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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
69814 110b6 𑂶 Kaithi Vowel Sign Ai Kaithi Nonspacing Mark
69815 110b7 𑂷 Kaithi Vowel Sign O Kaithi Spacing Mark
69816 110b8 𑂸 Kaithi Vowel Sign Au Kaithi Spacing Mark
69817 110b9 𑂹 Kaithi Sign Virama Kaithi Nonspacing Mark
69818 110ba 𑂺 Kaithi Sign Nukta Kaithi Nonspacing Mark
69819 110bb 𑂻 Kaithi Abbreviation Sign Kaithi Other Punctuation
69820 110bc 𑂼 Kaithi Enumeration Sign Kaithi Other Punctuation
69821 110bd 𑂽 Kaithi Number Sign Kaithi Format
69822 110be 𑂾 Kaithi Section Mark Kaithi Other Punctuation
69823 110bf 𑂿 Kaithi Double Section Mark Kaithi Other Punctuation
69824 110c0 𑃀 Kaithi Danda Kaithi Other Punctuation
69825 110c1 𑃁 Kaithi Double Danda Kaithi Other Punctuation
69840 110d0 𑃐 Sora Sompeng Letter Sah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69841 110d1 𑃑 Sora Sompeng Letter Tah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69842 110d2 𑃒 Sora Sompeng Letter Bah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69843 110d3 𑃓 Sora Sompeng Letter Cah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69844 110d4 𑃔 Sora Sompeng Letter Dah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69845 110d5 𑃕 Sora Sompeng Letter Gah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69846 110d6 𑃖 Sora Sompeng Letter Mah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69847 110d7 𑃗 Sora Sompeng Letter Ngah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69848 110d8 𑃘 Sora Sompeng Letter Lah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69849 110d9 𑃙 Sora Sompeng Letter Nah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69850 110da 𑃚 Sora Sompeng Letter Vah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69851 110db 𑃛 Sora Sompeng Letter Pah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69852 110dc 𑃜 Sora Sompeng Letter Yah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69853 110dd 𑃝 Sora Sompeng Letter Rah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69854 110de 𑃞 Sora Sompeng Letter Hah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69855 110df 𑃟 Sora Sompeng Letter Kah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69856 110e0 𑃠 Sora Sompeng Letter Jah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69857 110e1 𑃡 Sora Sompeng Letter Nyah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69858 110e2 𑃢 Sora Sompeng Letter Ah Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69859 110e3 𑃣 Sora Sompeng Letter Eeh Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69860 110e4 𑃤 Sora Sompeng Letter Ih Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69861 110e5 𑃥 Sora Sompeng Letter Uh Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69862 110e6 𑃦 Sora Sompeng Letter Oh Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69863 110e7 𑃧 Sora Sompeng Letter Eh Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69864 110e8 𑃨 Sora Sompeng Letter Mae Sora Sompeng Other Letter
69872 110f0 𑃰 Sora Sompeng Digit Zero Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69873 110f1 𑃱 Sora Sompeng Digit One Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69874 110f2 𑃲 Sora Sompeng Digit Two Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69875 110f3 𑃳 Sora Sompeng Digit Three Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69876 110f4 𑃴 Sora Sompeng Digit Four Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69877 110f5 𑃵 Sora Sompeng Digit Five Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69878 110f6 𑃶 Sora Sompeng Digit Six Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69879 110f7 𑃷 Sora Sompeng Digit Seven Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69880 110f8 𑃸 Sora Sompeng Digit Eight Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69881 110f9 𑃹 Sora Sompeng Digit Nine Sora Sompeng Decimal Number
69888 11100 𑄀 Chakma Sign Candrabindu Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69889 11101 𑄁 Chakma Sign Anusvara Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69890 11102 𑄂 Chakma Sign Visarga Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69891 11103 𑄃 Chakma Letter Aa Chakma Other Letter
69892 11104 𑄄 Chakma Letter I Chakma Other Letter
69893 11105 𑄅 Chakma Letter U Chakma Other Letter
69894 11106 𑄆 Chakma Letter E Chakma Other Letter
69895 11107 𑄇 Chakma Letter Kaa Chakma Other Letter
69896 11108 𑄈 Chakma Letter Khaa Chakma Other Letter
69897 11109 𑄉 Chakma Letter Gaa Chakma Other Letter
69898 1110a 𑄊 Chakma Letter Ghaa Chakma Other Letter
69899 1110b 𑄋 Chakma Letter Ngaa Chakma Other Letter
69900 1110c 𑄌 Chakma Letter Caa Chakma Other Letter
69901 1110d 𑄍 Chakma Letter Chaa Chakma Other Letter
69902 1110e 𑄎 Chakma Letter Jaa Chakma Other Letter
69903 1110f 𑄏 Chakma Letter Jhaa Chakma Other Letter
69904 11110 𑄐 Chakma Letter Nyaa Chakma Other Letter
69905 11111 𑄑 Chakma Letter Ttaa Chakma Other Letter
69906 11112 𑄒 Chakma Letter Tthaa Chakma Other Letter
69907 11113 𑄓 Chakma Letter Ddaa Chakma Other Letter
69908 11114 𑄔 Chakma Letter Ddhaa Chakma Other Letter
69909 11115 𑄕 Chakma Letter Nnaa Chakma Other Letter
69910 11116 𑄖 Chakma Letter Taa Chakma Other Letter
69911 11117 𑄗 Chakma Letter Thaa Chakma Other Letter
69912 11118 𑄘 Chakma Letter Daa Chakma Other Letter
69913 11119 𑄙 Chakma Letter Dhaa Chakma Other Letter
69914 1111a 𑄚 Chakma Letter Naa Chakma Other Letter
69915 1111b 𑄛 Chakma Letter Paa Chakma Other Letter
69916 1111c 𑄜 Chakma Letter Phaa Chakma Other Letter
69917 1111d 𑄝 Chakma Letter Baa Chakma Other Letter
69918 1111e 𑄞 Chakma Letter Bhaa Chakma Other Letter
69919 1111f 𑄟 Chakma Letter Maa Chakma Other Letter
69920 11120 𑄠 Chakma Letter Yyaa Chakma Other Letter
69921 11121 𑄡 Chakma Letter Yaa Chakma Other Letter
69922 11122 𑄢 Chakma Letter Raa Chakma Other Letter
69923 11123 𑄣 Chakma Letter Laa Chakma Other Letter
69924 11124 𑄤 Chakma Letter Waa Chakma Other Letter
69925 11125 𑄥 Chakma Letter Saa Chakma Other Letter
69926 11126 𑄦 Chakma Letter Haa Chakma Other Letter
69927 11127 𑄧 Chakma Vowel Sign A Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69928 11128 𑄨 Chakma Vowel Sign I Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69929 11129 𑄩 Chakma Vowel Sign Ii Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69930 1112a 𑄪 Chakma Vowel Sign U Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69931 1112b 𑄫 Chakma Vowel Sign Uu Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69932 1112c 𑄬 Chakma Vowel Sign E Chakma Spacing Mark
69933 1112d 𑄭 Chakma Vowel Sign Ai Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69934 1112e 𑄮 Chakma Vowel Sign O Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69935 1112f 𑄯 Chakma Vowel Sign Au Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69936 11130 𑄰 Chakma Vowel Sign Oi Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69937 11131 𑄱 Chakma O Mark Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69938 11132 𑄲 Chakma Au Mark Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69939 11133 𑄳 Chakma Virama Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69940 11134 𑄴 Chakma Maayyaa Chakma Nonspacing Mark
69942 11136 𑄶 Chakma Digit Zero Chakma Decimal Number
69943 11137 𑄷 Chakma Digit One Chakma Decimal Number
69944 11138 𑄸 Chakma Digit Two Chakma Decimal Number
69945 11139 𑄹 Chakma Digit Three Chakma Decimal Number
69946 1113a 𑄺 Chakma Digit Four Chakma Decimal Number
69947 1113b 𑄻 Chakma Digit Five Chakma Decimal Number
69948 1113c 𑄼 Chakma Digit Six Chakma Decimal Number
69949 1113d 𑄽 Chakma Digit Seven Chakma Decimal Number
69950 1113e 𑄾 Chakma Digit Eight Chakma Decimal Number
69951 1113f 𑄿 Chakma Digit Nine Chakma Decimal Number
69952 11140 𑅀 Chakma Section Mark Chakma Other Punctuation
69953 11141 𑅁 Chakma Danda Chakma Other Punctuation
69954 11142 𑅂 Chakma Double Danda Chakma Other Punctuation
69955 11143 𑅃 Chakma Question Mark Chakma Other Punctuation
69968 11150 𑅐 Mahajani Letter A Mahajani Other Letter
69969 11151 𑅑 Mahajani Letter I Mahajani Other Letter
69970 11152 𑅒 Mahajani Letter U Mahajani Other Letter
69971 11153 𑅓 Mahajani Letter E Mahajani Other Letter
69972 11154 𑅔 Mahajani Letter O Mahajani Other Letter
69973 11155 𑅕 Mahajani Letter Ka Mahajani Other Letter
69974 11156 𑅖 Mahajani Letter Kha Mahajani Other Letter
69975 11157 𑅗 Mahajani Letter Ga Mahajani Other Letter
69976 11158 𑅘 Mahajani Letter Gha Mahajani Other Letter
69977 11159 𑅙 Mahajani Letter Ca Mahajani Other Letter
69978 1115a 𑅚 Mahajani Letter Cha Mahajani Other Letter
69979 1115b 𑅛 Mahajani Letter Ja Mahajani Other Letter
69980 1115c 𑅜 Mahajani Letter Jha Mahajani Other Letter
69981 1115d 𑅝 Mahajani Letter Nya Mahajani Other Letter
69982 1115e 𑅞 Mahajani Letter Tta Mahajani Other Letter
69983 1115f 𑅟 Mahajani Letter Ttha Mahajani Other Letter
69984 11160 𑅠 Mahajani Letter Dda Mahajani Other Letter
69985 11161 𑅡 Mahajani Letter Ddha Mahajani Other Letter
69986 11162 𑅢 Mahajani Letter Nna Mahajani Other Letter
69987 11163 𑅣 Mahajani Letter Ta Mahajani Other Letter
69988 11164 𑅤 Mahajani Letter Tha Mahajani Other Letter
69989 11165 𑅥 Mahajani Letter Da Mahajani Other Letter
69990 11166 𑅦 Mahajani Letter Dha Mahajani Other Letter
69991 11167 𑅧 Mahajani Letter Na Mahajani Other Letter
69992 11168 𑅨 Mahajani Letter Pa Mahajani Other Letter
69993 11169 𑅩 Mahajani Letter Pha Mahajani Other Letter
69994 1116a 𑅪 Mahajani Letter Ba Mahajani Other Letter
69995 1116b 𑅫 Mahajani Letter Bha Mahajani Other Letter
69996 1116c 𑅬 Mahajani Letter Ma Mahajani Other Letter
69997 1116d 𑅭 Mahajani Letter Ra Mahajani Other Letter
69998 1116e 𑅮 Mahajani Letter La Mahajani Other Letter
69999 1116f 𑅯 Mahajani Letter Va Mahajani Other Letter
70000 11170 𑅰 Mahajani Letter Sa Mahajani Other Letter
70001 11171 𑅱 Mahajani Letter Ha Mahajani Other Letter
70002 11172 𑅲 Mahajani Letter Rra Mahajani Other Letter
70003 11173 𑅳 Mahajani Sign Nukta Mahajani Nonspacing Mark
70004 11174 𑅴 Mahajani Abbreviation Sign Mahajani Other Punctuation
70005 11175 𑅵 Mahajani Section Mark Mahajani Other Punctuation
70006 11176 𑅶 Mahajani Ligature Shri Mahajani Other Letter
70016 11180 𑆀 Sharada Sign Candrabindu Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70017 11181 𑆁 Sharada Sign Anusvara Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70018 11182 𑆂 Sharada Sign Visarga Sharada Spacing Mark
70019 11183 𑆃 Sharada Letter A Sharada Other Letter
70020 11184 𑆄 Sharada Letter Aa Sharada Other Letter
70021 11185 𑆅 Sharada Letter I Sharada Other Letter
70022 11186 𑆆 Sharada Letter Ii Sharada Other Letter
70023 11187 𑆇 Sharada Letter U Sharada Other Letter
70024 11188 𑆈 Sharada Letter Uu Sharada Other Letter
70025 11189 𑆉 Sharada Letter Vocalic R Sharada Other Letter
70026 1118a 𑆊 Sharada Letter Vocalic Rr Sharada Other Letter
70027 1118b 𑆋 Sharada Letter Vocalic L Sharada Other Letter
70028 1118c 𑆌 Sharada Letter Vocalic Ll Sharada Other Letter
70029 1118d 𑆍 Sharada Letter E Sharada Other Letter
70030 1118e 𑆎 Sharada Letter Ai Sharada Other Letter
70031 1118f 𑆏 Sharada Letter O Sharada Other Letter
70032 11190 𑆐 Sharada Letter Au Sharada Other Letter
70033 11191 𑆑 Sharada Letter Ka Sharada Other Letter
70034 11192 𑆒 Sharada Letter Kha Sharada Other Letter
70035 11193 𑆓 Sharada Letter Ga Sharada Other Letter
70036 11194 𑆔 Sharada Letter Gha Sharada Other Letter
70037 11195 𑆕 Sharada Letter Nga Sharada Other Letter
70038 11196 𑆖 Sharada Letter Ca Sharada Other Letter
70039 11197 𑆗 Sharada Letter Cha Sharada Other Letter
70040 11198 𑆘 Sharada Letter Ja Sharada Other Letter
70041 11199 𑆙 Sharada Letter Jha Sharada Other Letter
70042 1119a 𑆚 Sharada Letter Nya Sharada Other Letter
70043 1119b 𑆛 Sharada Letter Tta Sharada Other Letter
70044 1119c 𑆜 Sharada Letter Ttha Sharada Other Letter
70045 1119d 𑆝 Sharada Letter Dda Sharada Other Letter
70046 1119e 𑆞 Sharada Letter Ddha Sharada Other Letter
70047 1119f 𑆟 Sharada Letter Nna Sharada Other Letter
70048 111a0 𑆠 Sharada Letter Ta Sharada Other Letter
70049 111a1 𑆡 Sharada Letter Tha Sharada Other Letter
70050 111a2 𑆢 Sharada Letter Da Sharada Other Letter
70051 111a3 𑆣 Sharada Letter Dha Sharada Other Letter
70052 111a4 𑆤 Sharada Letter Na Sharada Other Letter
70053 111a5 𑆥 Sharada Letter Pa Sharada Other Letter
70054 111a6 𑆦 Sharada Letter Pha Sharada Other Letter
70055 111a7 𑆧 Sharada Letter Ba Sharada Other Letter
70056 111a8 𑆨 Sharada Letter Bha Sharada Other Letter
70057 111a9 𑆩 Sharada Letter Ma Sharada Other Letter
70058 111aa 𑆪 Sharada Letter Ya Sharada Other Letter
70059 111ab 𑆫 Sharada Letter Ra Sharada Other Letter
70060 111ac 𑆬 Sharada Letter La Sharada Other Letter
70061 111ad 𑆭 Sharada Letter Lla Sharada Other Letter
70062 111ae 𑆮 Sharada Letter Va Sharada Other Letter
70063 111af 𑆯 Sharada Letter Sha Sharada Other Letter
70064 111b0 𑆰 Sharada Letter Ssa Sharada Other Letter
70065 111b1 𑆱 Sharada Letter Sa Sharada Other Letter
70066 111b2 𑆲 Sharada Letter Ha Sharada Other Letter
70067 111b3 𑆳 Sharada Vowel Sign Aa Sharada Spacing Mark
70068 111b4 𑆴 Sharada Vowel Sign I Sharada Spacing Mark
70069 111b5 𑆵 Sharada Vowel Sign Ii Sharada Spacing Mark
70070 111b6 𑆶 Sharada Vowel Sign U Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70071 111b7 𑆷 Sharada Vowel Sign Uu Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70072 111b8 𑆸 Sharada Vowel Sign Vocalic R Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70073 111b9 𑆹 Sharada Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70074 111ba 𑆺 Sharada Vowel Sign Vocalic L Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70075 111bb 𑆻 Sharada Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70076 111bc 𑆼 Sharada Vowel Sign E Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70077 111bd 𑆽 Sharada Vowel Sign Ai Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70078 111be 𑆾 Sharada Vowel Sign O Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70079 111bf 𑆿 Sharada Vowel Sign Au Sharada Spacing Mark
70080 111c0 𑇀 Sharada Sign Virama Sharada Spacing Mark
70081 111c1 𑇁 Sharada Sign Avagraha Sharada Other Letter
70082 111c2 𑇂 Sharada Sign Jihvamuliya Sharada Other Letter
70083 111c3 𑇃 Sharada Sign Upadhmaniya Sharada Other Letter
70084 111c4 𑇄 Sharada Om Sharada Other Letter
70085 111c5 𑇅 Sharada Danda Sharada Other Punctuation
70086 111c6 𑇆 Sharada Double Danda Sharada Other Punctuation
70087 111c7 𑇇 Sharada Abbreviation Sign Sharada Other Punctuation
70088 111c8 𑇈 Sharada Separator Sharada Other Punctuation
70089 111c9 𑇉 Sharada Sandhi Mark Sharada Other Punctuation
70090 111ca 𑇊 Sharada Sign Nukta Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70091 111cb 𑇋 Sharada Vowel Modifier Mark Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70092 111cc 𑇌 Sharada Extra Short Vowel Mark Sharada Nonspacing Mark
70093 111cd 𑇍 Sharada Sutra Mark Sharada Other Punctuation
70096 111d0 𑇐 Sharada Digit Zero Sharada Decimal Number
70097 111d1 𑇑 Sharada Digit One Sharada Decimal Number
70098 111d2 𑇒 Sharada Digit Two Sharada Decimal Number
70099 111d3 𑇓 Sharada Digit Three Sharada Decimal Number
70100 111d4 𑇔 Sharada Digit Four Sharada Decimal Number
70101 111d5 𑇕 Sharada Digit Five Sharada Decimal Number
70102 111d6 𑇖 Sharada Digit Six Sharada Decimal Number
70103 111d7 𑇗 Sharada Digit Seven Sharada Decimal Number
70104 111d8 𑇘 Sharada Digit Eight Sharada Decimal Number
70105 111d9 𑇙 Sharada Digit Nine Sharada Decimal Number
70106 111da 𑇚 Sharada Ekam Sharada Other Letter
70107 111db 𑇛 Sharada Sign Siddham Sharada Other Punctuation
70108 111dc 𑇜 Sharada Headstroke Sharada Other Letter
70109 111dd 𑇝 Sharada Continuation Sign Sharada Other Punctuation
70110 111de 𑇞 Sharada Section Mark-1 Sharada Other Punctuation
70111 111df 𑇟 Sharada Section Mark-2 Sharada Other Punctuation
70113 111e1 𑇡 Sinhala Archaic Digit One Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70114 111e2 𑇢 Sinhala Archaic Digit Two Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70115 111e3 𑇣 Sinhala Archaic Digit Three Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70116 111e4 𑇤 Sinhala Archaic Digit Four Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70117 111e5 𑇥 Sinhala Archaic Digit Five Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70118 111e6 𑇦 Sinhala Archaic Digit Six Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70119 111e7 𑇧 Sinhala Archaic Digit Seven Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70120 111e8 𑇨 Sinhala Archaic Digit Eight Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number
70121 111e9 𑇩 Sinhala Archaic Digit Nine Sinhala Archaic Numbers Other Number

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