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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
71115 115cb 𑗋 Siddham Section Mark With Trident And Dotted Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71116 115cc 𑗌 Siddham Section Mark With Rays And Dotted Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71117 115cd 𑗍 Siddham Section Mark With Rays And Dotted Double Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71118 115ce 𑗎 Siddham Section Mark With Rays And Dotted Triple Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71119 115cf 𑗏 Siddham Section Mark Double Ring Siddham Other Punctuation
71120 115d0 𑗐 Siddham Section Mark Double Ring With Rays Siddham Other Punctuation
71121 115d1 𑗑 Siddham Section Mark With Double Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71122 115d2 𑗒 Siddham Section Mark With Triple Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71123 115d3 𑗓 Siddham Section Mark With Quadruple Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71124 115d4 𑗔 Siddham Section Mark With Septuple Crescents Siddham Other Punctuation
71125 115d5 𑗕 Siddham Section Mark With Circles And Rays Siddham Other Punctuation
71126 115d6 𑗖 Siddham Section Mark With Circles And Two Enclosures Siddham Other Punctuation
71127 115d7 𑗗 Siddham Section Mark With Circles And Four Enclosures Siddham Other Punctuation
71128 115d8 𑗘 Siddham Letter Three-Circle Alternate I Siddham Other Letter
71129 115d9 𑗙 Siddham Letter Two-Circle Alternate I Siddham Other Letter
71130 115da 𑗚 Siddham Letter Two-Circle Alternate Ii Siddham Other Letter
71131 115db 𑗛 Siddham Letter Alternate U Siddham Other Letter
71132 115dc 𑗜 Siddham Vowel Sign Alternate U Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71133 115dd 𑗝 Siddham Vowel Sign Alternate Uu Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71168 11600 𑘀 Modi Letter A Modi Other Letter
71169 11601 𑘁 Modi Letter Aa Modi Other Letter
71170 11602 𑘂 Modi Letter I Modi Other Letter
71171 11603 𑘃 Modi Letter Ii Modi Other Letter
71172 11604 𑘄 Modi Letter U Modi Other Letter
71173 11605 𑘅 Modi Letter Uu Modi Other Letter
71174 11606 𑘆 Modi Letter Vocalic R Modi Other Letter
71175 11607 𑘇 Modi Letter Vocalic Rr Modi Other Letter
71176 11608 𑘈 Modi Letter Vocalic L Modi Other Letter
71177 11609 𑘉 Modi Letter Vocalic Ll Modi Other Letter
71178 1160a 𑘊 Modi Letter E Modi Other Letter
71179 1160b 𑘋 Modi Letter Ai Modi Other Letter
71180 1160c 𑘌 Modi Letter O Modi Other Letter
71181 1160d 𑘍 Modi Letter Au Modi Other Letter
71182 1160e 𑘎 Modi Letter Ka Modi Other Letter
71183 1160f 𑘏 Modi Letter Kha Modi Other Letter
71184 11610 𑘐 Modi Letter Ga Modi Other Letter
71185 11611 𑘑 Modi Letter Gha Modi Other Letter
71186 11612 𑘒 Modi Letter Nga Modi Other Letter
71187 11613 𑘓 Modi Letter Ca Modi Other Letter
71188 11614 𑘔 Modi Letter Cha Modi Other Letter
71189 11615 𑘕 Modi Letter Ja Modi Other Letter
71190 11616 𑘖 Modi Letter Jha Modi Other Letter
71191 11617 𑘗 Modi Letter Nya Modi Other Letter
71192 11618 𑘘 Modi Letter Tta Modi Other Letter
71193 11619 𑘙 Modi Letter Ttha Modi Other Letter
71194 1161a 𑘚 Modi Letter Dda Modi Other Letter
71195 1161b 𑘛 Modi Letter Ddha Modi Other Letter
71196 1161c 𑘜 Modi Letter Nna Modi Other Letter
71197 1161d 𑘝 Modi Letter Ta Modi Other Letter
71198 1161e 𑘞 Modi Letter Tha Modi Other Letter
71199 1161f 𑘟 Modi Letter Da Modi Other Letter
71200 11620 𑘠 Modi Letter Dha Modi Other Letter
71201 11621 𑘡 Modi Letter Na Modi Other Letter
71202 11622 𑘢 Modi Letter Pa Modi Other Letter
71203 11623 𑘣 Modi Letter Pha Modi Other Letter
71204 11624 𑘤 Modi Letter Ba Modi Other Letter
71205 11625 𑘥 Modi Letter Bha Modi Other Letter
71206 11626 𑘦 Modi Letter Ma Modi Other Letter
71207 11627 𑘧 Modi Letter Ya Modi Other Letter
71208 11628 𑘨 Modi Letter Ra Modi Other Letter
71209 11629 𑘩 Modi Letter La Modi Other Letter
71210 1162a 𑘪 Modi Letter Va Modi Other Letter
71211 1162b 𑘫 Modi Letter Sha Modi Other Letter
71212 1162c 𑘬 Modi Letter Ssa Modi Other Letter
71213 1162d 𑘭 Modi Letter Sa Modi Other Letter
71214 1162e 𑘮 Modi Letter Ha Modi Other Letter
71215 1162f 𑘯 Modi Letter Lla Modi Other Letter
71216 11630 𑘰 Modi Vowel Sign Aa Modi Spacing Mark
71217 11631 𑘱 Modi Vowel Sign I Modi Spacing Mark
71218 11632 𑘲 Modi Vowel Sign Ii Modi Spacing Mark
71219 11633 𑘳 Modi Vowel Sign U Modi Nonspacing Mark
71220 11634 𑘴 Modi Vowel Sign Uu Modi Nonspacing Mark
71221 11635 𑘵 Modi Vowel Sign Vocalic R Modi Nonspacing Mark
71222 11636 𑘶 Modi Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Modi Nonspacing Mark
71223 11637 𑘷 Modi Vowel Sign Vocalic L Modi Nonspacing Mark
71224 11638 𑘸 Modi Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Modi Nonspacing Mark
71225 11639 𑘹 Modi Vowel Sign E Modi Nonspacing Mark
71226 1163a 𑘺 Modi Vowel Sign Ai Modi Nonspacing Mark
71227 1163b 𑘻 Modi Vowel Sign O Modi Spacing Mark
71228 1163c 𑘼 Modi Vowel Sign Au Modi Spacing Mark
71229 1163d 𑘽 Modi Sign Anusvara Modi Nonspacing Mark
71230 1163e 𑘾 Modi Sign Visarga Modi Spacing Mark
71231 1163f 𑘿 Modi Sign Virama Modi Nonspacing Mark
71232 11640 𑙀 Modi Sign Ardhacandra Modi Nonspacing Mark
71233 11641 𑙁 Modi Danda Modi Other Punctuation
71234 11642 𑙂 Modi Double Danda Modi Other Punctuation
71235 11643 𑙃 Modi Abbreviation Sign Modi Other Punctuation
71236 11644 𑙄 Modi Sign Huva Modi Other Letter
71248 11650 𑙐 Modi Digit Zero Modi Decimal Number
71249 11651 𑙑 Modi Digit One Modi Decimal Number
71250 11652 𑙒 Modi Digit Two Modi Decimal Number
71251 11653 𑙓 Modi Digit Three Modi Decimal Number
71252 11654 𑙔 Modi Digit Four Modi Decimal Number
71253 11655 𑙕 Modi Digit Five Modi Decimal Number
71254 11656 𑙖 Modi Digit Six Modi Decimal Number
71255 11657 𑙗 Modi Digit Seven Modi Decimal Number
71256 11658 𑙘 Modi Digit Eight Modi Decimal Number
71257 11659 𑙙 Modi Digit Nine Modi Decimal Number
71264 11660 𑙠 Mongolian Birga With Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71265 11661 𑙡 Mongolian Rotated Birga Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71266 11662 𑙢 Mongolian Double Birga With Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71267 11663 𑙣 Mongolian Triple Birga With Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71268 11664 𑙤 Mongolian Birga With Double Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71269 11665 𑙥 Mongolian Rotated Birga With Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71270 11666 𑙦 Mongolian Rotated Birga With Double Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71271 11667 𑙧 Mongolian Inverted Birga Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71272 11668 𑙨 Mongolian Inverted Birga With Double Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71273 11669 𑙩 Mongolian Swirl Birga Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71274 1166a 𑙪 Mongolian Swirl Birga With Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71275 1166b 𑙫 Mongolian Swirl Birga With Double Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71276 1166c 𑙬 Mongolian Turned Swirl Birga With Double Ornament Mongolian Supplement Other Punctuation
71296 11680 𑚀 Takri Letter A Takri Other Letter
71297 11681 𑚁 Takri Letter Aa Takri Other Letter
71298 11682 𑚂 Takri Letter I Takri Other Letter
71299 11683 𑚃 Takri Letter Ii Takri Other Letter
71300 11684 𑚄 Takri Letter U Takri Other Letter
71301 11685 𑚅 Takri Letter Uu Takri Other Letter
71302 11686 𑚆 Takri Letter E Takri Other Letter
71303 11687 𑚇 Takri Letter Ai Takri Other Letter
71304 11688 𑚈 Takri Letter O Takri Other Letter
71305 11689 𑚉 Takri Letter Au Takri Other Letter
71306 1168a 𑚊 Takri Letter Ka Takri Other Letter
71307 1168b 𑚋 Takri Letter Kha Takri Other Letter
71308 1168c 𑚌 Takri Letter Ga Takri Other Letter
71309 1168d 𑚍 Takri Letter Gha Takri Other Letter
71310 1168e 𑚎 Takri Letter Nga Takri Other Letter
71311 1168f 𑚏 Takri Letter Ca Takri Other Letter
71312 11690 𑚐 Takri Letter Cha Takri Other Letter
71313 11691 𑚑 Takri Letter Ja Takri Other Letter
71314 11692 𑚒 Takri Letter Jha Takri Other Letter
71315 11693 𑚓 Takri Letter Nya Takri Other Letter
71316 11694 𑚔 Takri Letter Tta Takri Other Letter
71317 11695 𑚕 Takri Letter Ttha Takri Other Letter
71318 11696 𑚖 Takri Letter Dda Takri Other Letter
71319 11697 𑚗 Takri Letter Ddha Takri Other Letter
71320 11698 𑚘 Takri Letter Nna Takri Other Letter
71321 11699 𑚙 Takri Letter Ta Takri Other Letter
71322 1169a 𑚚 Takri Letter Tha Takri Other Letter
71323 1169b 𑚛 Takri Letter Da Takri Other Letter
71324 1169c 𑚜 Takri Letter Dha Takri Other Letter
71325 1169d 𑚝 Takri Letter Na Takri Other Letter
71326 1169e 𑚞 Takri Letter Pa Takri Other Letter
71327 1169f 𑚟 Takri Letter Pha Takri Other Letter
71328 116a0 𑚠 Takri Letter Ba Takri Other Letter
71329 116a1 𑚡 Takri Letter Bha Takri Other Letter
71330 116a2 𑚢 Takri Letter Ma Takri Other Letter
71331 116a3 𑚣 Takri Letter Ya Takri Other Letter
71332 116a4 𑚤 Takri Letter Ra Takri Other Letter
71333 116a5 𑚥 Takri Letter La Takri Other Letter
71334 116a6 𑚦 Takri Letter Va Takri Other Letter
71335 116a7 𑚧 Takri Letter Sha Takri Other Letter
71336 116a8 𑚨 Takri Letter Sa Takri Other Letter
71337 116a9 𑚩 Takri Letter Ha Takri Other Letter
71338 116aa 𑚪 Takri Letter Rra Takri Other Letter
71339 116ab 𑚫 Takri Sign Anusvara Takri Nonspacing Mark
71340 116ac 𑚬 Takri Sign Visarga Takri Spacing Mark
71341 116ad 𑚭 Takri Vowel Sign Aa Takri Nonspacing Mark
71342 116ae 𑚮 Takri Vowel Sign I Takri Spacing Mark
71343 116af 𑚯 Takri Vowel Sign Ii Takri Spacing Mark
71344 116b0 𑚰 Takri Vowel Sign U Takri Nonspacing Mark
71345 116b1 𑚱 Takri Vowel Sign Uu Takri Nonspacing Mark
71346 116b2 𑚲 Takri Vowel Sign E Takri Nonspacing Mark
71347 116b3 𑚳 Takri Vowel Sign Ai Takri Nonspacing Mark
71348 116b4 𑚴 Takri Vowel Sign O Takri Nonspacing Mark
71349 116b5 𑚵 Takri Vowel Sign Au Takri Nonspacing Mark
71350 116b6 𑚶 Takri Sign Virama Takri Spacing Mark
71351 116b7 𑚷 Takri Sign Nukta Takri Nonspacing Mark
71360 116c0 𑛀 Takri Digit Zero Takri Decimal Number
71361 116c1 𑛁 Takri Digit One Takri Decimal Number
71362 116c2 𑛂 Takri Digit Two Takri Decimal Number
71363 116c3 𑛃 Takri Digit Three Takri Decimal Number
71364 116c4 𑛄 Takri Digit Four Takri Decimal Number
71365 116c5 𑛅 Takri Digit Five Takri Decimal Number
71366 116c6 𑛆 Takri Digit Six Takri Decimal Number
71367 116c7 𑛇 Takri Digit Seven Takri Decimal Number
71368 116c8 𑛈 Takri Digit Eight Takri Decimal Number
71369 116c9 𑛉 Takri Digit Nine Takri Decimal Number
71424 11700 𑜀 Ahom Letter Ka Ahom Other Letter
71425 11701 𑜁 Ahom Letter Kha Ahom Other Letter
71426 11702 𑜂 Ahom Letter Nga Ahom Other Letter
71427 11703 𑜃 Ahom Letter Na Ahom Other Letter
71428 11704 𑜄 Ahom Letter Ta Ahom Other Letter
71429 11705 𑜅 Ahom Letter Alternate Ta Ahom Other Letter
71430 11706 𑜆 Ahom Letter Pa Ahom Other Letter
71431 11707 𑜇 Ahom Letter Pha Ahom Other Letter
71432 11708 𑜈 Ahom Letter Ba Ahom Other Letter
71433 11709 𑜉 Ahom Letter Ma Ahom Other Letter
71434 1170a 𑜊 Ahom Letter Ja Ahom Other Letter
71435 1170b 𑜋 Ahom Letter Cha Ahom Other Letter
71436 1170c 𑜌 Ahom Letter Tha Ahom Other Letter
71437 1170d 𑜍 Ahom Letter Ra Ahom Other Letter
71438 1170e 𑜎 Ahom Letter La Ahom Other Letter
71439 1170f 𑜏 Ahom Letter Sa Ahom Other Letter
71440 11710 𑜐 Ahom Letter Nya Ahom Other Letter
71441 11711 𑜑 Ahom Letter Ha Ahom Other Letter
71442 11712 𑜒 Ahom Letter A Ahom Other Letter
71443 11713 𑜓 Ahom Letter Da Ahom Other Letter
71444 11714 𑜔 Ahom Letter Dha Ahom Other Letter
71445 11715 𑜕 Ahom Letter Ga Ahom Other Letter
71446 11716 𑜖 Ahom Letter Alternate Ga Ahom Other Letter
71447 11717 𑜗 Ahom Letter Gha Ahom Other Letter
71448 11718 𑜘 Ahom Letter Bha Ahom Other Letter
71449 11719 𑜙 Ahom Letter Jha Ahom Other Letter
71453 1171d 𑜝 Ahom Consonant Sign Medial La Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71454 1171e 𑜞 Ahom Consonant Sign Medial Ra Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71455 1171f 𑜟 Ahom Consonant Sign Medial Ligating Ra Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71456 11720 𑜠 Ahom Vowel Sign A Ahom Spacing Mark
71457 11721 𑜡 Ahom Vowel Sign Aa Ahom Spacing Mark
71458 11722 𑜢 Ahom Vowel Sign I Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71459 11723 𑜣 Ahom Vowel Sign Ii Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71460 11724 𑜤 Ahom Vowel Sign U Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71461 11725 𑜥 Ahom Vowel Sign Uu Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71462 11726 𑜦 Ahom Vowel Sign E Ahom Spacing Mark
71463 11727 𑜧 Ahom Vowel Sign Aw Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71464 11728 𑜨 Ahom Vowel Sign O Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71465 11729 𑜩 Ahom Vowel Sign Ai Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71466 1172a 𑜪 Ahom Vowel Sign Am Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71467 1172b 𑜫 Ahom Sign Killer Ahom Nonspacing Mark
71472 11730 𑜰 Ahom Digit Zero Ahom Decimal Number
71473 11731 𑜱 Ahom Digit One Ahom Decimal Number
71474 11732 𑜲 Ahom Digit Two Ahom Decimal Number
71475 11733 𑜳 Ahom Digit Three Ahom Decimal Number
71476 11734 𑜴 Ahom Digit Four Ahom Decimal Number
71477 11735 𑜵 Ahom Digit Five Ahom Decimal Number
71478 11736 𑜶 Ahom Digit Six Ahom Decimal Number
71479 11737 𑜷 Ahom Digit Seven Ahom Decimal Number
71480 11738 𑜸 Ahom Digit Eight Ahom Decimal Number
71481 11739 𑜹 Ahom Digit Nine Ahom Decimal Number
71482 1173a 𑜺 Ahom Number Ten Ahom Other Number
71483 1173b 𑜻 Ahom Number Twenty Ahom Other Number
71484 1173c 𑜼 Ahom Sign Small Section Ahom Other Punctuation
71485 1173d 𑜽 Ahom Sign Section Ahom Other Punctuation
71486 1173e 𑜾 Ahom Sign Rulai Ahom Other Punctuation
71487 1173f 𑜿 Ahom Symbol Vi Ahom Other Symbol
71840 118a0 𑢠 Warang Citi Capital Letter Ngaa Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71841 118a1 𑢡 Warang Citi Capital Letter A Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71842 118a2 𑢢 Warang Citi Capital Letter Wi Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71843 118a3 𑢣 Warang Citi Capital Letter Yu Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71844 118a4 𑢤 Warang Citi Capital Letter Ya Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71845 118a5 𑢥 Warang Citi Capital Letter Yo Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71846 118a6 𑢦 Warang Citi Capital Letter Ii Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71847 118a7 𑢧 Warang Citi Capital Letter Uu Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71848 118a8 𑢨 Warang Citi Capital Letter E Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71849 118a9 𑢩 Warang Citi Capital Letter O Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71850 118aa 𑢪 Warang Citi Capital Letter Ang Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71851 118ab 𑢫 Warang Citi Capital Letter Ga Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71852 118ac 𑢬 Warang Citi Capital Letter Ko Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71853 118ad 𑢭 Warang Citi Capital Letter Eny Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71854 118ae 𑢮 Warang Citi Capital Letter Yuj Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71855 118af 𑢯 Warang Citi Capital Letter Uc Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71856 118b0 𑢰 Warang Citi Capital Letter Enn Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71857 118b1 𑢱 Warang Citi Capital Letter Odd Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71858 118b2 𑢲 Warang Citi Capital Letter Tte Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71859 118b3 𑢳 Warang Citi Capital Letter Nung Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71860 118b4 𑢴 Warang Citi Capital Letter Da Warang Citi Uppercase Letter
71861 118b5 𑢵 Warang Citi Capital Letter At Warang Citi Uppercase Letter

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