit Five Gujarati Decimal Number
2796 aec Gujarati Digit Six Gujarati Decimal Number
2797 aed Gujarati Digit Seven Gujarati Decimal Number
2798 aee Gujarati Digit Eight Gujarati Decimal Number
2799 aef Gujarati Digit Nine Gujarati Decimal Number
2800 af0 Gujarati Abbreviation Sign Gujarati Other Punctuation
2801 af1 Gujarati Rupee Sign Gujarati Currency Symbol
2809 af9 Gujarati Letter Zha Gujarati Other Letter
2810 afa Gujarati Sign Sukun Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2811 afb Gujarati Sign Shadda Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2812 afc Gujarati Sign Maddah Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2813 afd Gujarati Sign Three-Dot Nukta Above Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2814 afe Gujarati Sign Circle Nukta Above Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2815 aff ૿ Gujarati Sign Two-Circle Nukta Above Gujarati Nonspacing Mark
2817 b01 Oriya Sign Candrabindu Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2818 b02 Oriya Sign Anusvara Oriya Spacing Mark
2819 b03 Oriya Sign Visarga Oriya Spacing Mark
2821 b05 Oriya Letter A Oriya Other Letter
2822 b06 Oriya Letter Aa Oriya Other Letter
2823 b07 Oriya Letter I Oriya Other Letter
2824 b08 Oriya Letter Ii Oriya Other Letter
2825 b09 Oriya Letter U Oriya Other Letter
2826 b0a Oriya Letter Uu Oriya Other Letter
2827 b0b Oriya Letter Vocalic R Oriya Other Letter
2828 b0c Oriya Letter Vocalic L Oriya Other Letter
2831 b0f Oriya Letter E Oriya Other Letter
2832 b10 Oriya Letter Ai Oriya Other Letter
2835 b13 Oriya Letter O Oriya Other Letter
2836 b14 Oriya Letter Au Oriya Other Letter
2837 b15 Oriya Letter Ka Oriya Other Letter
2838 b16 Oriya Letter Kha Oriya Other Letter
2839 b17 Oriya Letter Ga Oriya Other Letter
2840 b18 Oriya Letter Gha Oriya Other Letter
2841 b19 Oriya Letter Nga Oriya Other Letter
2842 b1a Oriya Letter Ca Oriya Other Letter
2843 b1b Oriya Letter Cha Oriya Other Letter
2844 b1c Oriya Letter Ja Oriya Other Letter
2845 b1d Oriya Letter Jha Oriya Other Letter
2846 b1e Oriya Letter Nya Oriya Other Letter
2847 b1f Oriya Letter Tta Oriya Other Letter
2848 b20 Oriya Letter Ttha Oriya Other Letter
2849 b21 Oriya Letter Dda Oriya Other Letter
2850 b22 Oriya Letter Ddha Oriya Other Letter
2851 b23 Oriya Letter Nna Oriya Other Letter
2852 b24 Oriya Letter Ta Oriya Other Letter
2853 b25 Oriya Letter Tha Oriya Other Letter
2854 b26 Oriya Letter Da Oriya Other Letter
2855 b27 Oriya Letter Dha Oriya Other Letter
2856 b28 Oriya Letter Na Oriya Other Letter
2858 b2a Oriya Letter Pa Oriya Other Letter
2859 b2b Oriya Letter Pha Oriya Other Letter
2860 b2c Oriya Letter Ba Oriya Other Letter
2861 b2d Oriya Letter Bha Oriya Other Letter
2862 b2e Oriya Letter Ma Oriya Other Letter
2863 b2f Oriya Letter Ya Oriya Other Letter
2864 b30 Oriya Letter Ra Oriya Other Letter
2866 b32 Oriya Letter La Oriya Other Letter
2867 b33 Oriya Letter Lla Oriya Other Letter
2869 b35 Oriya Letter Va Oriya Other Letter
2870 b36 Oriya Letter Sha Oriya Other Letter
2871 b37 Oriya Letter Ssa Oriya Other Letter
2872 b38 Oriya Letter Sa Oriya Other Letter
2873 b39 Oriya Letter Ha Oriya Other Letter
2876 b3c Oriya Sign Nukta Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2877 b3d Oriya Sign Avagraha Oriya Other Letter
2878 b3e Oriya Vowel Sign Aa Oriya Spacing Mark
2879 b3f ି Oriya Vowel Sign I Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2880 b40 Oriya Vowel Sign Ii Oriya Spacing Mark
2881 b41 Oriya Vowel Sign U Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2882 b42 Oriya Vowel Sign Uu Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2883 b43 Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic R Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2884 b44 Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2887 b47 Oriya Vowel Sign E Oriya Spacing Mark
2888 b48 Oriya Vowel Sign Ai Oriya Spacing Mark
2891 b4b Oriya Vowel Sign O Oriya Spacing Mark
2892 b4c Oriya Vowel Sign Au Oriya Spacing Mark
2893 b4d Oriya Sign Virama Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2902 b56 Oriya Ai Length Mark Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2903 b57 Oriya Au Length Mark Oriya Spacing Mark
2908 b5c Oriya Letter Rra Oriya Other Letter
2909 b5d Oriya Letter Rha Oriya Other Letter
2911 b5f Oriya Letter Yya Oriya Other Letter
2912 b60 Oriya Letter Vocalic Rr Oriya Other Letter
2913 b61 Oriya Letter Vocalic Ll Oriya Other Letter
2914 b62 Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic L Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2915 b63 Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Oriya Nonspacing Mark
2918 b66 Oriya Digit Zero Oriya Decimal Number
2919 b67 Oriya Digit One Oriya Decimal Number

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