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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
67627 1082b 𐠫 Cypriot Syllable So Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67628 1082c 𐠬 Cypriot Syllable Su Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67629 1082d 𐠭 Cypriot Syllable Ta Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67630 1082e 𐠮 Cypriot Syllable Te Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67631 1082f 𐠯 Cypriot Syllable Ti Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67632 10830 𐠰 Cypriot Syllable To Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67633 10831 𐠱 Cypriot Syllable Tu Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67634 10832 𐠲 Cypriot Syllable Wa Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67635 10833 𐠳 Cypriot Syllable We Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67636 10834 𐠴 Cypriot Syllable Wi Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67637 10835 𐠵 Cypriot Syllable Wo Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67639 10837 𐠷 Cypriot Syllable Xa Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67640 10838 𐠸 Cypriot Syllable Xe Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67644 1083c 𐠼 Cypriot Syllable Za Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67647 1083f 𐠿 Cypriot Syllable Zo Cypriot Syllabary Other Letter
67648 10840 𐡀 Imperial Aramaic Letter Aleph Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67649 10841 𐡁 Imperial Aramaic Letter Beth Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67650 10842 𐡂 Imperial Aramaic Letter Gimel Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67651 10843 𐡃 Imperial Aramaic Letter Daleth Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67652 10844 𐡄 Imperial Aramaic Letter He Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67653 10845 𐡅 Imperial Aramaic Letter Waw Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67654 10846 𐡆 Imperial Aramaic Letter Zayin Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67655 10847 𐡇 Imperial Aramaic Letter Heth Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67656 10848 𐡈 Imperial Aramaic Letter Teth Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67657 10849 𐡉 Imperial Aramaic Letter Yodh Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67658 1084a 𐡊 Imperial Aramaic Letter Kaph Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67659 1084b 𐡋 Imperial Aramaic Letter Lamedh Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67660 1084c 𐡌 Imperial Aramaic Letter Mem Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67661 1084d 𐡍 Imperial Aramaic Letter Nun Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67662 1084e 𐡎 Imperial Aramaic Letter Samekh Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67663 1084f 𐡏 Imperial Aramaic Letter Ayin Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67664 10850 𐡐 Imperial Aramaic Letter Pe Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67665 10851 𐡑 Imperial Aramaic Letter Sadhe Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67666 10852 𐡒 Imperial Aramaic Letter Qoph Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67667 10853 𐡓 Imperial Aramaic Letter Resh Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67668 10854 𐡔 Imperial Aramaic Letter Shin Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67669 10855 𐡕 Imperial Aramaic Letter Taw Imperial Aramaic Other Letter
67671 10857 𐡗 Imperial Aramaic Section Sign Imperial Aramaic Other Punctuation
67672 10858 𐡘 Imperial Aramaic Number One Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67673 10859 𐡙 Imperial Aramaic Number Two Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67674 1085a 𐡚 Imperial Aramaic Number Three Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67675 1085b 𐡛 Imperial Aramaic Number Ten Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67676 1085c 𐡜 Imperial Aramaic Number Twenty Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67677 1085d 𐡝 Imperial Aramaic Number One Hundred Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67678 1085e 𐡞 Imperial Aramaic Number One Thousand Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67679 1085f 𐡟 Imperial Aramaic Number Ten Thousand Imperial Aramaic Other Number
67680 10860 𐡠 Palmyrene Letter Aleph Palmyrene Other Letter
67681 10861 𐡡 Palmyrene Letter Beth Palmyrene Other Letter
67682 10862 𐡢 Palmyrene Letter Gimel Palmyrene Other Letter
67683 10863 𐡣 Palmyrene Letter Daleth Palmyrene Other Letter
67684 10864 𐡤 Palmyrene Letter He Palmyrene Other Letter
67685 10865 𐡥 Palmyrene Letter Waw Palmyrene Other Letter
67686 10866 𐡦 Palmyrene Letter Zayin Palmyrene Other Letter
67687 10867 𐡧 Palmyrene Letter Heth Palmyrene Other Letter
67688 10868 𐡨 Palmyrene Letter Teth Palmyrene Other Letter
67689 10869 𐡩 Palmyrene Letter Yodh Palmyrene Other Letter
67690 1086a 𐡪 Palmyrene Letter Kaph Palmyrene Other Letter
67691 1086b 𐡫 Palmyrene Letter Lamedh Palmyrene Other Letter
67692 1086c 𐡬 Palmyrene Letter Mem Palmyrene Other Letter
67693 1086d 𐡭 Palmyrene Letter Final Nun Palmyrene Other Letter
67694 1086e 𐡮 Palmyrene Letter Nun Palmyrene Other Letter
67695 1086f 𐡯 Palmyrene Letter Samekh Palmyrene Other Letter
67696 10870 𐡰 Palmyrene Letter Ayin Palmyrene Other Letter
67697 10871 𐡱 Palmyrene Letter Pe Palmyrene Other Letter
67698 10872 𐡲 Palmyrene Letter Sadhe Palmyrene Other Letter
67699 10873 𐡳 Palmyrene Letter Qoph Palmyrene Other Letter
67700 10874 𐡴 Palmyrene Letter Resh Palmyrene Other Letter
67701 10875 𐡵 Palmyrene Letter Shin Palmyrene Other Letter
67702 10876 𐡶 Palmyrene Letter Taw Palmyrene Other Letter
67703 10877 𐡷 Palmyrene Left-Pointing Fleuron Palmyrene Other Symbol
67704 10878 𐡸 Palmyrene Right-Pointing Fleuron Palmyrene Other Symbol
67705 10879 𐡹 Palmyrene Number One Palmyrene Other Number
67706 1087a 𐡺 Palmyrene Number Two Palmyrene Other Number
67707 1087b 𐡻 Palmyrene Number Three Palmyrene Other Number
67708 1087c 𐡼 Palmyrene Number Four Palmyrene Other Number
67709 1087d 𐡽 Palmyrene Number Five Palmyrene Other Number
67710 1087e 𐡾 Palmyrene Number Ten Palmyrene Other Number
67711 1087f 𐡿 Palmyrene Number Twenty Palmyrene Other Number
67712 10880 𐢀 Nabataean Letter Final Aleph Nabataean Other Letter
67713 10881 𐢁 Nabataean Letter Aleph Nabataean Other Letter
67714 10882 𐢂 Nabataean Letter Final Beth Nabataean Other Letter
67715 10883 𐢃 Nabataean Letter Beth Nabataean Other Letter
67716 10884 𐢄 Nabataean Letter Gimel Nabataean Other Letter
67717 10885 𐢅 Nabataean Letter Daleth Nabataean Other Letter
67718 10886 𐢆 Nabataean Letter Final He Nabataean Other Letter
67719 10887 𐢇 Nabataean Letter He Nabataean Other Letter
67720 10888 𐢈 Nabataean Letter Waw Nabataean Other Letter
67721 10889 𐢉 Nabataean Letter Zayin Nabataean Other Letter
67722 1088a 𐢊 Nabataean Letter Heth Nabataean Other Letter
67723 1088b 𐢋 Nabataean Letter Teth Nabataean Other Letter
67724 1088c 𐢌 Nabataean Letter Final Yodh Nabataean Other Letter
67725 1088d 𐢍 Nabataean Letter Yodh Nabataean Other Letter
67726 1088e 𐢎 Nabataean Letter Final Kaph Nabataean Other Letter
67727 1088f 𐢏 Nabataean Letter Kaph Nabataean Other Letter
67728 10890 𐢐 Nabataean Letter Final Lamedh Nabataean Other Letter
67729 10891 𐢑 Nabataean Letter Lamedh Nabataean Other Letter
67730 10892 𐢒 Nabataean Letter Final Mem Nabataean Other Letter
67731 10893 𐢓 Nabataean Letter Mem Nabataean Other Letter
67732 10894 𐢔 Nabataean Letter Final Nun Nabataean Other Letter
67733 10895 𐢕 Nabataean Letter Nun Nabataean Other Letter
67734 10896 𐢖 Nabataean Letter Samekh Nabataean Other Letter
67735 10897 𐢗 Nabataean Letter Ayin Nabataean Other Letter
67736 10898 𐢘 Nabataean Letter Pe Nabataean Other Letter
67737 10899 𐢙 Nabataean Letter Sadhe Nabataean Other Letter
67738 1089a 𐢚 Nabataean Letter Qoph Nabataean Other Letter
67739 1089b 𐢛 Nabataean Letter Resh Nabataean Other Letter
67740 1089c 𐢜 Nabataean Letter Final Shin Nabataean Other Letter
67741 1089d 𐢝 Nabataean Letter Shin Nabataean Other Letter
67742 1089e 𐢞 Nabataean Letter Taw Nabataean Other Letter
67751 108a7 𐢧 Nabataean Number One Nabataean Other Number
67752 108a8 𐢨 Nabataean Number Two Nabataean Other Number
67753 108a9 𐢩 Nabataean Number Three Nabataean Other Number
67754 108aa 𐢪 Nabataean Number Four Nabataean Other Number
67755 108ab 𐢫 Nabataean Cruciform Number Four Nabataean Other Number
67756 108ac 𐢬 Nabataean Number Five Nabataean Other Number
67757 108ad 𐢭 Nabataean Number Ten Nabataean Other Number
67758 108ae 𐢮 Nabataean Number Twenty Nabataean Other Number
67759 108af 𐢯 Nabataean Number One Hundred Nabataean Other Number
67808 108e0 𐣠 Hatran Letter Aleph Hatran Other Letter
67809 108e1 𐣡 Hatran Letter Beth Hatran Other Letter
67810 108e2 𐣢 Hatran Letter Gimel Hatran Other Letter
67811 108e3 𐣣 Hatran Letter Daleth-Resh Hatran Other Letter
67812 108e4 𐣤 Hatran Letter He Hatran Other Letter
67813 108e5 𐣥 Hatran Letter Waw Hatran Other Letter
67814 108e6 𐣦 Hatran Letter Zayn Hatran Other Letter
67815 108e7 𐣧 Hatran Letter Heth Hatran Other Letter
67816 108e8 𐣨 Hatran Letter Teth Hatran Other Letter
67817 108e9 𐣩 Hatran Letter Yodh Hatran Other Letter
67818 108ea 𐣪 Hatran Letter Kaph Hatran Other Letter
67819 108eb 𐣫 Hatran Letter Lamedh Hatran Other Letter
67820 108ec 𐣬 Hatran Letter Mem Hatran Other Letter
67821 108ed 𐣭 Hatran Letter Nun Hatran Other Letter
67822 108ee 𐣮 Hatran Letter Samekh Hatran Other Letter
67823 108ef 𐣯 Hatran Letter Ayn Hatran Other Letter
67824 108f0 𐣰 Hatran Letter Pe Hatran Other Letter
67825 108f1 𐣱 Hatran Letter Sadhe Hatran Other Letter
67826 108f2 𐣲 Hatran Letter Qoph Hatran Other Letter
67828 108f4 𐣴 Hatran Letter Shin Hatran Other Letter
67829 108f5 𐣵 Hatran Letter Taw Hatran Other Letter
67835 108fb 𐣻 Hatran Number One Hatran Other Number
67836 108fc 𐣼 Hatran Number Five Hatran Other Number
67837 108fd 𐣽 Hatran Number Ten Hatran Other Number
67838 108fe 𐣾 Hatran Number Twenty Hatran Other Number
67839 108ff 𐣿 Hatran Number One Hundred Hatran Other Number
67840 10900 𐤀 Phoenician Letter Alf Phoenician Other Letter
67841 10901 𐤁 Phoenician Letter Bet Phoenician Other Letter
67842 10902 𐤂 Phoenician Letter Gaml Phoenician Other Letter
67843 10903 𐤃 Phoenician Letter Delt Phoenician Other Letter
67844 10904 𐤄 Phoenician Letter He Phoenician Other Letter
67845 10905 𐤅 Phoenician Letter Wau Phoenician Other Letter
67846 10906 𐤆 Phoenician Letter Zai Phoenician Other Letter
67847 10907 𐤇 Phoenician Letter Het Phoenician Other Letter
67848 10908 𐤈 Phoenician Letter Tet Phoenician Other Letter
67849 10909 𐤉 Phoenician Letter Yod Phoenician Other Letter
67850 1090a 𐤊 Phoenician Letter Kaf Phoenician Other Letter
67851 1090b 𐤋 Phoenician Letter Lamd Phoenician Other Letter
67852 1090c 𐤌 Phoenician Letter Mem Phoenician Other Letter
67853 1090d 𐤍 Phoenician Letter Nun Phoenician Other Letter
67854 1090e 𐤎 Phoenician Letter Semk Phoenician Other Letter
67855 1090f 𐤏 Phoenician Letter Ain Phoenician Other Letter
67856 10910 𐤐 Phoenician Letter Pe Phoenician Other Letter
67857 10911 𐤑 Phoenician Letter Sade Phoenician Other Letter
67858 10912 𐤒 Phoenician Letter Qof Phoenician Other Letter
67859 10913 𐤓 Phoenician Letter Rosh Phoenician Other Letter
67860 10914 𐤔 Phoenician Letter Shin Phoenician Other Letter
67861 10915 𐤕 Phoenician Letter Tau Phoenician Other Letter
67862 10916 𐤖 Phoenician Number One Phoenician Other Number
67863 10917 𐤗 Phoenician Number Ten Phoenician Other Number
67864 10918 𐤘 Phoenician Number Twenty Phoenician Other Number
67865 10919 𐤙 Phoenician Number One Hundred Phoenician Other Number
67866 1091a 𐤚 Phoenician Number Two Phoenician Other Number
67867 1091b 𐤛 Phoenician Number Three Phoenician Other Number
67871 1091f 𐤟 Phoenician Word Separator Phoenician Other Punctuation
67872 10920 𐤠 Lydian Letter A Lydian Other Letter
67873 10921 𐤡 Lydian Letter B Lydian Other Letter
67874 10922 𐤢 Lydian Letter G Lydian Other Letter
67875 10923 𐤣 Lydian Letter D Lydian Other Letter
67876 10924 𐤤 Lydian Letter E Lydian Other Letter
67877 10925 𐤥 Lydian Letter V Lydian Other Letter
67878 10926 𐤦 Lydian Letter I Lydian Other Letter
67879 10927 𐤧 Lydian Letter Y Lydian Other Letter
67880 10928 𐤨 Lydian Letter K Lydian Other Letter
67881 10929 𐤩 Lydian Letter L Lydian Other Letter
67882 1092a 𐤪 Lydian Letter M Lydian Other Letter
67883 1092b 𐤫 Lydian Letter N Lydian Other Letter
67884 1092c 𐤬 Lydian Letter O Lydian Other Letter
67885 1092d 𐤭 Lydian Letter R Lydian Other Letter
67886 1092e 𐤮 Lydian Letter Ss Lydian Other Letter
67887 1092f 𐤯 Lydian Letter T Lydian Other Letter
67888 10930 𐤰 Lydian Letter U Lydian Other Letter
67889 10931 𐤱 Lydian Letter F Lydian Other Letter
67890 10932 𐤲 Lydian Letter Q Lydian Other Letter
67891 10933 𐤳 Lydian Letter S Lydian Other Letter
67892 10934 𐤴 Lydian Letter Tt Lydian Other Letter
67893 10935 𐤵 Lydian Letter An Lydian Other Letter
67894 10936 𐤶 Lydian Letter En Lydian Other Letter
67895 10937 𐤷 Lydian Letter Ly Lydian Other Letter
67896 10938 𐤸 Lydian Letter Nn Lydian Other Letter
67897 10939 𐤹 Lydian Letter C Lydian Other Letter
67903 1093f 𐤿 Lydian Triangular Mark Lydian Other Punctuation
67968 10980 𐦀 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter A Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67969 10981 𐦁 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter E Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67970 10982 𐦂 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter I Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67971 10983 𐦃 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter O Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67972 10984 𐦄 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ya Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67973 10985 𐦅 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Wa Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67974 10986 𐦆 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ba Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67975 10987 𐦇 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ba-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67976 10988 𐦈 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Pa Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67977 10989 𐦉 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ma Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67978 1098a 𐦊 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Na Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67979 1098b 𐦋 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Na-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67980 1098c 𐦌 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ne Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67981 1098d 𐦍 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ne-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67982 1098e 𐦎 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ra Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67983 1098f 𐦏 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ra-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67984 10990 𐦐 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter La Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67985 10991 𐦑 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Kha Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67986 10992 𐦒 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Hha Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67987 10993 𐦓 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Sa Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67988 10994 𐦔 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Sa-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67989 10995 𐦕 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Se Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67990 10996 𐦖 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ka Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67991 10997 𐦗 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Qa Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67992 10998 𐦘 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ta Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67993 10999 𐦙 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Ta-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67994 1099a 𐦚 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Te Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67995 1099b 𐦛 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Te-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67996 1099c 𐦜 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter To Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67997 1099d 𐦝 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Letter Da Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67998 1099e 𐦞 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Symbol Vidj Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
67999 1099f 𐦟 Meroitic Hieroglyphic Symbol Vidj-2 Meroitic Hieroglyphs Other Letter
68000 109a0 𐦠 Meroitic Cursive Letter A Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68001 109a1 𐦡 Meroitic Cursive Letter E Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68002 109a2 𐦢 Meroitic Cursive Letter I Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68003 109a3 𐦣 Meroitic Cursive Letter O Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68004 109a4 𐦤 Meroitic Cursive Letter Ya Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68005 109a5 𐦥 Meroitic Cursive Letter Wa Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68006 109a6 𐦦 Meroitic Cursive Letter Ba Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68007 109a7 𐦧 Meroitic Cursive Letter Pa Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68008 109a8 𐦨 Meroitic Cursive Letter Ma Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68009 109a9 𐦩 Meroitic Cursive Letter Na Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68010 109aa 𐦪 Meroitic Cursive Letter Ne Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68011 109ab 𐦫 Meroitic Cursive Letter Ra Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68012 109ac 𐦬 Meroitic Cursive Letter La Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68013 109ad 𐦭 Meroitic Cursive Letter Kha Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68014 109ae 𐦮 Meroitic Cursive Letter Hha Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68015 109af 𐦯 Meroitic Cursive Letter Sa Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68016 109b0 𐦰 Meroitic Cursive Letter Archaic Sa Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68017 109b1 𐦱 Meroitic Cursive Letter Se Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68018 109b2 𐦲 Meroitic Cursive Letter Ka Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68019 109b3 𐦳 Meroitic Cursive Letter Qa Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68020 109b4 𐦴 Meroitic Cursive Letter Ta Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68021 109b5 𐦵 Meroitic Cursive Letter Te Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68022 109b6 𐦶 Meroitic Cursive Letter To Meroitic Cursive Other Letter
68023 109b7 𐦷 Meroitic Cursive Letter Da Meroitic Cursive Other Letter

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