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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
68362 10b0a 𐬊 Avestan Letter O Avestan Other Letter
68363 10b0b 𐬋 Avestan Letter Oo Avestan Other Letter
68364 10b0c 𐬌 Avestan Letter I Avestan Other Letter
68365 10b0d 𐬍 Avestan Letter Ii Avestan Other Letter
68366 10b0e 𐬎 Avestan Letter U Avestan Other Letter
68367 10b0f 𐬏 Avestan Letter Uu Avestan Other Letter
68368 10b10 𐬐 Avestan Letter Ke Avestan Other Letter
68369 10b11 𐬑 Avestan Letter Xe Avestan Other Letter
68370 10b12 𐬒 Avestan Letter Xye Avestan Other Letter
68371 10b13 𐬓 Avestan Letter Xve Avestan Other Letter
68372 10b14 𐬔 Avestan Letter Ge Avestan Other Letter
68373 10b15 𐬕 Avestan Letter Gge Avestan Other Letter
68374 10b16 𐬖 Avestan Letter Ghe Avestan Other Letter
68375 10b17 𐬗 Avestan Letter Ce Avestan Other Letter
68376 10b18 𐬘 Avestan Letter Je Avestan Other Letter
68377 10b19 𐬙 Avestan Letter Te Avestan Other Letter
68378 10b1a 𐬚 Avestan Letter The Avestan Other Letter
68379 10b1b 𐬛 Avestan Letter De Avestan Other Letter
68380 10b1c 𐬜 Avestan Letter Dhe Avestan Other Letter
68381 10b1d 𐬝 Avestan Letter Tte Avestan Other Letter
68382 10b1e 𐬞 Avestan Letter Pe Avestan Other Letter
68383 10b1f 𐬟 Avestan Letter Fe Avestan Other Letter
68384 10b20 𐬠 Avestan Letter Be Avestan Other Letter
68385 10b21 𐬡 Avestan Letter Bhe Avestan Other Letter
68386 10b22 𐬢 Avestan Letter Nge Avestan Other Letter
68387 10b23 𐬣 Avestan Letter Ngye Avestan Other Letter
68388 10b24 𐬤 Avestan Letter Ngve Avestan Other Letter
68389 10b25 𐬥 Avestan Letter Ne Avestan Other Letter
68390 10b26 𐬦 Avestan Letter Nye Avestan Other Letter
68391 10b27 𐬧 Avestan Letter Nne Avestan Other Letter
68392 10b28 𐬨 Avestan Letter Me Avestan Other Letter
68393 10b29 𐬩 Avestan Letter Hme Avestan Other Letter
68394 10b2a 𐬪 Avestan Letter Yye Avestan Other Letter
68395 10b2b 𐬫 Avestan Letter Ye Avestan Other Letter
68396 10b2c 𐬬 Avestan Letter Ve Avestan Other Letter
68397 10b2d 𐬭 Avestan Letter Re Avestan Other Letter
68398 10b2e 𐬮 Avestan Letter Le Avestan Other Letter
68399 10b2f 𐬯 Avestan Letter Se Avestan Other Letter
68400 10b30 𐬰 Avestan Letter Ze Avestan Other Letter
68401 10b31 𐬱 Avestan Letter She Avestan Other Letter
68402 10b32 𐬲 Avestan Letter Zhe Avestan Other Letter
68403 10b33 𐬳 Avestan Letter Shye Avestan Other Letter
68404 10b34 𐬴 Avestan Letter Sshe Avestan Other Letter
68405 10b35 𐬵 Avestan Letter He Avestan Other Letter
68409 10b39 𐬹 Avestan Abbreviation Mark Avestan Other Punctuation
68410 10b3a 𐬺 Tiny Two Dots Over One Dot Punctuation Avestan Other Punctuation
68411 10b3b 𐬻 Small Two Dots Over One Dot Punctuation Avestan Other Punctuation
68412 10b3c 𐬼 Large Two Dots Over One Dot Punctuation Avestan Other Punctuation
68413 10b3d 𐬽 Large One Dot Over Two Dots Punctuation Avestan Other Punctuation
68414 10b3e 𐬾 Large Two Rings Over One Ring Punctuation Avestan Other Punctuation
68415 10b3f 𐬿 Large One Ring Over Two Rings Punctuation Avestan Other Punctuation
68416 10b40 𐭀 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Aleph Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68417 10b41 𐭁 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Beth Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68418 10b42 𐭂 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Gimel Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68419 10b43 𐭃 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Daleth Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68420 10b44 𐭄 Inscriptional Parthian Letter He Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68421 10b45 𐭅 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Waw Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68422 10b46 𐭆 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Zayin Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68423 10b47 𐭇 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Heth Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68424 10b48 𐭈 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Teth Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68425 10b49 𐭉 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Yodh Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68426 10b4a 𐭊 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Kaph Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68427 10b4b 𐭋 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Lamedh Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68428 10b4c 𐭌 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Mem Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68429 10b4d 𐭍 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Nun Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68430 10b4e 𐭎 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Samekh Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68431 10b4f 𐭏 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Ayin Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68432 10b50 𐭐 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Pe Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68433 10b51 𐭑 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Sadhe Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68434 10b52 𐭒 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Qoph Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68435 10b53 𐭓 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Resh Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68436 10b54 𐭔 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Shin Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68437 10b55 𐭕 Inscriptional Parthian Letter Taw Inscriptional Parthian Other Letter
68440 10b58 𐭘 Inscriptional Parthian Number One Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68441 10b59 𐭙 Inscriptional Parthian Number Two Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68442 10b5a 𐭚 Inscriptional Parthian Number Three Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68443 10b5b 𐭛 Inscriptional Parthian Number Four Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68444 10b5c 𐭜 Inscriptional Parthian Number Ten Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68445 10b5d 𐭝 Inscriptional Parthian Number Twenty Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68446 10b5e 𐭞 Inscriptional Parthian Number One Hundred Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68447 10b5f 𐭟 Inscriptional Parthian Number One Thousand Inscriptional Parthian Other Number
68448 10b60 𐭠 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Aleph Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68449 10b61 𐭡 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Beth Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68450 10b62 𐭢 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Gimel Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68451 10b63 𐭣 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Daleth Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68452 10b64 𐭤 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter He Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68453 10b65 𐭥 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Waw-Ayin-Resh Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68454 10b66 𐭦 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Zayin Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68455 10b67 𐭧 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Heth Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68456 10b68 𐭨 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Teth Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68457 10b69 𐭩 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Yodh Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68458 10b6a 𐭪 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Kaph Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68459 10b6b 𐭫 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Lamedh Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68460 10b6c 𐭬 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Mem-Qoph Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68461 10b6d 𐭭 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Nun Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68462 10b6e 𐭮 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Samekh Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68463 10b6f 𐭯 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Pe Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68464 10b70 𐭰 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Sadhe Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68465 10b71 𐭱 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Shin Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68466 10b72 𐭲 Inscriptional Pahlavi Letter Taw Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Letter
68472 10b78 𐭸 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number One Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68473 10b79 𐭹 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number Two Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68474 10b7a 𐭺 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number Three Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68475 10b7b 𐭻 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number Four Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68476 10b7c 𐭼 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number Ten Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68477 10b7d 𐭽 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number Twenty Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68478 10b7e 𐭾 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number One Hundred Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68479 10b7f 𐭿 Inscriptional Pahlavi Number One Thousand Inscriptional Pahlavi Other Number
68480 10b80 𐮀 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Aleph Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68481 10b81 𐮁 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Beth Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68482 10b82 𐮂 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Gimel Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68483 10b83 𐮃 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Daleth Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68484 10b84 𐮄 Psalter Pahlavi Letter He Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68485 10b85 𐮅 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Waw-Ayin-Resh Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68486 10b86 𐮆 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Zayin Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68487 10b87 𐮇 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Heth Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68488 10b88 𐮈 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Yodh Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68489 10b89 𐮉 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Kaph Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68490 10b8a 𐮊 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Lamedh Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68491 10b8b 𐮋 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Mem-Qoph Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68492 10b8c 𐮌 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Nun Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68493 10b8d 𐮍 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Samekh Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68494 10b8e 𐮎 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Pe Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68495 10b8f 𐮏 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Sadhe Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68496 10b90 𐮐 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Shin Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68497 10b91 𐮑 Psalter Pahlavi Letter Taw Psalter Pahlavi Other Letter
68505 10b99 𐮙 Psalter Pahlavi Section Mark Psalter Pahlavi Other Punctuation
68506 10b9a 𐮚 Psalter Pahlavi Turned Section Mark Psalter Pahlavi Other Punctuation
68507 10b9b 𐮛 Psalter Pahlavi Four Dots With Cross Psalter Pahlavi Other Punctuation
68508 10b9c 𐮜 Psalter Pahlavi Four Dots With Dot Psalter Pahlavi Other Punctuation
68521 10ba9 𐮩 Psalter Pahlavi Number One Psalter Pahlavi Other Number
68522 10baa 𐮪 Psalter Pahlavi Number Two Psalter Pahlavi Other Number
68523 10bab 𐮫 Psalter Pahlavi Number Three Psalter Pahlavi Other Number
68524 10bac 𐮬 Psalter Pahlavi Number Four Psalter Pahlavi Other Number
68525 10bad 𐮭 Psalter Pahlavi Number Ten Psalter Pahlavi Other Number
68526 10bae 𐮮 Psalter Pahlavi Number Twenty Psalter Pahlavi Other Number
68527 10baf 𐮯 Psalter Pahlavi Number One Hundred Psalter Pahlavi Other Number
68608 10c00 𐰀 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon A Old Turkic Other Letter
68609 10c01 𐰁 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei A Old Turkic Other Letter
68610 10c02 𐰂 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ae Old Turkic Other Letter
68611 10c03 𐰃 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon I Old Turkic Other Letter
68612 10c04 𐰄 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei I Old Turkic Other Letter
68613 10c05 𐰅 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei E Old Turkic Other Letter
68614 10c06 𐰆 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon O Old Turkic Other Letter
68615 10c07 𐰇 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Oe Old Turkic Other Letter
68616 10c08 𐰈 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Oe Old Turkic Other Letter
68617 10c09 𐰉 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ab Old Turkic Other Letter
68618 10c0a 𐰊 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ab Old Turkic Other Letter
68619 10c0b 𐰋 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aeb Old Turkic Other Letter
68620 10c0c 𐰌 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aeb Old Turkic Other Letter
68621 10c0d 𐰍 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ag Old Turkic Other Letter
68622 10c0e 𐰎 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ag Old Turkic Other Letter
68623 10c0f 𐰏 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aeg Old Turkic Other Letter
68624 10c10 𐰐 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aeg Old Turkic Other Letter
68625 10c11 𐰑 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ad Old Turkic Other Letter
68626 10c12 𐰒 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ad Old Turkic Other Letter
68627 10c13 𐰓 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aed Old Turkic Other Letter
68628 10c14 𐰔 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ez Old Turkic Other Letter
68629 10c15 𐰕 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ez Old Turkic Other Letter
68630 10c16 𐰖 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ay Old Turkic Other Letter
68631 10c17 𐰗 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ay Old Turkic Other Letter
68632 10c18 𐰘 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aey Old Turkic Other Letter
68633 10c19 𐰙 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aey Old Turkic Other Letter
68634 10c1a 𐰚 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aek Old Turkic Other Letter
68635 10c1b 𐰛 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aek Old Turkic Other Letter
68636 10c1c 𐰜 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Oek Old Turkic Other Letter
68637 10c1d 𐰝 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Oek Old Turkic Other Letter
68638 10c1e 𐰞 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Al Old Turkic Other Letter
68639 10c1f 𐰟 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Al Old Turkic Other Letter
68640 10c20 𐰠 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ael Old Turkic Other Letter
68641 10c21 𐰡 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Elt Old Turkic Other Letter
68642 10c22 𐰢 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Em Old Turkic Other Letter
68643 10c23 𐰣 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon An Old Turkic Other Letter
68644 10c24 𐰤 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aen Old Turkic Other Letter
68645 10c25 𐰥 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aen Old Turkic Other Letter
68646 10c26 𐰦 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ent Old Turkic Other Letter
68647 10c27 𐰧 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ent Old Turkic Other Letter
68648 10c28 𐰨 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Enc Old Turkic Other Letter
68649 10c29 𐰩 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Enc Old Turkic Other Letter
68650 10c2a 𐰪 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Eny Old Turkic Other Letter
68651 10c2b 𐰫 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Eny Old Turkic Other Letter
68652 10c2c 𐰬 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ang Old Turkic Other Letter
68653 10c2d 𐰭 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Eng Old Turkic Other Letter
68654 10c2e 𐰮 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aeng Old Turkic Other Letter
68655 10c2f 𐰯 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ep Old Turkic Other Letter
68656 10c30 𐰰 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Op Old Turkic Other Letter
68657 10c31 𐰱 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ic Old Turkic Other Letter
68658 10c32 𐰲 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ec Old Turkic Other Letter
68659 10c33 𐰳 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ec Old Turkic Other Letter
68660 10c34 𐰴 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aq Old Turkic Other Letter
68661 10c35 𐰵 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aq Old Turkic Other Letter
68662 10c36 𐰶 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Iq Old Turkic Other Letter
68663 10c37 𐰷 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Iq Old Turkic Other Letter
68664 10c38 𐰸 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Oq Old Turkic Other Letter
68665 10c39 𐰹 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Oq Old Turkic Other Letter
68666 10c3a 𐰺 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ar Old Turkic Other Letter
68667 10c3b 𐰻 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ar Old Turkic Other Letter
68668 10c3c 𐰼 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aer Old Turkic Other Letter
68669 10c3d 𐰽 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon As Old Turkic Other Letter
68670 10c3e 𐰾 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aes Old Turkic Other Letter
68671 10c3f 𐰿 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ash Old Turkic Other Letter
68672 10c40 𐱀 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Ash Old Turkic Other Letter
68673 10c41 𐱁 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Esh Old Turkic Other Letter
68674 10c42 𐱂 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Esh Old Turkic Other Letter
68675 10c43 𐱃 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon At Old Turkic Other Letter
68676 10c44 𐱄 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei At Old Turkic Other Letter
68677 10c45 𐱅 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Aet Old Turkic Other Letter
68678 10c46 𐱆 Old Turkic Letter Yenisei Aet Old Turkic Other Letter
68679 10c47 𐱇 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Ot Old Turkic Other Letter
68680 10c48 𐱈 Old Turkic Letter Orkhon Bash Old Turkic Other Letter
68736 10c80 𐲀 Old Hungarian Capital Letter A Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68737 10c81 𐲁 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Aa Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68738 10c82 𐲂 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Eb Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68739 10c83 𐲃 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Amb Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68740 10c84 𐲄 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ec Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68741 10c85 𐲅 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Enc Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68742 10c86 𐲆 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ecs Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68743 10c87 𐲇 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ed Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68744 10c88 𐲈 Old Hungarian Capital Letter And Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68745 10c89 𐲉 Old Hungarian Capital Letter E Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68746 10c8a 𐲊 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Close E Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68747 10c8b 𐲋 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ee Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68748 10c8c 𐲌 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ef Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68749 10c8d 𐲍 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Eg Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68750 10c8e 𐲎 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Egy Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68751 10c8f 𐲏 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Eh Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68752 10c90 𐲐 Old Hungarian Capital Letter I Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68753 10c91 𐲑 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ii Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68754 10c92 𐲒 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ej Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68755 10c93 𐲓 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ek Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68756 10c94 𐲔 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ak Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68757 10c95 𐲕 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Unk Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68758 10c96 𐲖 Old Hungarian Capital Letter El Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68759 10c97 𐲗 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ely Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68760 10c98 𐲘 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Em Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68761 10c99 𐲙 Old Hungarian Capital Letter En Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68762 10c9a 𐲚 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Eny Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68763 10c9b 𐲛 Old Hungarian Capital Letter O Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68764 10c9c 𐲜 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Oo Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68765 10c9d 𐲝 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Nikolsburg Oe Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68766 10c9e 𐲞 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Rudimenta Oe Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68767 10c9f 𐲟 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Oee Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68768 10ca0 𐲠 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ep Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68769 10ca1 𐲡 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Emp Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68770 10ca2 𐲢 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Er Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68771 10ca3 𐲣 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Short Er Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68772 10ca4 𐲤 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Es Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68773 10ca5 𐲥 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Esz Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68774 10ca6 𐲦 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Et Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68775 10ca7 𐲧 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ent Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68776 10ca8 𐲨 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ety Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68777 10ca9 𐲩 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Ech Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68778 10caa 𐲪 Old Hungarian Capital Letter U Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68779 10cab 𐲫 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Uu Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68780 10cac 𐲬 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Nikolsburg Ue Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter
68781 10cad 𐲭 Old Hungarian Capital Letter Rudimenta Ue Old Hungarian Uppercase Letter

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