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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
72426 11aea 𑫪 Pau Cin Hau Sandhi Glottal Stop Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72427 11aeb 𑫫 Pau Cin Hau Sandhi Tone Long Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72428 11aec 𑫬 Pau Cin Hau Sandhi Tone Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72429 11aed 𑫭 Pau Cin Hau Sandhi Tone Long Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72430 11aee 𑫮 Pau Cin Hau Sandhi Tone Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72431 11aef 𑫯 Pau Cin Hau Mid-Level Tone Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72432 11af0 𑫰 Pau Cin Hau Glottal Stop Variant Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72433 11af1 𑫱 Pau Cin Hau Mid-Level Tone Long Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72434 11af2 𑫲 Pau Cin Hau Mid-Level Tone Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72435 11af3 𑫳 Pau Cin Hau Low-Falling Tone Long Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72436 11af4 𑫴 Pau Cin Hau Low-Falling Tone Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72437 11af5 𑫵 Pau Cin Hau Glottal Stop Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72438 11af6 𑫶 Pau Cin Hau Low-Falling Tone Long Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72439 11af7 𑫷 Pau Cin Hau Low-Falling Tone Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72440 11af8 𑫸 Pau Cin Hau Glottal Stop Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72704 11c00 𑰀 Bhaiksuki Letter A Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72705 11c01 𑰁 Bhaiksuki Letter Aa Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72706 11c02 𑰂 Bhaiksuki Letter I Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72707 11c03 𑰃 Bhaiksuki Letter Ii Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72708 11c04 𑰄 Bhaiksuki Letter U Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72709 11c05 𑰅 Bhaiksuki Letter Uu Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72710 11c06 𑰆 Bhaiksuki Letter Vocalic R Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72711 11c07 𑰇 Bhaiksuki Letter Vocalic Rr Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72712 11c08 𑰈 Bhaiksuki Letter Vocalic L Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72714 11c0a 𑰊 Bhaiksuki Letter E Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72715 11c0b 𑰋 Bhaiksuki Letter Ai Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72716 11c0c 𑰌 Bhaiksuki Letter O Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72717 11c0d 𑰍 Bhaiksuki Letter Au Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72718 11c0e 𑰎 Bhaiksuki Letter Ka Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72719 11c0f 𑰏 Bhaiksuki Letter Kha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72720 11c10 𑰐 Bhaiksuki Letter Ga Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72721 11c11 𑰑 Bhaiksuki Letter Gha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72722 11c12 𑰒 Bhaiksuki Letter Nga Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72723 11c13 𑰓 Bhaiksuki Letter Ca Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72724 11c14 𑰔 Bhaiksuki Letter Cha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72725 11c15 𑰕 Bhaiksuki Letter Ja Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72726 11c16 𑰖 Bhaiksuki Letter Jha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72727 11c17 𑰗 Bhaiksuki Letter Nya Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72728 11c18 𑰘 Bhaiksuki Letter Tta Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72729 11c19 𑰙 Bhaiksuki Letter Ttha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72730 11c1a 𑰚 Bhaiksuki Letter Dda Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72731 11c1b 𑰛 Bhaiksuki Letter Ddha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72732 11c1c 𑰜 Bhaiksuki Letter Nna Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72733 11c1d 𑰝 Bhaiksuki Letter Ta Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72734 11c1e 𑰞 Bhaiksuki Letter Tha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72735 11c1f 𑰟 Bhaiksuki Letter Da Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72736 11c20 𑰠 Bhaiksuki Letter Dha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72737 11c21 𑰡 Bhaiksuki Letter Na Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72738 11c22 𑰢 Bhaiksuki Letter Pa Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72739 11c23 𑰣 Bhaiksuki Letter Pha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72740 11c24 𑰤 Bhaiksuki Letter Ba Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72741 11c25 𑰥 Bhaiksuki Letter Bha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72742 11c26 𑰦 Bhaiksuki Letter Ma Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72743 11c27 𑰧 Bhaiksuki Letter Ya Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72744 11c28 𑰨 Bhaiksuki Letter Ra Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72745 11c29 𑰩 Bhaiksuki Letter La Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72746 11c2a 𑰪 Bhaiksuki Letter Va Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72747 11c2b 𑰫 Bhaiksuki Letter Sha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72748 11c2c 𑰬 Bhaiksuki Letter Ssa Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72749 11c2d 𑰭 Bhaiksuki Letter Sa Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72750 11c2e 𑰮 Bhaiksuki Letter Ha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72751 11c2f 𑰯 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Aa Bhaiksuki Spacing Mark
72752 11c30 𑰰 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign I Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72753 11c31 𑰱 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Ii Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72754 11c32 𑰲 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign U Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72755 11c33 𑰳 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Uu Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72756 11c34 𑰴 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Vocalic R Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72757 11c35 𑰵 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72758 11c36 𑰶 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Vocalic L Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72760 11c38 𑰸 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign E Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72761 11c39 𑰹 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Ai Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72762 11c3a 𑰺 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign O Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72763 11c3b 𑰻 Bhaiksuki Vowel Sign Au Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72764 11c3c 𑰼 Bhaiksuki Sign Candrabindu Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72765 11c3d 𑰽 Bhaiksuki Sign Anusvara Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72766 11c3e 𑰾 Bhaiksuki Sign Visarga Bhaiksuki Spacing Mark
72767 11c3f 𑰿 Bhaiksuki Sign Virama Bhaiksuki Nonspacing Mark
72768 11c40 𑱀 Bhaiksuki Sign Avagraha Bhaiksuki Other Letter
72769 11c41 𑱁 Bhaiksuki Danda Bhaiksuki Other Punctuation
72770 11c42 𑱂 Bhaiksuki Double Danda Bhaiksuki Other Punctuation
72771 11c43 𑱃 Bhaiksuki Word Separator Bhaiksuki Other Punctuation
72772 11c44 𑱄 Bhaiksuki Gap Filler-1 Bhaiksuki Other Punctuation
72773 11c45 𑱅 Bhaiksuki Gap Filler-2 Bhaiksuki Other Punctuation
72784 11c50 𑱐 Bhaiksuki Digit Zero Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72785 11c51 𑱑 Bhaiksuki Digit One Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72786 11c52 𑱒 Bhaiksuki Digit Two Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72787 11c53 𑱓 Bhaiksuki Digit Three Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72788 11c54 𑱔 Bhaiksuki Digit Four Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72789 11c55 𑱕 Bhaiksuki Digit Five Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72790 11c56 𑱖 Bhaiksuki Digit Six Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72791 11c57 𑱗 Bhaiksuki Digit Seven Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72792 11c58 𑱘 Bhaiksuki Digit Eight Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72793 11c59 𑱙 Bhaiksuki Digit Nine Bhaiksuki Decimal Number
72794 11c5a 𑱚 Bhaiksuki Number One Bhaiksuki Other Number
72795 11c5b 𑱛 Bhaiksuki Number Two Bhaiksuki Other Number
72796 11c5c 𑱜 Bhaiksuki Number Three Bhaiksuki Other Number
72797 11c5d 𑱝 Bhaiksuki Number Four Bhaiksuki Other Number
72798 11c5e 𑱞 Bhaiksuki Number Five Bhaiksuki Other Number
72799 11c5f 𑱟 Bhaiksuki Number Six Bhaiksuki Other Number
72800 11c60 𑱠 Bhaiksuki Number Seven Bhaiksuki Other Number
72801 11c61 𑱡 Bhaiksuki Number Eight Bhaiksuki Other Number
72802 11c62 𑱢 Bhaiksuki Number Nine Bhaiksuki Other Number
72803 11c63 𑱣 Bhaiksuki Number Ten Bhaiksuki Other Number
72804 11c64 𑱤 Bhaiksuki Number Twenty Bhaiksuki Other Number
72805 11c65 𑱥 Bhaiksuki Number Thirty Bhaiksuki Other Number
72806 11c66 𑱦 Bhaiksuki Number Forty Bhaiksuki Other Number
72807 11c67 𑱧 Bhaiksuki Number Fifty Bhaiksuki Other Number
72808 11c68 𑱨 Bhaiksuki Number Sixty Bhaiksuki Other Number
72809 11c69 𑱩 Bhaiksuki Number Seventy Bhaiksuki Other Number
72810 11c6a 𑱪 Bhaiksuki Number Eighty Bhaiksuki Other Number
72811 11c6b 𑱫 Bhaiksuki Number Ninety Bhaiksuki Other Number
72812 11c6c 𑱬 Bhaiksuki Hundreds Unit Mark Bhaiksuki Other Number
72816 11c70 𑱰 Marchen Head Mark Marchen Other Punctuation
72817 11c71 𑱱 Marchen Mark Shad Marchen Other Punctuation
72818 11c72 𑱲 Marchen Letter Ka Marchen Other Letter
72819 11c73 𑱳 Marchen Letter Kha Marchen Other Letter
72820 11c74 𑱴 Marchen Letter Ga Marchen Other Letter
72821 11c75 𑱵 Marchen Letter Nga Marchen Other Letter
72822 11c76 𑱶 Marchen Letter Ca Marchen Other Letter
72823 11c77 𑱷 Marchen Letter Cha Marchen Other Letter
72824 11c78 𑱸 Marchen Letter Ja Marchen Other Letter
72825 11c79 𑱹 Marchen Letter Nya Marchen Other Letter
72826 11c7a 𑱺 Marchen Letter Ta Marchen Other Letter
72827 11c7b 𑱻 Marchen Letter Tha Marchen Other Letter
72828 11c7c 𑱼 Marchen Letter Da Marchen Other Letter
72829 11c7d 𑱽 Marchen Letter Na Marchen Other Letter
72830 11c7e 𑱾 Marchen Letter Pa Marchen Other Letter
72831 11c7f 𑱿 Marchen Letter Pha Marchen Other Letter
72832 11c80 𑲀 Marchen Letter Ba Marchen Other Letter
72833 11c81 𑲁 Marchen Letter Ma Marchen Other Letter
72834 11c82 𑲂 Marchen Letter Tsa Marchen Other Letter
72835 11c83 𑲃 Marchen Letter Tsha Marchen Other Letter
72836 11c84 𑲄 Marchen Letter Dza Marchen Other Letter
72837 11c85 𑲅 Marchen Letter Wa Marchen Other Letter
72838 11c86 𑲆 Marchen Letter Zha Marchen Other Letter
72839 11c87 𑲇 Marchen Letter Za Marchen Other Letter
72840 11c88 𑲈 Marchen Letter -A Marchen Other Letter
72841 11c89 𑲉 Marchen Letter Ya Marchen Other Letter
72842 11c8a 𑲊 Marchen Letter Ra Marchen Other Letter
72843 11c8b 𑲋 Marchen Letter La Marchen Other Letter
72844 11c8c 𑲌 Marchen Letter Sha Marchen Other Letter
72845 11c8d 𑲍 Marchen Letter Sa Marchen Other Letter
72846 11c8e 𑲎 Marchen Letter Ha Marchen Other Letter
72847 11c8f 𑲏 Marchen Letter A Marchen Other Letter
72850 11c92 𑲒 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ka Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72851 11c93 𑲓 Marchen Subjoined Letter Kha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72852 11c94 𑲔 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ga Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72853 11c95 𑲕 Marchen Subjoined Letter Nga Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72854 11c96 𑲖 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ca Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72855 11c97 𑲗 Marchen Subjoined Letter Cha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72856 11c98 𑲘 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ja Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72857 11c99 𑲙 Marchen Subjoined Letter Nya Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72858 11c9a 𑲚 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ta Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72859 11c9b 𑲛 Marchen Subjoined Letter Tha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72860 11c9c 𑲜 Marchen Subjoined Letter Da Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72861 11c9d 𑲝 Marchen Subjoined Letter Na Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72862 11c9e 𑲞 Marchen Subjoined Letter Pa Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72863 11c9f 𑲟 Marchen Subjoined Letter Pha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72864 11ca0 𑲠 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ba Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72865 11ca1 𑲡 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ma Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72866 11ca2 𑲢 Marchen Subjoined Letter Tsa Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72867 11ca3 𑲣 Marchen Subjoined Letter Tsha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72868 11ca4 𑲤 Marchen Subjoined Letter Dza Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72869 11ca5 𑲥 Marchen Subjoined Letter Wa Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72870 11ca6 𑲦 Marchen Subjoined Letter Zha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72871 11ca7 𑲧 Marchen Subjoined Letter Za Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72873 11ca9 𑲩 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ya Marchen Spacing Mark
72874 11caa 𑲪 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ra Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72875 11cab 𑲫 Marchen Subjoined Letter La Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72876 11cac 𑲬 Marchen Subjoined Letter Sha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72877 11cad 𑲭 Marchen Subjoined Letter Sa Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72878 11cae 𑲮 Marchen Subjoined Letter Ha Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72879 11caf 𑲯 Marchen Subjoined Letter A Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72880 11cb0 𑲰 Marchen Vowel Sign Aa Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72881 11cb1 𑲱 Marchen Vowel Sign I Marchen Spacing Mark
72882 11cb2 𑲲 Marchen Vowel Sign U Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72883 11cb3 𑲳 Marchen Vowel Sign E Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72884 11cb4 𑲴 Marchen Vowel Sign O Marchen Spacing Mark
72885 11cb5 𑲵 Marchen Sign Anusvara Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72886 11cb6 𑲶 Marchen Sign Candrabindu Marchen Nonspacing Mark
72960 11d00 𑴀 Masaram Gondi Letter A Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72961 11d01 𑴁 Masaram Gondi Letter Aa Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72962 11d02 𑴂 Masaram Gondi Letter I Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72963 11d03 𑴃 Masaram Gondi Letter Ii Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72964 11d04 𑴄 Masaram Gondi Letter U Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72965 11d05 𑴅 Masaram Gondi Letter Uu Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72966 11d06 𑴆 Masaram Gondi Letter E Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72968 11d08 𑴈 Masaram Gondi Letter Ai Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72969 11d09 𑴉 Masaram Gondi Letter O Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72971 11d0b 𑴋 Masaram Gondi Letter Au Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72972 11d0c 𑴌 Masaram Gondi Letter Ka Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72973 11d0d 𑴍 Masaram Gondi Letter Kha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72974 11d0e 𑴎 Masaram Gondi Letter Ga Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72975 11d0f 𑴏 Masaram Gondi Letter Gha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72976 11d10 𑴐 Masaram Gondi Letter Nga Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72977 11d11 𑴑 Masaram Gondi Letter Ca Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72978 11d12 𑴒 Masaram Gondi Letter Cha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72979 11d13 𑴓 Masaram Gondi Letter Ja Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72980 11d14 𑴔 Masaram Gondi Letter Jha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72981 11d15 𑴕 Masaram Gondi Letter Nya Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72982 11d16 𑴖 Masaram Gondi Letter Tta Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72983 11d17 𑴗 Masaram Gondi Letter Ttha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72984 11d18 𑴘 Masaram Gondi Letter Dda Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72985 11d19 𑴙 Masaram Gondi Letter Ddha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72986 11d1a 𑴚 Masaram Gondi Letter Nna Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72987 11d1b 𑴛 Masaram Gondi Letter Ta Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72988 11d1c 𑴜 Masaram Gondi Letter Tha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72989 11d1d 𑴝 Masaram Gondi Letter Da Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72990 11d1e 𑴞 Masaram Gondi Letter Dha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72991 11d1f 𑴟 Masaram Gondi Letter Na Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72992 11d20 𑴠 Masaram Gondi Letter Pa Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72993 11d21 𑴡 Masaram Gondi Letter Pha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72994 11d22 𑴢 Masaram Gondi Letter Ba Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72995 11d23 𑴣 Masaram Gondi Letter Bha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72996 11d24 𑴤 Masaram Gondi Letter Ma Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72997 11d25 𑴥 Masaram Gondi Letter Ya Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72998 11d26 𑴦 Masaram Gondi Letter Ra Masaram Gondi Other Letter
72999 11d27 𑴧 Masaram Gondi Letter La Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73000 11d28 𑴨 Masaram Gondi Letter Va Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73001 11d29 𑴩 Masaram Gondi Letter Sha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73002 11d2a 𑴪 Masaram Gondi Letter Ssa Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73003 11d2b 𑴫 Masaram Gondi Letter Sa Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73004 11d2c 𑴬 Masaram Gondi Letter Ha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73005 11d2d 𑴭 Masaram Gondi Letter Lla Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73006 11d2e 𑴮 Masaram Gondi Letter Kssa Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73007 11d2f 𑴯 Masaram Gondi Letter Jnya Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73008 11d30 𑴰 Masaram Gondi Letter Tra Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73009 11d31 𑴱 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign Aa Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73010 11d32 𑴲 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign I Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73011 11d33 𑴳 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign Ii Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73012 11d34 𑴴 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign U Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73013 11d35 𑴵 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign Uu Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73014 11d36 𑴶 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign Vocalic R Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73018 11d3a 𑴺 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign E Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73020 11d3c 𑴼 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign Ai Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73021 11d3d 𑴽 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign O Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73023 11d3f 𑴿 Masaram Gondi Vowel Sign Au Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73024 11d40 𑵀 Masaram Gondi Sign Anusvara Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73025 11d41 𑵁 Masaram Gondi Sign Visarga Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73026 11d42 𑵂 Masaram Gondi Sign Nukta Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73027 11d43 𑵃 Masaram Gondi Sign Candra Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73028 11d44 𑵄 Masaram Gondi Sign Halanta Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73029 11d45 𑵅 Masaram Gondi Virama Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73030 11d46 𑵆 Masaram Gondi Repha Masaram Gondi Other Letter
73031 11d47 𑵇 Masaram Gondi Ra-Kara Masaram Gondi Nonspacing Mark
73040 11d50 𑵐 Masaram Gondi Digit Zero Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73041 11d51 𑵑 Masaram Gondi Digit One Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73042 11d52 𑵒 Masaram Gondi Digit Two Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73043 11d53 𑵓 Masaram Gondi Digit Three Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73044 11d54 𑵔 Masaram Gondi Digit Four Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73045 11d55 𑵕 Masaram Gondi Digit Five Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73046 11d56 𑵖 Masaram Gondi Digit Six Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73047 11d57 𑵗 Masaram Gondi Digit Seven Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73048 11d58 𑵘 Masaram Gondi Digit Eight Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73049 11d59 𑵙 Masaram Gondi Digit Nine Masaram Gondi Decimal Number
73728 12000 𒀀 Cuneiform Sign A Cuneiform Other Letter

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