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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
70122 111ea 𑇪 Sinhala Archaic Number Ten Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70123 111eb 𑇫 Sinhala Archaic Number Twenty Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70124 111ec 𑇬 Sinhala Archaic Number Thirty Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70125 111ed 𑇭 Sinhala Archaic Number Forty Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70126 111ee 𑇮 Sinhala Archaic Number Fifty Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70127 111ef 𑇯 Sinhala Archaic Number Sixty Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70128 111f0 𑇰 Sinhala Archaic Number Seventy Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70129 111f1 𑇱 Sinhala Archaic Number Eighty Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70130 111f2 𑇲 Sinhala Archaic Number Ninety Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70131 111f3 𑇳 Sinhala Archaic Number One Hundred Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70132 111f4 𑇴 Sinhala Archaic Number One Thousand Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70144 11200 𑈀 Khojki Letter A Khojki Other Letter
70145 11201 𑈁 Khojki Letter Aa Khojki Other Letter
70146 11202 𑈂 Khojki Letter I Khojki Other Letter
70147 11203 𑈃 Khojki Letter U Khojki Other Letter
70148 11204 𑈄 Khojki Letter E Khojki Other Letter
70149 11205 𑈅 Khojki Letter Ai Khojki Other Letter
70150 11206 𑈆 Khojki Letter O Khojki Other Letter
70151 11207 𑈇 Khojki Letter Au Khojki Other Letter
70152 11208 𑈈 Khojki Letter Ka Khojki Other Letter
70153 11209 𑈉 Khojki Letter Kha Khojki Other Letter
70154 1120a 𑈊 Khojki Letter Ga Khojki Other Letter
70155 1120b 𑈋 Khojki Letter Gga Khojki Other Letter
70156 1120c 𑈌 Khojki Letter Gha Khojki Other Letter
70157 1120d 𑈍 Khojki Letter Nga Khojki Other Letter
70158 1120e 𑈎 Khojki Letter Ca Khojki Other Letter
70159 1120f 𑈏 Khojki Letter Cha Khojki Other Letter
70160 11210 𑈐 Khojki Letter Ja Khojki Other Letter
70161 11211 𑈑 Khojki Letter Jja Khojki Other Letter
70163 11213 𑈓 Khojki Letter Nya Khojki Other Letter
70164 11214 𑈔 Khojki Letter Tta Khojki Other Letter
70165 11215 𑈕 Khojki Letter Ttha Khojki Other Letter
70166 11216 𑈖 Khojki Letter Dda Khojki Other Letter
70167 11217 𑈗 Khojki Letter Ddha Khojki Other Letter
70168 11218 𑈘 Khojki Letter Nna Khojki Other Letter
70169 11219 𑈙 Khojki Letter Ta Khojki Other Letter
70170 1121a 𑈚 Khojki Letter Tha Khojki Other Letter
70171 1121b 𑈛 Khojki Letter Da Khojki Other Letter
70172 1121c 𑈜 Khojki Letter Ddda Khojki Other Letter
70173 1121d 𑈝 Khojki Letter Dha Khojki Other Letter
70174 1121e 𑈞 Khojki Letter Na Khojki Other Letter
70175 1121f 𑈟 Khojki Letter Pa Khojki Other Letter
70176 11220 𑈠 Khojki Letter Pha Khojki Other Letter
70177 11221 𑈡 Khojki Letter Ba Khojki Other Letter
70178 11222 𑈢 Khojki Letter Bba Khojki Other Letter
70179 11223 𑈣 Khojki Letter Bha Khojki Other Letter
70180 11224 𑈤 Khojki Letter Ma Khojki Other Letter
70181 11225 𑈥 Khojki Letter Ya Khojki Other Letter
70182 11226 𑈦 Khojki Letter Ra Khojki Other Letter
70183 11227 𑈧 Khojki Letter La Khojki Other Letter
70184 11228 𑈨 Khojki Letter Va Khojki Other Letter
70185 11229 𑈩 Khojki Letter Sa Khojki Other Letter
70186 1122a 𑈪 Khojki Letter Ha Khojki Other Letter
70187 1122b 𑈫 Khojki Letter Lla Khojki Other Letter
70188 1122c 𑈬 Khojki Vowel Sign Aa Khojki Spacing Mark
70189 1122d 𑈭 Khojki Vowel Sign I Khojki Spacing Mark
70190 1122e 𑈮 Khojki Vowel Sign Ii Khojki Spacing Mark
70191 1122f 𑈯 Khojki Vowel Sign U Khojki Nonspacing Mark
70192 11230 𑈰 Khojki Vowel Sign E Khojki Nonspacing Mark
70193 11231 𑈱 Khojki Vowel Sign Ai Khojki Nonspacing Mark
70194 11232 𑈲 Khojki Vowel Sign O Khojki Spacing Mark
70195 11233 𑈳 Khojki Vowel Sign Au Khojki Spacing Mark
70196 11234 𑈴 Khojki Sign Anusvara Khojki Nonspacing Mark
70197 11235 𑈵 Khojki Sign Virama Khojki Spacing Mark
70198 11236 𑈶 Khojki Sign Nukta Khojki Nonspacing Mark
70199 11237 𑈷 Khojki Sign Shadda Khojki Nonspacing Mark
70200 11238 𑈸 Khojki Danda Khojki Other Punctuation
70201 11239 𑈹 Khojki Double Danda Khojki Other Punctuation
70202 1123a 𑈺 Khojki Word Separator Khojki Other Punctuation
70203 1123b 𑈻 Khojki Section Mark Khojki Other Punctuation
70204 1123c 𑈼 Khojki Double Section Mark Khojki Other Punctuation
70205 1123d 𑈽 Khojki Abbreviation Sign Khojki Other Punctuation
70206 1123e 𑈾 Khojki Sign Sukun Khojki Nonspacing Mark
70272 11280 𑊀 Multani Letter A Multani Other Letter
70273 11281 𑊁 Multani Letter I Multani Other Letter
70274 11282 𑊂 Multani Letter U Multani Other Letter
70275 11283 𑊃 Multani Letter E Multani Other Letter
70276 11284 𑊄 Multani Letter Ka Multani Other Letter
70277 11285 𑊅 Multani Letter Kha Multani Other Letter
70278 11286 𑊆 Multani Letter Ga Multani Other Letter
70280 11288 𑊈 Multani Letter Gha Multani Other Letter
70282 1128a 𑊊 Multani Letter Ca Multani Other Letter
70283 1128b 𑊋 Multani Letter Cha Multani Other Letter
70284 1128c 𑊌 Multani Letter Ja Multani Other Letter
70285 1128d 𑊍 Multani Letter Jja Multani Other Letter
70287 1128f 𑊏 Multani Letter Nya Multani Other Letter
70288 11290 𑊐 Multani Letter Tta Multani Other Letter
70289 11291 𑊑 Multani Letter Ttha Multani Other Letter
70290 11292 𑊒 Multani Letter Dda Multani Other Letter
70291 11293 𑊓 Multani Letter Ddda Multani Other Letter
70292 11294 𑊔 Multani Letter Ddha Multani Other Letter
70293 11295 𑊕 Multani Letter Nna Multani Other Letter
70294 11296 𑊖 Multani Letter Ta Multani Other Letter
70295 11297 𑊗 Multani Letter Tha Multani Other Letter
70296 11298 𑊘 Multani Letter Da Multani Other Letter
70297 11299 𑊙 Multani Letter Dha Multani Other Letter
70298 1129a 𑊚 Multani Letter Na Multani Other Letter
70299 1129b 𑊛 Multani Letter Pa Multani Other Letter
70300 1129c 𑊜 Multani Letter Pha Multani Other Letter
70301 1129d 𑊝 Multani Letter Ba Multani Other Letter
70303 1129f 𑊟 Multani Letter Bha Multani Other Letter
70304 112a0 𑊠 Multani Letter Ma Multani Other Letter
70305 112a1 𑊡 Multani Letter Ya Multani Other Letter
70306 112a2 𑊢 Multani Letter Ra Multani Other Letter
70307 112a3 𑊣 Multani Letter La Multani Other Letter
70308 112a4 𑊤 Multani Letter Va Multani Other Letter
70309 112a5 𑊥 Multani Letter Sa Multani Other Letter
70310 112a6 𑊦 Multani Letter Ha Multani Other Letter
70311 112a7 𑊧 Multani Letter Rra Multani Other Letter
70312 112a8 𑊨 Multani Letter Rha Multani Other Letter
70313 112a9 𑊩 Multani Section Mark Multani Other Punctuation
70320 112b0 𑊰 Khudawadi Letter A Khudawadi Other Letter
70321 112b1 𑊱 Khudawadi Letter Aa Khudawadi Other Letter
70322 112b2 𑊲 Khudawadi Letter I Khudawadi Other Letter
70323 112b3 𑊳 Khudawadi Letter Ii Khudawadi Other Letter
70324 112b4 𑊴 Khudawadi Letter U Khudawadi Other Letter
70325 112b5 𑊵 Khudawadi Letter Uu Khudawadi Other Letter
70326 112b6 𑊶 Khudawadi Letter E Khudawadi Other Letter
70327 112b7 𑊷 Khudawadi Letter Ai Khudawadi Other Letter
70328 112b8 𑊸 Khudawadi Letter O Khudawadi Other Letter
70329 112b9 𑊹 Khudawadi Letter Au Khudawadi Other Letter
70330 112ba 𑊺 Khudawadi Letter Ka Khudawadi Other Letter
70331 112bb 𑊻 Khudawadi Letter Kha Khudawadi Other Letter
70332 112bc 𑊼 Khudawadi Letter Ga Khudawadi Other Letter
70333 112bd 𑊽 Khudawadi Letter Gga Khudawadi Other Letter
70334 112be 𑊾 Khudawadi Letter Gha Khudawadi Other Letter
70335 112bf 𑊿 Khudawadi Letter Nga Khudawadi Other Letter
70336 112c0 𑋀 Khudawadi Letter Ca Khudawadi Other Letter
70337 112c1 𑋁 Khudawadi Letter Cha Khudawadi Other Letter
70338 112c2 𑋂 Khudawadi Letter Ja Khudawadi Other Letter
70339 112c3 𑋃 Khudawadi Letter Jja Khudawadi Other Letter
70340 112c4 𑋄 Khudawadi Letter Jha Khudawadi Other Letter
70341 112c5 𑋅 Khudawadi Letter Nya Khudawadi Other Letter
70342 112c6 𑋆 Khudawadi Letter Tta Khudawadi Other Letter
70343 112c7 𑋇 Khudawadi Letter Ttha Khudawadi Other Letter
70344 112c8 𑋈 Khudawadi Letter Dda Khudawadi Other Letter
70345 112c9 𑋉 Khudawadi Letter Ddda Khudawadi Other Letter
70346 112ca 𑋊 Khudawadi Letter Rra Khudawadi Other Letter
70347 112cb 𑋋 Khudawadi Letter Ddha Khudawadi Other Letter
70348 112cc 𑋌 Khudawadi Letter Nna Khudawadi Other Letter
70349 112cd 𑋍 Khudawadi Letter Ta Khudawadi Other Letter
70350 112ce 𑋎 Khudawadi Letter Tha Khudawadi Other Letter
70351 112cf 𑋏 Khudawadi Letter Da Khudawadi Other Letter
70352 112d0 𑋐 Khudawadi Letter Dha Khudawadi Other Letter
70353 112d1 𑋑 Khudawadi Letter Na Khudawadi Other Letter
70354 112d2 𑋒 Khudawadi Letter Pa Khudawadi Other Letter
70355 112d3 𑋓 Khudawadi Letter Pha Khudawadi Other Letter
70356 112d4 𑋔 Khudawadi Letter Ba Khudawadi Other Letter
70357 112d5 𑋕 Khudawadi Letter Bba Khudawadi Other Letter
70358 112d6 𑋖 Khudawadi Letter Bha Khudawadi Other Letter
70359 112d7 𑋗 Khudawadi Letter Ma Khudawadi Other Letter
70360 112d8 𑋘 Khudawadi Letter Ya Khudawadi Other Letter
70361 112d9 𑋙 Khudawadi Letter Ra Khudawadi Other Letter
70362 112da 𑋚 Khudawadi Letter La Khudawadi Other Letter
70363 112db 𑋛 Khudawadi Letter Va Khudawadi Other Letter
70364 112dc 𑋜 Khudawadi Letter Sha Khudawadi Other Letter
70365 112dd 𑋝 Khudawadi Letter Sa Khudawadi Other Letter
70366 112de 𑋞 Khudawadi Letter Ha Khudawadi Other Letter
70367 112df 𑋟 Khudawadi Sign Anusvara Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70368 112e0 𑋠 Khudawadi Vowel Sign Aa Khudawadi Spacing Mark
70369 112e1 𑋡 Khudawadi Vowel Sign I Khudawadi Spacing Mark
70370 112e2 𑋢 Khudawadi Vowel Sign Ii Khudawadi Spacing Mark
70371 112e3 𑋣 Khudawadi Vowel Sign U Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70372 112e4 𑋤 Khudawadi Vowel Sign Uu Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70373 112e5 𑋥 Khudawadi Vowel Sign E Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70374 112e6 𑋦 Khudawadi Vowel Sign Ai Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70375 112e7 𑋧 Khudawadi Vowel Sign O Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70376 112e8 𑋨 Khudawadi Vowel Sign Au Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70377 112e9 𑋩 Khudawadi Sign Nukta Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70378 112ea 𑋪 Khudawadi Sign Virama Khudawadi Nonspacing Mark
70384 112f0 𑋰 Khudawadi Digit Zero Khudawadi Decimal Number
70385 112f1 𑋱 Khudawadi Digit One Khudawadi Decimal Number
70386 112f2 𑋲 Khudawadi Digit Two Khudawadi Decimal Number
70387 112f3 𑋳 Khudawadi Digit Three Khudawadi Decimal Number
70388 112f4 𑋴 Khudawadi Digit Four Khudawadi Decimal Number
70389 112f5 𑋵 Khudawadi Digit Five Khudawadi Decimal Number
70390 112f6 𑋶 Khudawadi Digit Six Khudawadi Decimal Number
70391 112f7 𑋷 Khudawadi Digit Seven Khudawadi Decimal Number
70392 112f8 𑋸 Khudawadi Digit Eight Khudawadi Decimal Number
70393 112f9 𑋹 Khudawadi Digit Nine Khudawadi Decimal Number
70400 11300 𑌀 Grantha Sign Combining Anusvara Above Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70401 11301 𑌁 Grantha Sign Candrabindu Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70402 11302 𑌂 Grantha Sign Anusvara Grantha Spacing Mark
70403 11303 𑌃 Grantha Sign Visarga Grantha Spacing Mark
70405 11305 𑌅 Grantha Letter A Grantha Other Letter
70406 11306 𑌆 Grantha Letter Aa Grantha Other Letter
70407 11307 𑌇 Grantha Letter I Grantha Other Letter
70408 11308 𑌈 Grantha Letter Ii Grantha Other Letter
70409 11309 𑌉 Grantha Letter U Grantha Other Letter
70410 1130a 𑌊 Grantha Letter Uu Grantha Other Letter
70411 1130b 𑌋 Grantha Letter Vocalic R Grantha Other Letter
70412 1130c 𑌌 Grantha Letter Vocalic L Grantha Other Letter
70415 1130f 𑌏 Grantha Letter Ee Grantha Other Letter
70416 11310 𑌐 Grantha Letter Ai Grantha Other Letter
70419 11313 𑌓 Grantha Letter Oo Grantha Other Letter
70420 11314 𑌔 Grantha Letter Au Grantha Other Letter
70421 11315 𑌕 Grantha Letter Ka Grantha Other Letter
70422 11316 𑌖 Grantha Letter Kha Grantha Other Letter
70423 11317 𑌗 Grantha Letter Ga Grantha Other Letter
70424 11318 𑌘 Grantha Letter Gha Grantha Other Letter
70425 11319 𑌙 Grantha Letter Nga Grantha Other Letter
70426 1131a 𑌚 Grantha Letter Ca Grantha Other Letter
70427 1131b 𑌛 Grantha Letter Cha Grantha Other Letter
70428 1131c 𑌜 Grantha Letter Ja Grantha Other Letter
70429 1131d 𑌝 Grantha Letter Jha Grantha Other Letter
70430 1131e 𑌞 Grantha Letter Nya Grantha Other Letter
70431 1131f 𑌟 Grantha Letter Tta Grantha Other Letter
70432 11320 𑌠 Grantha Letter Ttha Grantha Other Letter
70433 11321 𑌡 Grantha Letter Dda Grantha Other Letter
70434 11322 𑌢 Grantha Letter Ddha Grantha Other Letter
70435 11323 𑌣 Grantha Letter Nna Grantha Other Letter
70436 11324 𑌤 Grantha Letter Ta Grantha Other Letter
70437 11325 𑌥 Grantha Letter Tha Grantha Other Letter
70438 11326 𑌦 Grantha Letter Da Grantha Other Letter
70439 11327 𑌧 Grantha Letter Dha Grantha Other Letter
70440 11328 𑌨 Grantha Letter Na Grantha Other Letter
70442 1132a 𑌪 Grantha Letter Pa Grantha Other Letter
70443 1132b 𑌫 Grantha Letter Pha Grantha Other Letter
70444 1132c 𑌬 Grantha Letter Ba Grantha Other Letter
70445 1132d 𑌭 Grantha Letter Bha Grantha Other Letter
70446 1132e 𑌮 Grantha Letter Ma Grantha Other Letter
70447 1132f 𑌯 Grantha Letter Ya Grantha Other Letter
70448 11330 𑌰 Grantha Letter Ra Grantha Other Letter
70450 11332 𑌲 Grantha Letter La Grantha Other Letter
70451 11333 𑌳 Grantha Letter Lla Grantha Other Letter
70453 11335 𑌵 Grantha Letter Va Grantha Other Letter
70454 11336 𑌶 Grantha Letter Sha Grantha Other Letter
70455 11337 𑌷 Grantha Letter Ssa Grantha Other Letter
70456 11338 𑌸 Grantha Letter Sa Grantha Other Letter
70457 11339 𑌹 Grantha Letter Ha Grantha Other Letter
70460 1133c 𑌼 Grantha Sign Nukta Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70461 1133d 𑌽 Grantha Sign Avagraha Grantha Other Letter
70462 1133e 𑌾 Grantha Vowel Sign Aa Grantha Spacing Mark
70463 1133f 𑌿 Grantha Vowel Sign I Grantha Spacing Mark
70464 11340 𑍀 Grantha Vowel Sign Ii Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70465 11341 𑍁 Grantha Vowel Sign U Grantha Spacing Mark
70466 11342 𑍂 Grantha Vowel Sign Uu Grantha Spacing Mark
70467 11343 𑍃 Grantha Vowel Sign Vocalic R Grantha Spacing Mark
70468 11344 𑍄 Grantha Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Grantha Spacing Mark
70471 11347 𑍇 Grantha Vowel Sign Ee Grantha Spacing Mark
70472 11348 𑍈 Grantha Vowel Sign Ai Grantha Spacing Mark
70475 1134b 𑍋 Grantha Vowel Sign Oo Grantha Spacing Mark
70476 1134c 𑍌 Grantha Vowel Sign Au Grantha Spacing Mark
70477 1134d 𑍍 Grantha Sign Virama Grantha Spacing Mark
70480 11350 𑍐 Grantha Om Grantha Other Letter
70487 11357 𑍗 Grantha Au Length Mark Grantha Spacing Mark
70493 1135d 𑍝 Grantha Sign Pluta Grantha Other Letter
70494 1135e 𑍞 Grantha Letter Vedic Anusvara Grantha Other Letter
70495 1135f 𑍟 Grantha Letter Vedic Double Anusvara Grantha Other Letter
70496 11360 𑍠 Grantha Letter Vocalic Rr Grantha Other Letter
70497 11361 𑍡 Grantha Letter Vocalic Ll Grantha Other Letter
70498 11362 𑍢 Grantha Vowel Sign Vocalic L Grantha Spacing Mark
70499 11363 𑍣 Grantha Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Grantha Spacing Mark
70502 11366 𑍦 Combining Grantha Digit Zero Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70503 11367 𑍧 Combining Grantha Digit One Grantha Nonspacing Mark
70504 11368 𑍨 Combining Grantha Digit Two Grantha Nonspacing Mark

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