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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
70505 11369 𑍩 Combining Grantha Digit Three Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70506 1136a 𑍪 Combining Grantha Digit Four Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70507 1136b 𑍫 Combining Grantha Digit Five Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70508 1136c 𑍬 Combining Grantha Digit Six Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70512 11370 𑍰 Combining Grantha Letter A Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70513 11371 𑍱 Combining Grantha Letter Ka Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70514 11372 𑍲 Combining Grantha Letter Na Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70515 11373 𑍳 Combining Grantha Letter Vi Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70516 11374 𑍴 Combining Grantha Letter Pa Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70656 11400 𑐀 Newa Letter A Newa Other Letter
70657 11401 𑐁 Newa Letter Aa Newa Other Letter
70658 11402 𑐂 Newa Letter I Newa Other Letter
70659 11403 𑐃 Newa Letter Ii Newa Other Letter
70660 11404 𑐄 Newa Letter U Newa Other Letter
70661 11405 𑐅 Newa Letter Uu Newa Other Letter
70662 11406 𑐆 Newa Letter Vocalic R Newa Other Letter
70663 11407 𑐇 Newa Letter Vocalic Rr Newa Other Letter
70664 11408 𑐈 Newa Letter Vocalic L Newa Other Letter
70665 11409 𑐉 Newa Letter Vocalic Ll Newa Other Letter
70666 1140a 𑐊 Newa Letter E Newa Other Letter
70667 1140b 𑐋 Newa Letter Ai Newa Other Letter
70668 1140c 𑐌 Newa Letter O Newa Other Letter
70669 1140d 𑐍 Newa Letter Au Newa Other Letter
70670 1140e 𑐎 Newa Letter Ka Newa Other Letter
70671 1140f 𑐏 Newa Letter Kha Newa Other Letter
70672 11410 𑐐 Newa Letter Ga Newa Other Letter
70673 11411 𑐑 Newa Letter Gha Newa Other Letter
70674 11412 𑐒 Newa Letter Nga Newa Other Letter
70675 11413 𑐓 Newa Letter Ngha Newa Other Letter
70676 11414 𑐔 Newa Letter Ca Newa Other Letter
70677 11415 𑐕 Newa Letter Cha Newa Other Letter
70678 11416 𑐖 Newa Letter Ja Newa Other Letter
70679 11417 𑐗 Newa Letter Jha Newa Other Letter
70680 11418 𑐘 Newa Letter Nya Newa Other Letter
70681 11419 𑐙 Newa Letter Nyha Newa Other Letter
70682 1141a 𑐚 Newa Letter Tta Newa Other Letter
70683 1141b 𑐛 Newa Letter Ttha Newa Other Letter
70684 1141c 𑐜 Newa Letter Dda Newa Other Letter
70685 1141d 𑐝 Newa Letter Ddha Newa Other Letter
70686 1141e 𑐞 Newa Letter Nna Newa Other Letter
70687 1141f 𑐟 Newa Letter Ta Newa Other Letter
70688 11420 𑐠 Newa Letter Tha Newa Other Letter
70689 11421 𑐡 Newa Letter Da Newa Other Letter
70690 11422 𑐢 Newa Letter Dha Newa Other Letter
70691 11423 𑐣 Newa Letter Na Newa Other Letter
70692 11424 𑐤 Newa Letter Nha Newa Other Letter
70693 11425 𑐥 Newa Letter Pa Newa Other Letter
70694 11426 𑐦 Newa Letter Pha Newa Other Letter
70695 11427 𑐧 Newa Letter Ba Newa Other Letter
70696 11428 𑐨 Newa Letter Bha Newa Other Letter
70697 11429 𑐩 Newa Letter Ma Newa Other Letter
70698 1142a 𑐪 Newa Letter Mha Newa Other Letter
70699 1142b 𑐫 Newa Letter Ya Newa Other Letter
70700 1142c 𑐬 Newa Letter Ra Newa Other Letter
70701 1142d 𑐭 Newa Letter Rha Newa Other Letter
70702 1142e 𑐮 Newa Letter La Newa Other Letter
70703 1142f 𑐯 Newa Letter Lha Newa Other Letter
70704 11430 𑐰 Newa Letter Wa Newa Other Letter
70705 11431 𑐱 Newa Letter Sha Newa Other Letter
70706 11432 𑐲 Newa Letter Ssa Newa Other Letter
70707 11433 𑐳 Newa Letter Sa Newa Other Letter
70708 11434 𑐴 Newa Letter Ha Newa Other Letter
70709 11435 𑐵 Newa Vowel Sign Aa Newa Spacing Mark
70710 11436 𑐶 Newa Vowel Sign I Newa Spacing Mark
70711 11437 𑐷 Newa Vowel Sign Ii Newa Spacing Mark
70712 11438 𑐸 Newa Vowel Sign U Newa Nonspacing Mark
70713 11439 𑐹 Newa Vowel Sign Uu Newa Nonspacing Mark
70714 1143a 𑐺 Newa Vowel Sign Vocalic R Newa Nonspacing Mark
70715 1143b 𑐻 Newa Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Newa Nonspacing Mark
70716 1143c 𑐼 Newa Vowel Sign Vocalic L Newa Nonspacing Mark
70717 1143d 𑐽 Newa Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Newa Nonspacing Mark
70718 1143e 𑐾 Newa Vowel Sign E Newa Nonspacing Mark
70719 1143f 𑐿 Newa Vowel Sign Ai Newa Nonspacing Mark
70720 11440 𑑀 Newa Vowel Sign O Newa Spacing Mark
70721 11441 𑑁 Newa Vowel Sign Au Newa Spacing Mark
70722 11442 𑑂 Newa Sign Virama Newa Nonspacing Mark
70723 11443 𑑃 Newa Sign Candrabindu Newa Nonspacing Mark
70724 11444 𑑄 Newa Sign Anusvara Newa Nonspacing Mark
70725 11445 𑑅 Newa Sign Visarga Newa Spacing Mark
70726 11446 𑑆 Newa Sign Nukta Newa Nonspacing Mark
70727 11447 𑑇 Newa Sign Avagraha Newa Other Letter
70728 11448 𑑈 Newa Sign Final Anusvara Newa Other Letter
70729 11449 𑑉 Newa Om Newa Other Letter
70730 1144a 𑑊 Newa Siddhi Newa Other Letter
70731 1144b 𑑋 Newa Danda Newa Other Punctuation
70732 1144c 𑑌 Newa Double Danda Newa Other Punctuation
70733 1144d 𑑍 Newa Comma Newa Other Punctuation
70734 1144e 𑑎 Newa Gap Filler Newa Other Punctuation
70735 1144f 𑑏 Newa Abbreviation Sign Newa Other Punctuation
70736 11450 𑑐 Newa Digit Zero Newa Decimal Number
70737 11451 𑑑 Newa Digit One Newa Decimal Number
70738 11452 𑑒 Newa Digit Two Newa Decimal Number
70739 11453 𑑓 Newa Digit Three Newa Decimal Number
70740 11454 𑑔 Newa Digit Four Newa Decimal Number
70741 11455 𑑕 Newa Digit Five Newa Decimal Number
70742 11456 𑑖 Newa Digit Six Newa Decimal Number
70743 11457 𑑗 Newa Digit Seven Newa Decimal Number
70744 11458 𑑘 Newa Digit Eight Newa Decimal Number
70745 11459 𑑙 Newa Digit Nine Newa Decimal Number
70747 1145b 𑑛 Newa Placeholder Mark Newa Other Punctuation
70749 1145d 𑑝 Newa Insertion Sign Newa Other Punctuation
70784 11480 𑒀 Tirhuta Anji Tirhuta Other Letter
70785 11481 𑒁 Tirhuta Letter A Tirhuta Other Letter
70786 11482 𑒂 Tirhuta Letter Aa Tirhuta Other Letter
70787 11483 𑒃 Tirhuta Letter I Tirhuta Other Letter
70788 11484 𑒄 Tirhuta Letter Ii Tirhuta Other Letter
70789 11485 𑒅 Tirhuta Letter U Tirhuta Other Letter
70790 11486 𑒆 Tirhuta Letter Uu Tirhuta Other Letter
70791 11487 𑒇 Tirhuta Letter Vocalic R Tirhuta Other Letter
70792 11488 𑒈 Tirhuta Letter Vocalic Rr Tirhuta Other Letter
70793 11489 𑒉 Tirhuta Letter Vocalic L Tirhuta Other Letter
70794 1148a 𑒊 Tirhuta Letter Vocalic Ll Tirhuta Other Letter
70795 1148b 𑒋 Tirhuta Letter E Tirhuta Other Letter
70796 1148c 𑒌 Tirhuta Letter Ai Tirhuta Other Letter
70797 1148d 𑒍 Tirhuta Letter O Tirhuta Other Letter
70798 1148e 𑒎 Tirhuta Letter Au Tirhuta Other Letter
70799 1148f 𑒏 Tirhuta Letter Ka Tirhuta Other Letter
70800 11490 𑒐 Tirhuta Letter Kha Tirhuta Other Letter
70801 11491 𑒑 Tirhuta Letter Ga Tirhuta Other Letter
70802 11492 𑒒 Tirhuta Letter Gha Tirhuta Other Letter
70803 11493 𑒓 Tirhuta Letter Nga Tirhuta Other Letter
70804 11494 𑒔 Tirhuta Letter Ca Tirhuta Other Letter
70805 11495 𑒕 Tirhuta Letter Cha Tirhuta Other Letter
70806 11496 𑒖 Tirhuta Letter Ja Tirhuta Other Letter
70807 11497 𑒗 Tirhuta Letter Jha Tirhuta Other Letter
70808 11498 𑒘 Tirhuta Letter Nya Tirhuta Other Letter
70809 11499 𑒙 Tirhuta Letter Tta Tirhuta Other Letter
70810 1149a 𑒚 Tirhuta Letter Ttha Tirhuta Other Letter
70811 1149b 𑒛 Tirhuta Letter Dda Tirhuta Other Letter
70812 1149c 𑒜 Tirhuta Letter Ddha Tirhuta Other Letter
70813 1149d 𑒝 Tirhuta Letter Nna Tirhuta Other Letter
70814 1149e 𑒞 Tirhuta Letter Ta Tirhuta Other Letter
70815 1149f 𑒟 Tirhuta Letter Tha Tirhuta Other Letter
70816 114a0 𑒠 Tirhuta Letter Da Tirhuta Other Letter
70817 114a1 𑒡 Tirhuta Letter Dha Tirhuta Other Letter
70818 114a2 𑒢 Tirhuta Letter Na Tirhuta Other Letter
70819 114a3 𑒣 Tirhuta Letter Pa Tirhuta Other Letter
70820 114a4 𑒤 Tirhuta Letter Pha Tirhuta Other Letter
70821 114a5 𑒥 Tirhuta Letter Ba Tirhuta Other Letter
70822 114a6 𑒦 Tirhuta Letter Bha Tirhuta Other Letter
70823 114a7 𑒧 Tirhuta Letter Ma Tirhuta Other Letter
70824 114a8 𑒨 Tirhuta Letter Ya Tirhuta Other Letter
70825 114a9 𑒩 Tirhuta Letter Ra Tirhuta Other Letter
70826 114aa 𑒪 Tirhuta Letter La Tirhuta Other Letter
70827 114ab 𑒫 Tirhuta Letter Va Tirhuta Other Letter
70828 114ac 𑒬 Tirhuta Letter Sha Tirhuta Other Letter
70829 114ad 𑒭 Tirhuta Letter Ssa Tirhuta Other Letter
70830 114ae 𑒮 Tirhuta Letter Sa Tirhuta Other Letter
70831 114af 𑒯 Tirhuta Letter Ha Tirhuta Other Letter
70832 114b0 𑒰 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Aa Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70833 114b1 𑒱 Tirhuta Vowel Sign I Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70834 114b2 𑒲 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Ii Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70835 114b3 𑒳 Tirhuta Vowel Sign U Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70836 114b4 𑒴 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Uu Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70837 114b5 𑒵 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Vocalic R Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70838 114b6 𑒶 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70839 114b7 𑒷 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Vocalic L Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70840 114b8 𑒸 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70841 114b9 𑒹 Tirhuta Vowel Sign E Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70842 114ba 𑒺 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Short E Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70843 114bb 𑒻 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Ai Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70844 114bc 𑒼 Tirhuta Vowel Sign O Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70845 114bd 𑒽 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Short O Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70846 114be 𑒾 Tirhuta Vowel Sign Au Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70847 114bf 𑒿 Tirhuta Sign Candrabindu Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70848 114c0 𑓀 Tirhuta Sign Anusvara Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70849 114c1 𑓁 Tirhuta Sign Visarga Tirhuta Spacing Mark
70850 114c2 𑓂 Tirhuta Sign Virama Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70851 114c3 𑓃 Tirhuta Sign Nukta Tirhuta Nonspacing Mark
70852 114c4 𑓄 Tirhuta Sign Avagraha Tirhuta Other Letter
70853 114c5 𑓅 Tirhuta Gvang Tirhuta Other Letter
70854 114c6 𑓆 Tirhuta Abbreviation Sign Tirhuta Other Punctuation
70855 114c7 𑓇 Tirhuta Om Tirhuta Other Letter
70864 114d0 𑓐 Tirhuta Digit Zero Tirhuta Decimal Number
70865 114d1 𑓑 Tirhuta Digit One Tirhuta Decimal Number
70866 114d2 𑓒 Tirhuta Digit Two Tirhuta Decimal Number
70867 114d3 𑓓 Tirhuta Digit Three Tirhuta Decimal Number
70868 114d4 𑓔 Tirhuta Digit Four Tirhuta Decimal Number
70869 114d5 𑓕 Tirhuta Digit Five Tirhuta Decimal Number
70870 114d6 𑓖 Tirhuta Digit Six Tirhuta Decimal Number
70871 114d7 𑓗 Tirhuta Digit Seven Tirhuta Decimal Number
70872 114d8 𑓘 Tirhuta Digit Eight Tirhuta Decimal Number
70873 114d9 𑓙 Tirhuta Digit Nine Tirhuta Decimal Number
71040 11580 𑖀 Siddham Letter A Siddham Other Letter
71041 11581 𑖁 Siddham Letter Aa Siddham Other Letter
71042 11582 𑖂 Siddham Letter I Siddham Other Letter
71043 11583 𑖃 Siddham Letter Ii Siddham Other Letter
71044 11584 𑖄 Siddham Letter U Siddham Other Letter
71045 11585 𑖅 Siddham Letter Uu Siddham Other Letter
71046 11586 𑖆 Siddham Letter Vocalic R Siddham Other Letter
71047 11587 𑖇 Siddham Letter Vocalic Rr Siddham Other Letter
71048 11588 𑖈 Siddham Letter Vocalic L Siddham Other Letter
71049 11589 𑖉 Siddham Letter Vocalic Ll Siddham Other Letter
71050 1158a 𑖊 Siddham Letter E Siddham Other Letter
71051 1158b 𑖋 Siddham Letter Ai Siddham Other Letter
71052 1158c 𑖌 Siddham Letter O Siddham Other Letter
71053 1158d 𑖍 Siddham Letter Au Siddham Other Letter
71054 1158e 𑖎 Siddham Letter Ka Siddham Other Letter
71055 1158f 𑖏 Siddham Letter Kha Siddham Other Letter
71056 11590 𑖐 Siddham Letter Ga Siddham Other Letter
71057 11591 𑖑 Siddham Letter Gha Siddham Other Letter
71058 11592 𑖒 Siddham Letter Nga Siddham Other Letter
71059 11593 𑖓 Siddham Letter Ca Siddham Other Letter
71060 11594 𑖔 Siddham Letter Cha Siddham Other Letter
71061 11595 𑖕 Siddham Letter Ja Siddham Other Letter
71062 11596 𑖖 Siddham Letter Jha Siddham Other Letter
71063 11597 𑖗 Siddham Letter Nya Siddham Other Letter
71064 11598 𑖘 Siddham Letter Tta Siddham Other Letter
71065 11599 𑖙 Siddham Letter Ttha Siddham Other Letter
71066 1159a 𑖚 Siddham Letter Dda Siddham Other Letter
71067 1159b 𑖛 Siddham Letter Ddha Siddham Other Letter
71068 1159c 𑖜 Siddham Letter Nna Siddham Other Letter
71069 1159d 𑖝 Siddham Letter Ta Siddham Other Letter
71070 1159e 𑖞 Siddham Letter Tha Siddham Other Letter
71071 1159f 𑖟 Siddham Letter Da Siddham Other Letter
71072 115a0 𑖠 Siddham Letter Dha Siddham Other Letter
71073 115a1 𑖡 Siddham Letter Na Siddham Other Letter
71074 115a2 𑖢 Siddham Letter Pa Siddham Other Letter
71075 115a3 𑖣 Siddham Letter Pha Siddham Other Letter
71076 115a4 𑖤 Siddham Letter Ba Siddham Other Letter
71077 115a5 𑖥 Siddham Letter Bha Siddham Other Letter
71078 115a6 𑖦 Siddham Letter Ma Siddham Other Letter
71079 115a7 𑖧 Siddham Letter Ya Siddham Other Letter
71080 115a8 𑖨 Siddham Letter Ra Siddham Other Letter
71081 115a9 𑖩 Siddham Letter La Siddham Other Letter
71082 115aa 𑖪 Siddham Letter Va Siddham Other Letter
71083 115ab 𑖫 Siddham Letter Sha Siddham Other Letter
71084 115ac 𑖬 Siddham Letter Ssa Siddham Other Letter
71085 115ad 𑖭 Siddham Letter Sa Siddham Other Letter
71086 115ae 𑖮 Siddham Letter Ha Siddham Other Letter
71087 115af 𑖯 Siddham Vowel Sign Aa Siddham Spacing Mark
71088 115b0 𑖰 Siddham Vowel Sign I Siddham Spacing Mark
71089 115b1 𑖱 Siddham Vowel Sign Ii Siddham Spacing Mark
71090 115b2 𑖲 Siddham Vowel Sign U Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71091 115b3 𑖳 Siddham Vowel Sign Uu Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71092 115b4 𑖴 Siddham Vowel Sign Vocalic R Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71093 115b5 𑖵 Siddham Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71096 115b8 𑖸 Siddham Vowel Sign E Siddham Spacing Mark
71097 115b9 𑖹 Siddham Vowel Sign Ai Siddham Spacing Mark
71098 115ba 𑖺 Siddham Vowel Sign O Siddham Spacing Mark
71099 115bb 𑖻 Siddham Vowel Sign Au Siddham Spacing Mark
71100 115bc 𑖼 Siddham Sign Candrabindu Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71101 115bd 𑖽 Siddham Sign Anusvara Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71102 115be 𑖾 Siddham Sign Visarga Siddham Spacing Mark
71103 115bf 𑖿 Siddham Sign Virama Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71104 115c0 𑗀 Siddham Sign Nukta Siddham Nonspacing Mark
71105 115c1 𑗁 Siddham Sign Siddham Siddham Other Punctuation
71106 115c2 𑗂 Siddham Danda Siddham Other Punctuation
71107 115c3 𑗃 Siddham Double Danda Siddham Other Punctuation
71108 115c4 𑗄 Siddham Separator Dot Siddham Other Punctuation
71109 115c5 𑗅 Siddham Separator Bar Siddham Other Punctuation
71110 115c6 𑗆 Siddham Repetition Mark-1 Siddham Other Punctuation
71111 115c7 𑗇 Siddham Repetition Mark-2 Siddham Other Punctuation
71112 115c8 𑗈 Siddham Repetition Mark-3 Siddham Other Punctuation
71113 115c9 𑗉 Siddham End Of Text Mark Siddham Other Punctuation
71114 115ca 𑗊 Siddham Section Mark With Trident And U-Shaped Ornaments Siddham Other Punctuation

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