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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
71862 118b6 𑢶 Warang Citi Capital Letter Am Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71863 118b7 𑢷 Warang Citi Capital Letter Bu Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71864 118b8 𑢸 Warang Citi Capital Letter Pu Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71865 118b9 𑢹 Warang Citi Capital Letter Hiyo Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71866 118ba 𑢺 Warang Citi Capital Letter Holo Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71867 118bb 𑢻 Warang Citi Capital Letter Horr Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71868 118bc 𑢼 Warang Citi Capital Letter Har Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71869 118bd 𑢽 Warang Citi Capital Letter Ssuu Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71870 118be 𑢾 Warang Citi Capital Letter Sii Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71871 118bf 𑢿 Warang Citi Capital Letter Viyo Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71872 118c0 𑣀 Warang Citi Small Letter Ngaa Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71873 118c1 𑣁 Warang Citi Small Letter A Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71874 118c2 𑣂 Warang Citi Small Letter Wi Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71875 118c3 𑣃 Warang Citi Small Letter Yu Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71876 118c4 𑣄 Warang Citi Small Letter Ya Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71877 118c5 𑣅 Warang Citi Small Letter Yo Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71878 118c6 𑣆 Warang Citi Small Letter Ii Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71879 118c7 𑣇 Warang Citi Small Letter Uu Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71880 118c8 𑣈 Warang Citi Small Letter E Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71881 118c9 𑣉 Warang Citi Small Letter O Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71882 118ca 𑣊 Warang Citi Small Letter Ang Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71883 118cb 𑣋 Warang Citi Small Letter Ga Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71884 118cc 𑣌 Warang Citi Small Letter Ko Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71885 118cd 𑣍 Warang Citi Small Letter Eny Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71886 118ce 𑣎 Warang Citi Small Letter Yuj Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71887 118cf 𑣏 Warang Citi Small Letter Uc Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71888 118d0 𑣐 Warang Citi Small Letter Enn Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71889 118d1 𑣑 Warang Citi Small Letter Odd Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71890 118d2 𑣒 Warang Citi Small Letter Tte Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71891 118d3 𑣓 Warang Citi Small Letter Nung Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71892 118d4 𑣔 Warang Citi Small Letter Da Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71893 118d5 𑣕 Warang Citi Small Letter At Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71894 118d6 𑣖 Warang Citi Small Letter Am Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71895 118d7 𑣗 Warang Citi Small Letter Bu Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71896 118d8 𑣘 Warang Citi Small Letter Pu Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71897 118d9 𑣙 Warang Citi Small Letter Hiyo Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71898 118da 𑣚 Warang Citi Small Letter Holo Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71899 118db 𑣛 Warang Citi Small Letter Horr Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71900 118dc 𑣜 Warang Citi Small Letter Har Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71901 118dd 𑣝 Warang Citi Small Letter Ssuu Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71902 118de 𑣞 Warang Citi Small Letter Sii Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71903 118df 𑣟 Warang Citi Small Letter Viyo Warang Citi Lowercase Letter
71904 118e0 𑣠 Warang Citi Digit Zero Warang Citi Decimal Number
71905 118e1 𑣡 Warang Citi Digit One Warang Citi Decimal Number
71906 118e2 𑣢 Warang Citi Digit Two Warang Citi Decimal Number
71907 118e3 𑣣 Warang Citi Digit Three Warang Citi Decimal Number
71908 118e4 𑣤 Warang Citi Digit Four Warang Citi Decimal Number
71909 118e5 𑣥 Warang Citi Digit Five Warang Citi Decimal Number
71910 118e6 𑣦 Warang Citi Digit Six Warang Citi Decimal Number
71911 118e7 𑣧 Warang Citi Digit Seven Warang Citi Decimal Number
71912 118e8 𑣨 Warang Citi Digit Eight Warang Citi Decimal Number
71913 118e9 𑣩 Warang Citi Digit Nine Warang Citi Decimal Number
71914 118ea 𑣪 Warang Citi Number Ten Warang Citi Other Number
71915 118eb 𑣫 Warang Citi Number Twenty Warang Citi Other Number
71916 118ec 𑣬 Warang Citi Number Thirty Warang Citi Other Number
71917 118ed 𑣭 Warang Citi Number Forty Warang Citi Other Number
71918 118ee 𑣮 Warang Citi Number Fifty Warang Citi Other Number
71919 118ef 𑣯 Warang Citi Number Sixty Warang Citi Other Number
71920 118f0 𑣰 Warang Citi Number Seventy Warang Citi Other Number
71921 118f1 𑣱 Warang Citi Number Eighty Warang Citi Other Number
71922 118f2 𑣲 Warang Citi Number Ninety Warang Citi Other Number
71935 118ff 𑣿 Warang Citi Om Warang Citi Other Letter
72192 11a00 𑨀 Zanabazar Square Letter A Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72193 11a01 𑨁 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign I Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72194 11a02 𑨂 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign Ue Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72195 11a03 𑨃 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign U Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72196 11a04 𑨄 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign E Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72197 11a05 𑨅 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign Oe Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72198 11a06 𑨆 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign O Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72199 11a07 𑨇 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign Ai Zanabazar Square Spacing Mark
72200 11a08 𑨈 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign Au Zanabazar Square Spacing Mark
72201 11a09 𑨉 Zanabazar Square Vowel Sign Reversed I Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72202 11a0a 𑨊 Zanabazar Square Vowel Length Mark Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72203 11a0b 𑨋 Zanabazar Square Letter Ka Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72204 11a0c 𑨌 Zanabazar Square Letter Kha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72205 11a0d 𑨍 Zanabazar Square Letter Ga Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72206 11a0e 𑨎 Zanabazar Square Letter Gha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72207 11a0f 𑨏 Zanabazar Square Letter Nga Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72208 11a10 𑨐 Zanabazar Square Letter Ca Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72209 11a11 𑨑 Zanabazar Square Letter Cha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72210 11a12 𑨒 Zanabazar Square Letter Ja Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72211 11a13 𑨓 Zanabazar Square Letter Nya Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72212 11a14 𑨔 Zanabazar Square Letter Tta Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72213 11a15 𑨕 Zanabazar Square Letter Ttha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72214 11a16 𑨖 Zanabazar Square Letter Dda Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72215 11a17 𑨗 Zanabazar Square Letter Ddha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72216 11a18 𑨘 Zanabazar Square Letter Nna Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72217 11a19 𑨙 Zanabazar Square Letter Ta Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72218 11a1a 𑨚 Zanabazar Square Letter Tha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72219 11a1b 𑨛 Zanabazar Square Letter Da Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72220 11a1c 𑨜 Zanabazar Square Letter Dha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72221 11a1d 𑨝 Zanabazar Square Letter Na Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72222 11a1e 𑨞 Zanabazar Square Letter Pa Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72223 11a1f 𑨟 Zanabazar Square Letter Pha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72224 11a20 𑨠 Zanabazar Square Letter Ba Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72225 11a21 𑨡 Zanabazar Square Letter Bha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72226 11a22 𑨢 Zanabazar Square Letter Ma Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72227 11a23 𑨣 Zanabazar Square Letter Tsa Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72228 11a24 𑨤 Zanabazar Square Letter Tsha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72229 11a25 𑨥 Zanabazar Square Letter Dza Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72230 11a26 𑨦 Zanabazar Square Letter Dzha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72231 11a27 𑨧 Zanabazar Square Letter Zha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72232 11a28 𑨨 Zanabazar Square Letter Za Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72233 11a29 𑨩 Zanabazar Square Letter -A Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72234 11a2a 𑨪 Zanabazar Square Letter Ya Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72235 11a2b 𑨫 Zanabazar Square Letter Ra Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72236 11a2c 𑨬 Zanabazar Square Letter La Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72237 11a2d 𑨭 Zanabazar Square Letter Va Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72238 11a2e 𑨮 Zanabazar Square Letter Sha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72239 11a2f 𑨯 Zanabazar Square Letter Ssa Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72240 11a30 𑨰 Zanabazar Square Letter Sa Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72241 11a31 𑨱 Zanabazar Square Letter Ha Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72242 11a32 𑨲 Zanabazar Square Letter Kssa Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72243 11a33 𑨳 Zanabazar Square Final Consonant Mark Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72244 11a34 𑨴 Zanabazar Square Sign Virama Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72245 11a35 𑨵 Zanabazar Square Sign Candrabindu Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72246 11a36 𑨶 Zanabazar Square Sign Candrabindu With Ornament Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72247 11a37 𑨷 Zanabazar Square Sign Candra With Ornament Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72248 11a38 𑨸 Zanabazar Square Sign Anusvara Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72249 11a39 𑨹 Zanabazar Square Sign Visarga Zanabazar Square Spacing Mark
72250 11a3a 𑨺 Zanabazar Square Cluster-Initial Letter Ra Zanabazar Square Other Letter
72251 11a3b 𑨻 Zanabazar Square Cluster-Final Letter Ya Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72252 11a3c 𑨼 Zanabazar Square Cluster-Final Letter Ra Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72253 11a3d 𑨽 Zanabazar Square Cluster-Final Letter La Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72254 11a3e 𑨾 Zanabazar Square Cluster-Final Letter Va Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72255 11a3f 𑨿 Zanabazar Square Initial Head Mark Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72256 11a40 𑩀 Zanabazar Square Closing Head Mark Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72257 11a41 𑩁 Zanabazar Square Mark Tsheg Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72258 11a42 𑩂 Zanabazar Square Mark Shad Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72259 11a43 𑩃 Zanabazar Square Mark Double Shad Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72260 11a44 𑩄 Zanabazar Square Mark Long Tsheg Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72261 11a45 𑩅 Zanabazar Square Initial Double-Lined Head Mark Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72262 11a46 𑩆 Zanabazar Square Closing Double-Lined Head Mark Zanabazar Square Other Punctuation
72263 11a47 𑩇 Zanabazar Square Subjoiner Zanabazar Square Nonspacing Mark
72272 11a50 𑩐 Soyombo Letter A Soyombo Other Letter
72273 11a51 𑩑 Soyombo Vowel Sign I Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72274 11a52 𑩒 Soyombo Vowel Sign Ue Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72275 11a53 𑩓 Soyombo Vowel Sign U Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72276 11a54 𑩔 Soyombo Vowel Sign E Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72277 11a55 𑩕 Soyombo Vowel Sign O Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72278 11a56 𑩖 Soyombo Vowel Sign Oe Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72279 11a57 𑩗 Soyombo Vowel Sign Ai Soyombo Spacing Mark
72280 11a58 𑩘 Soyombo Vowel Sign Au Soyombo Spacing Mark
72281 11a59 𑩙 Soyombo Vowel Sign Vocalic R Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72282 11a5a 𑩚 Soyombo Vowel Sign Vocalic L Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72283 11a5b 𑩛 Soyombo Vowel Length Mark Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72284 11a5c 𑩜 Soyombo Letter Ka Soyombo Other Letter
72285 11a5d 𑩝 Soyombo Letter Kha Soyombo Other Letter
72286 11a5e 𑩞 Soyombo Letter Ga Soyombo Other Letter
72287 11a5f 𑩟 Soyombo Letter Gha Soyombo Other Letter
72288 11a60 𑩠 Soyombo Letter Nga Soyombo Other Letter
72289 11a61 𑩡 Soyombo Letter Ca Soyombo Other Letter
72290 11a62 𑩢 Soyombo Letter Cha Soyombo Other Letter
72291 11a63 𑩣 Soyombo Letter Ja Soyombo Other Letter
72292 11a64 𑩤 Soyombo Letter Jha Soyombo Other Letter
72293 11a65 𑩥 Soyombo Letter Nya Soyombo Other Letter
72294 11a66 𑩦 Soyombo Letter Tta Soyombo Other Letter
72295 11a67 𑩧 Soyombo Letter Ttha Soyombo Other Letter
72296 11a68 𑩨 Soyombo Letter Dda Soyombo Other Letter
72297 11a69 𑩩 Soyombo Letter Ddha Soyombo Other Letter
72298 11a6a 𑩪 Soyombo Letter Nna Soyombo Other Letter
72299 11a6b 𑩫 Soyombo Letter Ta Soyombo Other Letter
72300 11a6c 𑩬 Soyombo Letter Tha Soyombo Other Letter
72301 11a6d 𑩭 Soyombo Letter Da Soyombo Other Letter
72302 11a6e 𑩮 Soyombo Letter Dha Soyombo Other Letter
72303 11a6f 𑩯 Soyombo Letter Na Soyombo Other Letter
72304 11a70 𑩰 Soyombo Letter Pa Soyombo Other Letter
72305 11a71 𑩱 Soyombo Letter Pha Soyombo Other Letter
72306 11a72 𑩲 Soyombo Letter Ba Soyombo Other Letter
72307 11a73 𑩳 Soyombo Letter Bha Soyombo Other Letter
72308 11a74 𑩴 Soyombo Letter Ma Soyombo Other Letter
72309 11a75 𑩵 Soyombo Letter Tsa Soyombo Other Letter
72310 11a76 𑩶 Soyombo Letter Tsha Soyombo Other Letter
72311 11a77 𑩷 Soyombo Letter Dza Soyombo Other Letter
72312 11a78 𑩸 Soyombo Letter Zha Soyombo Other Letter
72313 11a79 𑩹 Soyombo Letter Za Soyombo Other Letter
72314 11a7a 𑩺 Soyombo Letter -A Soyombo Other Letter
72315 11a7b 𑩻 Soyombo Letter Ya Soyombo Other Letter
72316 11a7c 𑩼 Soyombo Letter Ra Soyombo Other Letter
72317 11a7d 𑩽 Soyombo Letter La Soyombo Other Letter
72318 11a7e 𑩾 Soyombo Letter Va Soyombo Other Letter
72319 11a7f 𑩿 Soyombo Letter Sha Soyombo Other Letter
72320 11a80 𑪀 Soyombo Letter Ssa Soyombo Other Letter
72321 11a81 𑪁 Soyombo Letter Sa Soyombo Other Letter
72322 11a82 𑪂 Soyombo Letter Ha Soyombo Other Letter
72323 11a83 𑪃 Soyombo Letter Kssa Soyombo Other Letter
72326 11a86 𑪆 Soyombo Cluster-Initial Letter Ra Soyombo Other Letter
72327 11a87 𑪇 Soyombo Cluster-Initial Letter La Soyombo Other Letter
72328 11a88 𑪈 Soyombo Cluster-Initial Letter Sha Soyombo Other Letter
72329 11a89 𑪉 Soyombo Cluster-Initial Letter Sa Soyombo Other Letter
72330 11a8a 𑪊 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign G Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72331 11a8b 𑪋 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign K Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72332 11a8c 𑪌 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign Ng Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72333 11a8d 𑪍 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign D Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72334 11a8e 𑪎 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign N Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72335 11a8f 𑪏 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign B Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72336 11a90 𑪐 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign M Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72337 11a91 𑪑 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign R Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72338 11a92 𑪒 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign L Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72339 11a93 𑪓 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign Sh Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72340 11a94 𑪔 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign S Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72341 11a95 𑪕 Soyombo Final Consonant Sign -A Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72342 11a96 𑪖 Soyombo Sign Anusvara Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72343 11a97 𑪗 Soyombo Sign Visarga Soyombo Spacing Mark
72344 11a98 𑪘 Soyombo Gemination Mark Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72345 11a99 𑪙 Soyombo Subjoiner Soyombo Nonspacing Mark
72346 11a9a 𑪚 Soyombo Mark Tsheg Soyombo Other Punctuation
72347 11a9b 𑪛 Soyombo Mark Shad Soyombo Other Punctuation
72348 11a9c 𑪜 Soyombo Mark Double Shad Soyombo Other Punctuation
72350 11a9e 𑪞 Soyombo Head Mark With Moon And Sun And Triple Flame Soyombo Other Punctuation
72351 11a9f 𑪟 Soyombo Head Mark With Moon And Sun And Flame Soyombo Other Punctuation
72352 11aa0 𑪠 Soyombo Head Mark With Moon And Sun Soyombo Other Punctuation
72353 11aa1 𑪡 Soyombo Terminal Mark-1 Soyombo Other Punctuation
72354 11aa2 𑪢 Soyombo Terminal Mark-2 Soyombo Other Punctuation
72384 11ac0 𑫀 Pau Cin Hau Letter Pa Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72385 11ac1 𑫁 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ka Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72386 11ac2 𑫂 Pau Cin Hau Letter La Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72387 11ac3 𑫃 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ma Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72388 11ac4 𑫄 Pau Cin Hau Letter Da Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72389 11ac5 𑫅 Pau Cin Hau Letter Za Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72390 11ac6 𑫆 Pau Cin Hau Letter Va Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72391 11ac7 𑫇 Pau Cin Hau Letter Nga Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72392 11ac8 𑫈 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ha Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72393 11ac9 𑫉 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ga Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72394 11aca 𑫊 Pau Cin Hau Letter Kha Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72395 11acb 𑫋 Pau Cin Hau Letter Sa Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72396 11acc 𑫌 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ba Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72397 11acd 𑫍 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ca Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72398 11ace 𑫎 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ta Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72399 11acf 𑫏 Pau Cin Hau Letter Tha Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72400 11ad0 𑫐 Pau Cin Hau Letter Na Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72401 11ad1 𑫑 Pau Cin Hau Letter Pha Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72402 11ad2 𑫒 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ra Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72403 11ad3 𑫓 Pau Cin Hau Letter Fa Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72404 11ad4 𑫔 Pau Cin Hau Letter Cha Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72405 11ad5 𑫕 Pau Cin Hau Letter A Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72406 11ad6 𑫖 Pau Cin Hau Letter E Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72407 11ad7 𑫗 Pau Cin Hau Letter I Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72408 11ad8 𑫘 Pau Cin Hau Letter O Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72409 11ad9 𑫙 Pau Cin Hau Letter U Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72410 11ada 𑫚 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ua Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72411 11adb 𑫛 Pau Cin Hau Letter Ia Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72412 11adc 𑫜 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final P Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72413 11add 𑫝 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final K Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72414 11ade 𑫞 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final T Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72415 11adf 𑫟 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final M Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72416 11ae0 𑫠 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final N Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72417 11ae1 𑫡 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final L Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72418 11ae2 𑫢 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final W Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72419 11ae3 𑫣 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final Ng Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72420 11ae4 𑫤 Pau Cin Hau Letter Final Y Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72421 11ae5 𑫥 Pau Cin Hau Rising Tone Long Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72422 11ae6 𑫦 Pau Cin Hau Rising Tone Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72423 11ae7 𑫧 Pau Cin Hau Sandhi Glottal Stop Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72424 11ae8 𑫨 Pau Cin Hau Rising Tone Long Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter
72425 11ae9 𑫩 Pau Cin Hau Rising Tone Final Pau Cin Hau Other Letter

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