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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
68782 10cae 𐲮 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ev Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68783 10caf 𐲯 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ez Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68784 10cb0 𐲰 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ezs Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68785 10cb1 𐲱 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ent-Shaped Sign Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68786 10cb2 𐲲 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Us Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68800 10cc0 𐳀 Old Hungarian Small Letter A Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68801 10cc1 𐳁 Old Hungarian Small Letter Aa Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68802 10cc2 𐳂 Old Hungarian Small Letter Eb Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68803 10cc3 𐳃 Old Hungarian Small Letter Amb Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68804 10cc4 𐳄 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ec Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68805 10cc5 𐳅 Old Hungarian Small Letter Enc Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68806 10cc6 𐳆 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ecs Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68807 10cc7 𐳇 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ed Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68808 10cc8 𐳈 Old Hungarian Small Letter And Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68809 10cc9 𐳉 Old Hungarian Small Letter E Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68810 10cca 𐳊 Old Hungarian Small Letter Close E Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68811 10ccb 𐳋 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ee Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68812 10ccc 𐳌 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ef Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68813 10ccd 𐳍 Old Hungarian Small Letter Eg Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68814 10cce 𐳎 Old Hungarian Small Letter Egy Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68815 10ccf 𐳏 Old Hungarian Small Letter Eh Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68816 10cd0 𐳐 Old Hungarian Small Letter I Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68817 10cd1 𐳑 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ii Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68818 10cd2 𐳒 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ej Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68819 10cd3 𐳓 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ek Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68820 10cd4 𐳔 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ak Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68821 10cd5 𐳕 Old Hungarian Small Letter Unk Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68822 10cd6 𐳖 Old Hungarian Small Letter El Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68823 10cd7 𐳗 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ely Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68824 10cd8 𐳘 Old Hungarian Small Letter Em Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68825 10cd9 𐳙 Old Hungarian Small Letter En Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68826 10cda 𐳚 Old Hungarian Small Letter Eny Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68827 10cdb 𐳛 Old Hungarian Small Letter O Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68828 10cdc 𐳜 Old Hungarian Small Letter Oo Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68829 10cdd 𐳝 Old Hungarian Small Letter Nikolsburg Oe Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68830 10cde 𐳞 Old Hungarian Small Letter Rudimenta Oe Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68831 10cdf 𐳟 Old Hungarian Small Letter Oee Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68832 10ce0 𐳠 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ep Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68833 10ce1 𐳡 Old Hungarian Small Letter Emp Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68834 10ce2 𐳢 Old Hungarian Small Letter Er Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68835 10ce3 𐳣 Old Hungarian Small Letter Short Er Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68836 10ce4 𐳤 Old Hungarian Small Letter Es Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68837 10ce5 𐳥 Old Hungarian Small Letter Esz Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68838 10ce6 𐳦 Old Hungarian Small Letter Et Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68839 10ce7 𐳧 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ent Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68840 10ce8 𐳨 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ety Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68841 10ce9 𐳩 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ech Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68842 10cea 𐳪 Old Hungarian Small Letter U Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68843 10ceb 𐳫 Old Hungarian Small Letter Uu Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68844 10cec 𐳬 Old Hungarian Small Letter Nikolsburg Ue Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68845 10ced 𐳭 Old Hungarian Small Letter Rudimenta Ue Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68846 10cee 𐳮 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ev Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68847 10cef 𐳯 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ez Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68848 10cf0 𐳰 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ezs Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68849 10cf1 𐳱 Old Hungarian Small Letter Ent-Shaped Sign Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68850 10cf2 𐳲 Old Hungarian Small Letter Us Old Hungarian Lowercase Letter
68858 10cfa 𐳺 Old Hungarian Number One Old Hungarian Other Number
68859 10cfb 𐳻 Old Hungarian Number Five Old Hungarian Other Number
68860 10cfc 𐳼 Old Hungarian Number Ten Old Hungarian Other Number
68861 10cfd 𐳽 Old Hungarian Number Fifty Old Hungarian Other Number
68862 10cfe 𐳾 Old Hungarian Number One Hundred Old Hungarian Other Number
68863 10cff 𐳿 Old Hungarian Number One Thousand Old Hungarian Other Number
69216 10e60 𐹠 Rumi Digit One Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69217 10e61 𐹡 Rumi Digit Two Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69218 10e62 𐹢 Rumi Digit Three Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69219 10e63 𐹣 Rumi Digit Four Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69220 10e64 𐹤 Rumi Digit Five Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69221 10e65 𐹥 Rumi Digit Six Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69222 10e66 𐹦 Rumi Digit Seven Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69223 10e67 𐹧 Rumi Digit Eight Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69224 10e68 𐹨 Rumi Digit Nine Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69225 10e69 𐹩 Rumi Number Ten Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69226 10e6a 𐹪 Rumi Number Twenty Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69227 10e6b 𐹫 Rumi Number Thirty Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69228 10e6c 𐹬 Rumi Number Forty Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69229 10e6d 𐹭 Rumi Number Fifty Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69230 10e6e 𐹮 Rumi Number Sixty Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69231 10e6f 𐹯 Rumi Number Seventy Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69232 10e70 𐹰 Rumi Number Eighty Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69233 10e71 𐹱 Rumi Number Ninety Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69234 10e72 𐹲 Rumi Number One Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69235 10e73 𐹳 Rumi Number Two Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69236 10e74 𐹴 Rumi Number Three Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69237 10e75 𐹵 Rumi Number Four Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69238 10e76 𐹶 Rumi Number Five Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69239 10e77 𐹷 Rumi Number Six Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69240 10e78 𐹸 Rumi Number Seven Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69241 10e79 𐹹 Rumi Number Eight Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69242 10e7a 𐹺 Rumi Number Nine Hundred Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69243 10e7b 𐹻 Rumi Fraction One Half Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69244 10e7c 𐹼 Rumi Fraction One Quarter Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69245 10e7d 𐹽 Rumi Fraction One Third Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69246 10e7e 𐹾 Rumi Fraction Two Thirds Rumi Numeral Symbols Other Number
69632 11000 𑀀 Brahmi Sign Candrabindu Brahmi Spacing Mark
69633 11001 𑀁 Brahmi Sign Anusvara Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69634 11002 𑀂 Brahmi Sign Visarga Brahmi Spacing Mark
69635 11003 𑀃 Brahmi Sign Jihvamuliya Brahmi Other Letter
69636 11004 𑀄 Brahmi Sign Upadhmaniya Brahmi Other Letter
69637 11005 𑀅 Brahmi Letter A Brahmi Other Letter
69638 11006 𑀆 Brahmi Letter Aa Brahmi Other Letter
69639 11007 𑀇 Brahmi Letter I Brahmi Other Letter
69640 11008 𑀈 Brahmi Letter Ii Brahmi Other Letter
69641 11009 𑀉 Brahmi Letter U Brahmi Other Letter
69642 1100a 𑀊 Brahmi Letter Uu Brahmi Other Letter
69643 1100b 𑀋 Brahmi Letter Vocalic R Brahmi Other Letter
69644 1100c 𑀌 Brahmi Letter Vocalic Rr Brahmi Other Letter
69645 1100d 𑀍 Brahmi Letter Vocalic L Brahmi Other Letter
69646 1100e 𑀎 Brahmi Letter Vocalic Ll Brahmi Other Letter
69647 1100f 𑀏 Brahmi Letter E Brahmi Other Letter
69648 11010 𑀐 Brahmi Letter Ai Brahmi Other Letter
69649 11011 𑀑 Brahmi Letter O Brahmi Other Letter
69650 11012 𑀒 Brahmi Letter Au Brahmi Other Letter
69651 11013 𑀓 Brahmi Letter Ka Brahmi Other Letter
69652 11014 𑀔 Brahmi Letter Kha Brahmi Other Letter
69653 11015 𑀕 Brahmi Letter Ga Brahmi Other Letter
69654 11016 𑀖 Brahmi Letter Gha Brahmi Other Letter
69655 11017 𑀗 Brahmi Letter Nga Brahmi Other Letter
69656 11018 𑀘 Brahmi Letter Ca Brahmi Other Letter
69657 11019 𑀙 Brahmi Letter Cha Brahmi Other Letter
69658 1101a 𑀚 Brahmi Letter Ja Brahmi Other Letter
69659 1101b 𑀛 Brahmi Letter Jha Brahmi Other Letter
69660 1101c 𑀜 Brahmi Letter Nya Brahmi Other Letter
69661 1101d 𑀝 Brahmi Letter Tta Brahmi Other Letter
69662 1101e 𑀞 Brahmi Letter Ttha Brahmi Other Letter
69663 1101f 𑀟 Brahmi Letter Dda Brahmi Other Letter
69664 11020 𑀠 Brahmi Letter Ddha Brahmi Other Letter
69665 11021 𑀡 Brahmi Letter Nna Brahmi Other Letter
69666 11022 𑀢 Brahmi Letter Ta Brahmi Other Letter
69667 11023 𑀣 Brahmi Letter Tha Brahmi Other Letter
69668 11024 𑀤 Brahmi Letter Da Brahmi Other Letter
69669 11025 𑀥 Brahmi Letter Dha Brahmi Other Letter
69670 11026 𑀦 Brahmi Letter Na Brahmi Other Letter
69671 11027 𑀧 Brahmi Letter Pa Brahmi Other Letter
69672 11028 𑀨 Brahmi Letter Pha Brahmi Other Letter
69673 11029 𑀩 Brahmi Letter Ba Brahmi Other Letter
69674 1102a 𑀪 Brahmi Letter Bha Brahmi Other Letter
69675 1102b 𑀫 Brahmi Letter Ma Brahmi Other Letter
69676 1102c 𑀬 Brahmi Letter Ya Brahmi Other Letter
69677 1102d 𑀭 Brahmi Letter Ra Brahmi Other Letter
69678 1102e 𑀮 Brahmi Letter La Brahmi Other Letter
69679 1102f 𑀯 Brahmi Letter Va Brahmi Other Letter
69680 11030 𑀰 Brahmi Letter Sha Brahmi Other Letter
69681 11031 𑀱 Brahmi Letter Ssa Brahmi Other Letter
69682 11032 𑀲 Brahmi Letter Sa Brahmi Other Letter
69683 11033 𑀳 Brahmi Letter Ha Brahmi Other Letter
69684 11034 𑀴 Brahmi Letter Lla Brahmi Other Letter
69685 11035 𑀵 Brahmi Letter Old Tamil Llla Brahmi Other Letter
69686 11036 𑀶 Brahmi Letter Old Tamil Rra Brahmi Other Letter
69687 11037 𑀷 Brahmi Letter Old Tamil Nnna Brahmi Other Letter
69688 11038 𑀸 Brahmi Vowel Sign Aa Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69689 11039 𑀹 Brahmi Vowel Sign Bhattiprolu Aa Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69690 1103a 𑀺 Brahmi Vowel Sign I Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69691 1103b 𑀻 Brahmi Vowel Sign Ii Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69692 1103c 𑀼 Brahmi Vowel Sign U Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69693 1103d 𑀽 Brahmi Vowel Sign Uu Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69694 1103e 𑀾 Brahmi Vowel Sign Vocalic R Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69695 1103f 𑀿 Brahmi Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69696 11040 𑁀 Brahmi Vowel Sign Vocalic L Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69697 11041 𑁁 Brahmi Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69698 11042 𑁂 Brahmi Vowel Sign E Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69699 11043 𑁃 Brahmi Vowel Sign Ai Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69700 11044 𑁄 Brahmi Vowel Sign O Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69701 11045 𑁅 Brahmi Vowel Sign Au Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69702 11046 𑁆 Brahmi Virama Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69703 11047 𑁇 Brahmi Danda Brahmi Other Punctuation
69704 11048 𑁈 Brahmi Double Danda Brahmi Other Punctuation
69705 11049 𑁉 Brahmi Punctuation Dot Brahmi Other Punctuation
69706 1104a 𑁊 Brahmi Punctuation Double Dot Brahmi Other Punctuation
69707 1104b 𑁋 Brahmi Punctuation Line Brahmi Other Punctuation
69708 1104c 𑁌 Brahmi Punctuation Crescent Bar Brahmi Other Punctuation
69709 1104d 𑁍 Brahmi Punctuation Lotus Brahmi Other Punctuation
69714 11052 𑁒 Brahmi Number One Brahmi Other Number
69715 11053 𑁓 Brahmi Number Two Brahmi Other Number
69716 11054 𑁔 Brahmi Number Three Brahmi Other Number
69717 11055 𑁕 Brahmi Number Four Brahmi Other Number
69718 11056 𑁖 Brahmi Number Five Brahmi Other Number
69719 11057 𑁗 Brahmi Number Six Brahmi Other Number
69720 11058 𑁘 Brahmi Number Seven Brahmi Other Number
69721 11059 𑁙 Brahmi Number Eight Brahmi Other Number
69722 1105a 𑁚 Brahmi Number Nine Brahmi Other Number
69723 1105b 𑁛 Brahmi Number Ten Brahmi Other Number
69724 1105c 𑁜 Brahmi Number Twenty Brahmi Other Number
69725 1105d 𑁝 Brahmi Number Thirty Brahmi Other Number
69726 1105e 𑁞 Brahmi Number Forty Brahmi Other Number
69727 1105f 𑁟 Brahmi Number Fifty Brahmi Other Number
69728 11060 𑁠 Brahmi Number Sixty Brahmi Other Number
69729 11061 𑁡 Brahmi Number Seventy Brahmi Other Number
69730 11062 𑁢 Brahmi Number Eighty Brahmi Other Number
69731 11063 𑁣 Brahmi Number Ninety Brahmi Other Number
69732 11064 𑁤 Brahmi Number One Hundred Brahmi Other Number
69733 11065 𑁥 Brahmi Number One Thousand Brahmi Other Number
69734 11066 𑁦 Brahmi Digit Zero Brahmi Decimal Number
69735 11067 𑁧 Brahmi Digit One Brahmi Decimal Number
69736 11068 𑁨 Brahmi Digit Two Brahmi Decimal Number
69737 11069 𑁩 Brahmi Digit Three Brahmi Decimal Number
69738 1106a 𑁪 Brahmi Digit Four Brahmi Decimal Number
69739 1106b 𑁫 Brahmi Digit Five Brahmi Decimal Number
69740 1106c 𑁬 Brahmi Digit Six Brahmi Decimal Number
69741 1106d 𑁭 Brahmi Digit Seven Brahmi Decimal Number
69742 1106e 𑁮 Brahmi Digit Eight Brahmi Decimal Number
69743 1106f 𑁯 Brahmi Digit Nine Brahmi Decimal Number
69759 1107f 𑁿 Brahmi Number Joiner Brahmi Nonspacing Mark
69760 11080 𑂀 Kaithi Sign Candrabindu Kaithi Nonspacing Mark
69761 11081 𑂁 Kaithi Sign Anusvara Kaithi Nonspacing Mark
69762 11082 𑂂 Kaithi Sign Visarga Kaithi Spacing Mark
69763 11083 𑂃 Kaithi Letter A Kaithi Other Letter
69764 11084 𑂄 Kaithi Letter Aa Kaithi Other Letter
69765 11085 𑂅 Kaithi Letter I Kaithi Other Letter
69766 11086 𑂆 Kaithi Letter Ii Kaithi Other Letter
69767 11087 𑂇 Kaithi Letter U Kaithi Other Letter
69768 11088 𑂈 Kaithi Letter Uu Kaithi Other Letter
69769 11089 𑂉 Kaithi Letter E Kaithi Other Letter
69770 1108a 𑂊 Kaithi Letter Ai Kaithi Other Letter
69771 1108b 𑂋 Kaithi Letter O Kaithi Other Letter
69772 1108c 𑂌 Kaithi Letter Au Kaithi Other Letter
69773 1108d 𑂍 Kaithi Letter Ka Kaithi Other Letter
69774 1108e 𑂎 Kaithi Letter Kha Kaithi Other Letter
69775 1108f 𑂏 Kaithi Letter Ga Kaithi Other Letter
69776 11090 𑂐 Kaithi Letter Gha Kaithi Other Letter
69777 11091 𑂑 Kaithi Letter Nga Kaithi Other Letter
69778 11092 𑂒 Kaithi Letter Ca Kaithi Other Letter
69779 11093 𑂓 Kaithi Letter Cha Kaithi Other Letter
69780 11094 𑂔 Kaithi Letter Ja Kaithi Other Letter
69781 11095 𑂕 Kaithi Letter Jha Kaithi Other Letter
69782 11096 𑂖 Kaithi Letter Nya Kaithi Other Letter
69783 11097 𑂗 Kaithi Letter Tta Kaithi Other Letter
69784 11098 𑂘 Kaithi Letter Ttha Kaithi Other Letter
69785 11099 𑂙 Kaithi Letter Dda Kaithi Other Letter
69786 1109a 𑂚 Kaithi Letter Dddha Kaithi Other Letter
69787 1109b 𑂛 Kaithi Letter Ddha Kaithi Other Letter
69788 1109c 𑂜 Kaithi Letter Rha Kaithi Other Letter
69789 1109d 𑂝 Kaithi Letter Nna Kaithi Other Letter
69790 1109e 𑂞 Kaithi Letter Ta Kaithi Other Letter
69791 1109f 𑂟 Kaithi Letter Tha Kaithi Other Letter
69792 110a0 𑂠 Kaithi Letter Da Kaithi Other Letter
69793 110a1 𑂡 Kaithi Letter Dha Kaithi Other Letter
69794 110a2 𑂢 Kaithi Letter Na Kaithi Other Letter
69795 110a3 𑂣 Kaithi Letter Pa Kaithi Other Letter
69796 110a4 𑂤 Kaithi Letter Pha Kaithi Other Letter
69797 110a5 𑂥 Kaithi Letter Ba Kaithi Other Letter
69798 110a6 𑂦 Kaithi Letter Bha Kaithi Other Letter
69799 110a7 𑂧 Kaithi Letter Ma Kaithi Other Letter
69800 110a8 𑂨 Kaithi Letter Ya Kaithi Other Letter
69801 110a9 𑂩 Kaithi Letter Ra Kaithi Other Letter
69802 110aa 𑂪 Kaithi Letter La Kaithi Other Letter
69803 110ab 𑂫 Kaithi Letter Va Kaithi Other Letter
69804 110ac 𑂬 Kaithi Letter Sha Kaithi Other Letter
69805 110ad 𑂭 Kaithi Letter Ssa Kaithi Other Letter
69806 110ae 𑂮 Kaithi Letter Sa Kaithi Other Letter
69807 110af 𑂯 Kaithi Letter Ha Kaithi Other Letter
69808 110b0 𑂰 Kaithi Vowel Sign Aa Kaithi Spacing Mark
69809 110b1 𑂱 Kaithi Vowel Sign I Kaithi Spacing Mark
69810 110b2 𑂲 Kaithi Vowel Sign Ii Kaithi Spacing Mark
69811 110b3 𑂳 Kaithi Vowel Sign U Kaithi Nonspacing Mark
69812 110b4 𑂴 Kaithi Vowel Sign Uu Kaithi Nonspacing Mark
69813 110b5 𑂵 Kaithi Vowel Sign E Kaithi Nonspacing Mark

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