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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
66459 1039b 𐎛 Ugaritic Letter I Ugaritic Other Letter
66460 1039c 𐎜 Ugaritic Letter U Ugaritic Other Letter
66461 1039d 𐎝 Ugaritic Letter Ssu Ugaritic Other Letter
66463 1039f 𐎟 Ugaritic Word Divider Ugaritic Other Punctuation
66464 103a0 𐎠 Old Persian Sign A Old Persian Other Letter
66465 103a1 𐎡 Old Persian Sign I Old Persian Other Letter
66466 103a2 𐎢 Old Persian Sign U Old Persian Other Letter
66467 103a3 𐎣 Old Persian Sign Ka Old Persian Other Letter
66468 103a4 𐎤 Old Persian Sign Ku Old Persian Other Letter
66469 103a5 𐎥 Old Persian Sign Ga Old Persian Other Letter
66470 103a6 𐎦 Old Persian Sign Gu Old Persian Other Letter
66471 103a7 𐎧 Old Persian Sign Xa Old Persian Other Letter
66472 103a8 𐎨 Old Persian Sign Ca Old Persian Other Letter
66473 103a9 𐎩 Old Persian Sign Ja Old Persian Other Letter
66474 103aa 𐎪 Old Persian Sign Ji Old Persian Other Letter
66475 103ab 𐎫 Old Persian Sign Ta Old Persian Other Letter
66476 103ac 𐎬 Old Persian Sign Tu Old Persian Other Letter
66477 103ad 𐎭 Old Persian Sign Da Old Persian Other Letter
66478 103ae 𐎮 Old Persian Sign Di Old Persian Other Letter
66479 103af 𐎯 Old Persian Sign Du Old Persian Other Letter
66480 103b0 𐎰 Old Persian Sign Tha Old Persian Other Letter
66481 103b1 𐎱 Old Persian Sign Pa Old Persian Other Letter
66482 103b2 𐎲 Old Persian Sign Ba Old Persian Other Letter
66483 103b3 𐎳 Old Persian Sign Fa Old Persian Other Letter
66484 103b4 𐎴 Old Persian Sign Na Old Persian Other Letter
66485 103b5 𐎵 Old Persian Sign Nu Old Persian Other Letter
66486 103b6 𐎶 Old Persian Sign Ma Old Persian Other Letter
66487 103b7 𐎷 Old Persian Sign Mi Old Persian Other Letter
66488 103b8 𐎸 Old Persian Sign Mu Old Persian Other Letter
66489 103b9 𐎹 Old Persian Sign Ya Old Persian Other Letter
66490 103ba 𐎺 Old Persian Sign Va Old Persian Other Letter
66491 103bb 𐎻 Old Persian Sign Vi Old Persian Other Letter
66492 103bc 𐎼 Old Persian Sign Ra Old Persian Other Letter
66493 103bd 𐎽 Old Persian Sign Ru Old Persian Other Letter
66494 103be 𐎾 Old Persian Sign La Old Persian Other Letter
66495 103bf 𐎿 Old Persian Sign Sa Old Persian Other Letter
66496 103c0 𐏀 Old Persian Sign Za Old Persian Other Letter
66497 103c1 𐏁 Old Persian Sign Sha Old Persian Other Letter
66498 103c2 𐏂 Old Persian Sign Ssa Old Persian Other Letter
66499 103c3 𐏃 Old Persian Sign Ha Old Persian Other Letter
66504 103c8 𐏈 Old Persian Sign Auramazdaa Old Persian Other Letter
66505 103c9 𐏉 Old Persian Sign Auramazdaa-2 Old Persian Other Letter
66506 103ca 𐏊 Old Persian Sign Auramazdaaha Old Persian Other Letter
66507 103cb 𐏋 Old Persian Sign Xshaayathiya Old Persian Other Letter
66508 103cc 𐏌 Old Persian Sign Dahyaaush Old Persian Other Letter
66509 103cd 𐏍 Old Persian Sign Dahyaaush-2 Old Persian Other Letter
66510 103ce 𐏎 Old Persian Sign Baga Old Persian Other Letter
66511 103cf 𐏏 Old Persian Sign Buumish Old Persian Other Letter
66512 103d0 𐏐 Old Persian Word Divider Old Persian Other Punctuation
66513 103d1 𐏑 Old Persian Number One Old Persian Letter Number
66514 103d2 𐏒 Old Persian Number Two Old Persian Letter Number
66515 103d3 𐏓 Old Persian Number Ten Old Persian Letter Number
66516 103d4 𐏔 Old Persian Number Twenty Old Persian Letter Number
66517 103d5 𐏕 Old Persian Number Hundred Old Persian Letter Number
66560 10400 𐐀 Deseret Capital Letter Long I Deseret Uppercase Letter
66561 10401 𐐁 Deseret Capital Letter Long E Deseret Uppercase Letter
66562 10402 𐐂 Deseret Capital Letter Long A Deseret Uppercase Letter
66563 10403 𐐃 Deseret Capital Letter Long Ah Deseret Uppercase Letter
66564 10404 𐐄 Deseret Capital Letter Long O Deseret Uppercase Letter
66565 10405 𐐅 Deseret Capital Letter Long Oo Deseret Uppercase Letter
66566 10406 𐐆 Deseret Capital Letter Short I Deseret Uppercase Letter
66567 10407 𐐇 Deseret Capital Letter Short E Deseret Uppercase Letter
66568 10408 𐐈 Deseret Capital Letter Short A Deseret Uppercase Letter
66569 10409 𐐉 Deseret Capital Letter Short Ah Deseret Uppercase Letter
66570 1040a 𐐊 Deseret Capital Letter Short O Deseret Uppercase Letter
66571 1040b 𐐋 Deseret Capital Letter Short Oo Deseret Uppercase Letter
66572 1040c 𐐌 Deseret Capital Letter Ay Deseret Uppercase Letter
66573 1040d 𐐍 Deseret Capital Letter Ow Deseret Uppercase Letter
66574 1040e 𐐎 Deseret Capital Letter Wu Deseret Uppercase Letter
66575 1040f 𐐏 Deseret Capital Letter Yee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66576 10410 𐐐 Deseret Capital Letter H Deseret Uppercase Letter
66577 10411 𐐑 Deseret Capital Letter Pee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66578 10412 𐐒 Deseret Capital Letter Bee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66579 10413 𐐓 Deseret Capital Letter Tee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66580 10414 𐐔 Deseret Capital Letter Dee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66581 10415 𐐕 Deseret Capital Letter Chee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66582 10416 𐐖 Deseret Capital Letter Jee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66583 10417 𐐗 Deseret Capital Letter Kay Deseret Uppercase Letter
66584 10418 𐐘 Deseret Capital Letter Gay Deseret Uppercase Letter
66585 10419 𐐙 Deseret Capital Letter Ef Deseret Uppercase Letter
66586 1041a 𐐚 Deseret Capital Letter Vee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66587 1041b 𐐛 Deseret Capital Letter Eth Deseret Uppercase Letter
66588 1041c 𐐜 Deseret Capital Letter Thee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66589 1041d 𐐝 Deseret Capital Letter Es Deseret Uppercase Letter
66590 1041e 𐐞 Deseret Capital Letter Zee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66591 1041f 𐐟 Deseret Capital Letter Esh Deseret Uppercase Letter
66592 10420 𐐠 Deseret Capital Letter Zhee Deseret Uppercase Letter
66593 10421 𐐡 Deseret Capital Letter Er Deseret Uppercase Letter
66594 10422 𐐢 Deseret Capital Letter El Deseret Uppercase Letter
66595 10423 𐐣 Deseret Capital Letter Em Deseret Uppercase Letter
66596 10424 𐐤 Deseret Capital Letter En Deseret Uppercase Letter
66597 10425 𐐥 Deseret Capital Letter Eng Deseret Uppercase Letter
66598 10426 𐐦 Deseret Capital Letter Oi Deseret Uppercase Letter
66599 10427 𐐧 Deseret Capital Letter Ew Deseret Uppercase Letter
66600 10428 𐐨 Deseret Small Letter Long I Deseret Lowercase Letter
66601 10429 𐐩 Deseret Small Letter Long E Deseret Lowercase Letter
66602 1042a 𐐪 Deseret Small Letter Long A Deseret Lowercase Letter
66603 1042b 𐐫 Deseret Small Letter Long Ah Deseret Lowercase Letter
66604 1042c 𐐬 Deseret Small Letter Long O Deseret Lowercase Letter
66605 1042d 𐐭 Deseret Small Letter Long Oo Deseret Lowercase Letter
66606 1042e 𐐮 Deseret Small Letter Short I Deseret Lowercase Letter
66607 1042f 𐐯 Deseret Small Letter Short E Deseret Lowercase Letter
66608 10430 𐐰 Deseret Small Letter Short A Deseret Lowercase Letter
66609 10431 𐐱 Deseret Small Letter Short Ah Deseret Lowercase Letter
66610 10432 𐐲 Deseret Small Letter Short O Deseret Lowercase Letter
66611 10433 𐐳 Deseret Small Letter Short Oo Deseret Lowercase Letter
66612 10434 𐐴 Deseret Small Letter Ay Deseret Lowercase Letter
66613 10435 𐐵 Deseret Small Letter Ow Deseret Lowercase Letter
66614 10436 𐐶 Deseret Small Letter Wu Deseret Lowercase Letter
66615 10437 𐐷 Deseret Small Letter Yee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66616 10438 𐐸 Deseret Small Letter H Deseret Lowercase Letter
66617 10439 𐐹 Deseret Small Letter Pee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66618 1043a 𐐺 Deseret Small Letter Bee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66619 1043b 𐐻 Deseret Small Letter Tee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66620 1043c 𐐼 Deseret Small Letter Dee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66621 1043d 𐐽 Deseret Small Letter Chee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66622 1043e 𐐾 Deseret Small Letter Jee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66623 1043f 𐐿 Deseret Small Letter Kay Deseret Lowercase Letter
66624 10440 𐑀 Deseret Small Letter Gay Deseret Lowercase Letter
66625 10441 𐑁 Deseret Small Letter Ef Deseret Lowercase Letter
66626 10442 𐑂 Deseret Small Letter Vee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66627 10443 𐑃 Deseret Small Letter Eth Deseret Lowercase Letter
66628 10444 𐑄 Deseret Small Letter Thee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66629 10445 𐑅 Deseret Small Letter Es Deseret Lowercase Letter
66630 10446 𐑆 Deseret Small Letter Zee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66631 10447 𐑇 Deseret Small Letter Esh Deseret Lowercase Letter
66632 10448 𐑈 Deseret Small Letter Zhee Deseret Lowercase Letter
66633 10449 𐑉 Deseret Small Letter Er Deseret Lowercase Letter
66634 1044a 𐑊 Deseret Small Letter El Deseret Lowercase Letter
66635 1044b 𐑋 Deseret Small Letter Em Deseret Lowercase Letter
66636 1044c 𐑌 Deseret Small Letter En Deseret Lowercase Letter
66637 1044d 𐑍 Deseret Small Letter Eng Deseret Lowercase Letter
66638 1044e 𐑎 Deseret Small Letter Oi Deseret Lowercase Letter
66639 1044f 𐑏 Deseret Small Letter Ew Deseret Lowercase Letter
66640 10450 𐑐 Shavian Letter Peep Shavian Other Letter
66641 10451 𐑑 Shavian Letter Tot Shavian Other Letter
66642 10452 𐑒 Shavian Letter Kick Shavian Other Letter
66643 10453 𐑓 Shavian Letter Fee Shavian Other Letter
66644 10454 𐑔 Shavian Letter Thigh Shavian Other Letter
66645 10455 𐑕 Shavian Letter So Shavian Other Letter
66646 10456 𐑖 Shavian Letter Sure Shavian Other Letter
66647 10457 𐑗 Shavian Letter Church Shavian Other Letter
66648 10458 𐑘 Shavian Letter Yea Shavian Other Letter
66649 10459 𐑙 Shavian Letter Hung Shavian Other Letter
66650 1045a 𐑚 Shavian Letter Bib Shavian Other Letter
66651 1045b 𐑛 Shavian Letter Dead Shavian Other Letter
66652 1045c 𐑜 Shavian Letter Gag Shavian Other Letter
66653 1045d 𐑝 Shavian Letter Vow Shavian Other Letter
66654 1045e 𐑞 Shavian Letter They Shavian Other Letter
66655 1045f 𐑟 Shavian Letter Zoo Shavian Other Letter
66656 10460 𐑠 Shavian Letter Measure Shavian Other Letter
66657 10461 𐑡 Shavian Letter Judge Shavian Other Letter
66658 10462 𐑢 Shavian Letter Woe Shavian Other Letter
66659 10463 𐑣 Shavian Letter Ha-Ha Shavian Other Letter
66660 10464 𐑤 Shavian Letter Loll Shavian Other Letter
66661 10465 𐑥 Shavian Letter Mime Shavian Other Letter
66662 10466 𐑦 Shavian Letter If Shavian Other Letter
66663 10467 𐑧 Shavian Letter Egg Shavian Other Letter
66664 10468 𐑨 Shavian Letter Ash Shavian Other Letter
66665 10469 𐑩 Shavian Letter Ado Shavian Other Letter
66666 1046a 𐑪 Shavian Letter On Shavian Other Letter
66667 1046b 𐑫 Shavian Letter Wool Shavian Other Letter
66668 1046c 𐑬 Shavian Letter Out Shavian Other Letter
66669 1046d 𐑭 Shavian Letter Ah Shavian Other Letter
66670 1046e 𐑮 Shavian Letter Roar Shavian Other Letter
66671 1046f 𐑯 Shavian Letter Nun Shavian Other Letter
66672 10470 𐑰 Shavian Letter Eat Shavian Other Letter
66673 10471 𐑱 Shavian Letter Age Shavian Other Letter
66674 10472 𐑲 Shavian Letter Ice Shavian Other Letter
66675 10473 𐑳 Shavian Letter Up Shavian Other Letter
66676 10474 𐑴 Shavian Letter Oak Shavian Other Letter
66677 10475 𐑵 Shavian Letter Ooze Shavian Other Letter
66678 10476 𐑶 Shavian Letter Oil Shavian Other Letter
66679 10477 𐑷 Shavian Letter Awe Shavian Other Letter
66680 10478 𐑸 Shavian Letter Are Shavian Other Letter
66681 10479 𐑹 Shavian Letter Or Shavian Other Letter
66682 1047a 𐑺 Shavian Letter Air Shavian Other Letter
66683 1047b 𐑻 Shavian Letter Err Shavian Other Letter
66684 1047c 𐑼 Shavian Letter Array Shavian Other Letter
66685 1047d 𐑽 Shavian Letter Ear Shavian Other Letter
66686 1047e 𐑾 Shavian Letter Ian Shavian Other Letter
66687 1047f 𐑿 Shavian Letter Yew Shavian Other Letter
66688 10480 𐒀 Osmanya Letter Alef Osmanya Other Letter
66689 10481 𐒁 Osmanya Letter Ba Osmanya Other Letter
66690 10482 𐒂 Osmanya Letter Ta Osmanya Other Letter
66691 10483 𐒃 Osmanya Letter Ja Osmanya Other Letter
66692 10484 𐒄 Osmanya Letter Xa Osmanya Other Letter
66693 10485 𐒅 Osmanya Letter Kha Osmanya Other Letter
66694 10486 𐒆 Osmanya Letter Deel Osmanya Other Letter
66695 10487 𐒇 Osmanya Letter Ra Osmanya Other Letter
66696 10488 𐒈 Osmanya Letter Sa Osmanya Other Letter
66697 10489 𐒉 Osmanya Letter Shiin Osmanya Other Letter
66698 1048a 𐒊 Osmanya Letter Dha Osmanya Other Letter
66699 1048b 𐒋 Osmanya Letter Cayn Osmanya Other Letter
66700 1048c 𐒌 Osmanya Letter Ga Osmanya Other Letter
66701 1048d 𐒍 Osmanya Letter Fa Osmanya Other Letter
66702 1048e 𐒎 Osmanya Letter Qaaf Osmanya Other Letter
66703 1048f 𐒏 Osmanya Letter Kaaf Osmanya Other Letter
66704 10490 𐒐 Osmanya Letter Laan Osmanya Other Letter
66705 10491 𐒑 Osmanya Letter Miin Osmanya Other Letter
66706 10492 𐒒 Osmanya Letter Nuun Osmanya Other Letter
66707 10493 𐒓 Osmanya Letter Waw Osmanya Other Letter
66708 10494 𐒔 Osmanya Letter Ha Osmanya Other Letter
66709 10495 𐒕 Osmanya Letter Ya Osmanya Other Letter
66710 10496 𐒖 Osmanya Letter A Osmanya Other Letter
66711 10497 𐒗 Osmanya Letter E Osmanya Other Letter
66712 10498 𐒘 Osmanya Letter I Osmanya Other Letter
66713 10499 𐒙 Osmanya Letter O Osmanya Other Letter
66714 1049a 𐒚 Osmanya Letter U Osmanya Other Letter
66715 1049b 𐒛 Osmanya Letter Aa Osmanya Other Letter
66716 1049c 𐒜 Osmanya Letter Ee Osmanya Other Letter
66717 1049d 𐒝 Osmanya Letter Oo Osmanya Other Letter
66720 104a0 𐒠 Osmanya Digit Zero Osmanya Decimal Number
66721 104a1 𐒡 Osmanya Digit One Osmanya Decimal Number
66722 104a2 𐒢 Osmanya Digit Two Osmanya Decimal Number
66723 104a3 𐒣 Osmanya Digit Three Osmanya Decimal Number
66724 104a4 𐒤 Osmanya Digit Four Osmanya Decimal Number
66725 104a5 𐒥 Osmanya Digit Five Osmanya Decimal Number
66726 104a6 𐒦 Osmanya Digit Six Osmanya Decimal Number
66727 104a7 𐒧 Osmanya Digit Seven Osmanya Decimal Number
66728 104a8 𐒨 Osmanya Digit Eight Osmanya Decimal Number
66729 104a9 𐒩 Osmanya Digit Nine Osmanya Decimal Number
66736 104b0 𐒰 Osage Capital Letter A Osage Uppercase Letter
66737 104b1 𐒱 Osage Capital Letter Ai Osage Uppercase Letter
66738 104b2 𐒲 Osage Capital Letter Ain Osage Uppercase Letter
66739 104b3 𐒳 Osage Capital Letter Ah Osage Uppercase Letter
66740 104b4 𐒴 Osage Capital Letter Bra Osage Uppercase Letter
66741 104b5 𐒵 Osage Capital Letter Cha Osage Uppercase Letter
66742 104b6 𐒶 Osage Capital Letter Ehcha Osage Uppercase Letter
66743 104b7 𐒷 Osage Capital Letter E Osage Uppercase Letter
66744 104b8 𐒸 Osage Capital Letter Ein Osage Uppercase Letter
66745 104b9 𐒹 Osage Capital Letter Ha Osage Uppercase Letter
66746 104ba 𐒺 Osage Capital Letter Hya Osage Uppercase Letter
66747 104bb 𐒻 Osage Capital Letter I Osage Uppercase Letter
66748 104bc 𐒼 Osage Capital Letter Ka Osage Uppercase Letter
66749 104bd 𐒽 Osage Capital Letter Ehka Osage Uppercase Letter
66750 104be 𐒾 Osage Capital Letter Kya Osage Uppercase Letter
66751 104bf 𐒿 Osage Capital Letter La Osage Uppercase Letter
66752 104c0 𐓀 Osage Capital Letter Ma Osage Uppercase Letter
66753 104c1 𐓁 Osage Capital Letter Na Osage Uppercase Letter
66754 104c2 𐓂 Osage Capital Letter O Osage Uppercase Letter
66755 104c3 𐓃 Osage Capital Letter Oin Osage Uppercase Letter
66756 104c4 𐓄 Osage Capital Letter Pa Osage Uppercase Letter
66757 104c5 𐓅 Osage Capital Letter Ehpa Osage Uppercase Letter
66758 104c6 𐓆 Osage Capital Letter Sa Osage Uppercase Letter
66759 104c7 𐓇 Osage Capital Letter Sha Osage Uppercase Letter
66760 104c8 𐓈 Osage Capital Letter Ta Osage Uppercase Letter
66761 104c9 𐓉 Osage Capital Letter Ehta Osage Uppercase Letter
66762 104ca 𐓊 Osage Capital Letter Tsa Osage Uppercase Letter
66763 104cb 𐓋 Osage Capital Letter Ehtsa Osage Uppercase Letter
66764 104cc 𐓌 Osage Capital Letter Tsha Osage Uppercase Letter
66765 104cd 𐓍 Osage Capital Letter Dha Osage Uppercase Letter
66766 104ce 𐓎 Osage Capital Letter U Osage Uppercase Letter
66767 104cf 𐓏 Osage Capital Letter Wa Osage Uppercase Letter
66768 104d0 𐓐 Osage Capital Letter Kha Osage Uppercase Letter
66769 104d1 𐓑 Osage Capital Letter Gha Osage Uppercase Letter

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