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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
66032 101f0 𐇰 Phaistos Disc Sign Tunny Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66033 101f1 𐇱 Phaistos Disc Sign Bee Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66034 101f2 𐇲 Phaistos Disc Sign Plane Tree Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66035 101f3 𐇳 Phaistos Disc Sign Vine Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66036 101f4 𐇴 Phaistos Disc Sign Papyrus Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66037 101f5 𐇵 Phaistos Disc Sign Rosette Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66038 101f6 𐇶 Phaistos Disc Sign Lily Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66039 101f7 𐇷 Phaistos Disc Sign Ox Back Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66040 101f8 𐇸 Phaistos Disc Sign Flute Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66041 101f9 𐇹 Phaistos Disc Sign Grater Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66042 101fa 𐇺 Phaistos Disc Sign Strainer Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66043 101fb 𐇻 Phaistos Disc Sign Small Axe Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66044 101fc 𐇼 Phaistos Disc Sign Wavy Band Phaistos Disc Other Symbol
66045 101fd 𐇽 Phaistos Disc Sign Combining Oblique Stroke Phaistos Disc Nonspacing Mark
66176 10280 𐊀 Lycian Letter A Lycian Other Letter
66177 10281 𐊁 Lycian Letter E Lycian Other Letter
66178 10282 𐊂 Lycian Letter B Lycian Other Letter
66179 10283 𐊃 Lycian Letter Bh Lycian Other Letter
66180 10284 𐊄 Lycian Letter G Lycian Other Letter
66181 10285 𐊅 Lycian Letter D Lycian Other Letter
66182 10286 𐊆 Lycian Letter I Lycian Other Letter
66183 10287 𐊇 Lycian Letter W Lycian Other Letter
66184 10288 𐊈 Lycian Letter Z Lycian Other Letter
66185 10289 𐊉 Lycian Letter Th Lycian Other Letter
66186 1028a 𐊊 Lycian Letter J Lycian Other Letter
66187 1028b 𐊋 Lycian Letter K Lycian Other Letter
66188 1028c 𐊌 Lycian Letter Q Lycian Other Letter
66189 1028d 𐊍 Lycian Letter L Lycian Other Letter
66190 1028e 𐊎 Lycian Letter M Lycian Other Letter
66191 1028f 𐊏 Lycian Letter N Lycian Other Letter
66192 10290 𐊐 Lycian Letter Mm Lycian Other Letter
66193 10291 𐊑 Lycian Letter Nn Lycian Other Letter
66194 10292 𐊒 Lycian Letter U Lycian Other Letter
66195 10293 𐊓 Lycian Letter P Lycian Other Letter
66196 10294 𐊔 Lycian Letter Kk Lycian Other Letter
66197 10295 𐊕 Lycian Letter R Lycian Other Letter
66198 10296 𐊖 Lycian Letter S Lycian Other Letter
66199 10297 𐊗 Lycian Letter T Lycian Other Letter
66200 10298 𐊘 Lycian Letter Tt Lycian Other Letter
66201 10299 𐊙 Lycian Letter An Lycian Other Letter
66202 1029a 𐊚 Lycian Letter En Lycian Other Letter
66203 1029b 𐊛 Lycian Letter H Lycian Other Letter
66204 1029c 𐊜 Lycian Letter X Lycian Other Letter
66208 102a0 𐊠 Carian Letter A Carian Other Letter
66209 102a1 𐊡 Carian Letter P2 Carian Other Letter
66210 102a2 𐊢 Carian Letter D Carian Other Letter
66211 102a3 𐊣 Carian Letter L Carian Other Letter
66212 102a4 𐊤 Carian Letter Uuu Carian Other Letter
66213 102a5 𐊥 Carian Letter R Carian Other Letter
66214 102a6 𐊦 Carian Letter Ld Carian Other Letter
66215 102a7 𐊧 Carian Letter A2 Carian Other Letter
66216 102a8 𐊨 Carian Letter Q Carian Other Letter
66217 102a9 𐊩 Carian Letter B Carian Other Letter
66218 102aa 𐊪 Carian Letter M Carian Other Letter
66219 102ab 𐊫 Carian Letter O Carian Other Letter
66220 102ac 𐊬 Carian Letter D2 Carian Other Letter
66221 102ad 𐊭 Carian Letter T Carian Other Letter
66222 102ae 𐊮 Carian Letter Sh Carian Other Letter
66223 102af 𐊯 Carian Letter Sh2 Carian Other Letter
66224 102b0 𐊰 Carian Letter S Carian Other Letter
66225 102b1 𐊱 Carian Letter C-18 Carian Other Letter
66226 102b2 𐊲 Carian Letter U Carian Other Letter
66227 102b3 𐊳 Carian Letter Nn Carian Other Letter
66228 102b4 𐊴 Carian Letter X Carian Other Letter
66229 102b5 𐊵 Carian Letter N Carian Other Letter
66230 102b6 𐊶 Carian Letter Tt2 Carian Other Letter
66231 102b7 𐊷 Carian Letter P Carian Other Letter
66232 102b8 𐊸 Carian Letter Ss Carian Other Letter
66233 102b9 𐊹 Carian Letter I Carian Other Letter
66234 102ba 𐊺 Carian Letter E Carian Other Letter
66235 102bb 𐊻 Carian Letter Uuuu Carian Other Letter
66236 102bc 𐊼 Carian Letter K Carian Other Letter
66237 102bd 𐊽 Carian Letter K2 Carian Other Letter
66238 102be 𐊾 Carian Letter Nd Carian Other Letter
66239 102bf 𐊿 Carian Letter Uu Carian Other Letter
66240 102c0 𐋀 Carian Letter G Carian Other Letter
66241 102c1 𐋁 Carian Letter G2 Carian Other Letter
66242 102c2 𐋂 Carian Letter St Carian Other Letter
66243 102c3 𐋃 Carian Letter St2 Carian Other Letter
66244 102c4 𐋄 Carian Letter Ng Carian Other Letter
66245 102c5 𐋅 Carian Letter Ii Carian Other Letter
66246 102c6 𐋆 Carian Letter C-39 Carian Other Letter
66247 102c7 𐋇 Carian Letter Tt Carian Other Letter
66248 102c8 𐋈 Carian Letter Uuu2 Carian Other Letter
66249 102c9 𐋉 Carian Letter Rr Carian Other Letter
66250 102ca 𐋊 Carian Letter Mb Carian Other Letter
66251 102cb 𐋋 Carian Letter Mb2 Carian Other Letter
66252 102cc 𐋌 Carian Letter Mb3 Carian Other Letter
66253 102cd 𐋍 Carian Letter Mb4 Carian Other Letter
66254 102ce 𐋎 Carian Letter Ld2 Carian Other Letter
66255 102cf 𐋏 Carian Letter E2 Carian Other Letter
66256 102d0 𐋐 Carian Letter Uuu3 Carian Other Letter
66272 102e0 𐋠 Coptic Epact Thousands Mark Coptic Epact Numbers Nonspacing Mark
66273 102e1 𐋡 Coptic Epact Digit One Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66274 102e2 𐋢 Coptic Epact Digit Two Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66275 102e3 𐋣 Coptic Epact Digit Three Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66276 102e4 𐋤 Coptic Epact Digit Four Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66277 102e5 𐋥 Coptic Epact Digit Five Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66278 102e6 𐋦 Coptic Epact Digit Six Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66279 102e7 𐋧 Coptic Epact Digit Seven Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66280 102e8 𐋨 Coptic Epact Digit Eight Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66281 102e9 𐋩 Coptic Epact Digit Nine Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66282 102ea 𐋪 Coptic Epact Number Ten Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66283 102eb 𐋫 Coptic Epact Number Twenty Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66284 102ec 𐋬 Coptic Epact Number Thirty Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66285 102ed 𐋭 Coptic Epact Number Forty Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66286 102ee 𐋮 Coptic Epact Number Fifty Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66287 102ef 𐋯 Coptic Epact Number Sixty Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66288 102f0 𐋰 Coptic Epact Number Seventy Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66289 102f1 𐋱 Coptic Epact Number Eighty Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66290 102f2 𐋲 Coptic Epact Number Ninety Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66291 102f3 𐋳 Coptic Epact Number One Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66292 102f4 𐋴 Coptic Epact Number Two Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66293 102f5 𐋵 Coptic Epact Number Three Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66294 102f6 𐋶 Coptic Epact Number Four Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66295 102f7 𐋷 Coptic Epact Number Five Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66296 102f8 𐋸 Coptic Epact Number Six Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66297 102f9 𐋹 Coptic Epact Number Seven Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66298 102fa 𐋺 Coptic Epact Number Eight Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66299 102fb 𐋻 Coptic Epact Number Nine Hundred Coptic Epact Numbers Other Number
66304 10300 𐌀 Old Italic Letter A Old Italic Other Letter
66305 10301 𐌁 Old Italic Letter Be Old Italic Other Letter
66306 10302 𐌂 Old Italic Letter Ke Old Italic Other Letter
66307 10303 𐌃 Old Italic Letter De Old Italic Other Letter
66308 10304 𐌄 Old Italic Letter E Old Italic Other Letter
66309 10305 𐌅 Old Italic Letter Ve Old Italic Other Letter
66310 10306 𐌆 Old Italic Letter Ze Old Italic Other Letter
66311 10307 𐌇 Old Italic Letter He Old Italic Other Letter
66312 10308 𐌈 Old Italic Letter The Old Italic Other Letter
66313 10309 𐌉 Old Italic Letter I Old Italic Other Letter
66314 1030a 𐌊 Old Italic Letter Ka Old Italic Other Letter
66315 1030b 𐌋 Old Italic Letter El Old Italic Other Letter
66316 1030c 𐌌 Old Italic Letter Em Old Italic Other Letter
66317 1030d 𐌍 Old Italic Letter En Old Italic Other Letter
66318 1030e 𐌎 Old Italic Letter Esh Old Italic Other Letter
66319 1030f 𐌏 Old Italic Letter O Old Italic Other Letter
66320 10310 𐌐 Old Italic Letter Pe Old Italic Other Letter
66321 10311 𐌑 Old Italic Letter She Old Italic Other Letter
66322 10312 𐌒 Old Italic Letter Ku Old Italic Other Letter
66323 10313 𐌓 Old Italic Letter Er Old Italic Other Letter
66324 10314 𐌔 Old Italic Letter Es Old Italic Other Letter
66325 10315 𐌕 Old Italic Letter Te Old Italic Other Letter
66326 10316 𐌖 Old Italic Letter U Old Italic Other Letter
66327 10317 𐌗 Old Italic Letter Eks Old Italic Other Letter
66328 10318 𐌘 Old Italic Letter Phe Old Italic Other Letter
66329 10319 𐌙 Old Italic Letter Khe Old Italic Other Letter
66330 1031a 𐌚 Old Italic Letter Ef Old Italic Other Letter
66331 1031b 𐌛 Old Italic Letter Ers Old Italic Other Letter
66332 1031c 𐌜 Old Italic Letter Che Old Italic Other Letter
66333 1031d 𐌝 Old Italic Letter Ii Old Italic Other Letter
66334 1031e 𐌞 Old Italic Letter Uu Old Italic Other Letter
66335 1031f 𐌟 Old Italic Letter Ess Old Italic Other Letter
66336 10320 𐌠 Old Italic Numeral One Old Italic Other Number
66337 10321 𐌡 Old Italic Numeral Five Old Italic Other Number
66338 10322 𐌢 Old Italic Numeral Ten Old Italic Other Number
66339 10323 𐌣 Old Italic Numeral Fifty Old Italic Other Number
66349 1032d 𐌭 Old Italic Letter Ye Old Italic Other Letter
66350 1032e 𐌮 Old Italic Letter Northern Tse Old Italic Other Letter
66351 1032f 𐌯 Old Italic Letter Southern Tse Old Italic Other Letter
66352 10330 𐌰 Gothic Letter Ahsa Gothic Other Letter
66353 10331 𐌱 Gothic Letter Bairkan Gothic Other Letter
66354 10332 𐌲 Gothic Letter Giba Gothic Other Letter
66355 10333 𐌳 Gothic Letter Dags Gothic Other Letter
66356 10334 𐌴 Gothic Letter Aihvus Gothic Other Letter
66357 10335 𐌵 Gothic Letter Qairthra Gothic Other Letter
66358 10336 𐌶 Gothic Letter Iuja Gothic Other Letter
66359 10337 𐌷 Gothic Letter Hagl Gothic Other Letter
66360 10338 𐌸 Gothic Letter Thiuth Gothic Other Letter
66361 10339 𐌹 Gothic Letter Eis Gothic Other Letter
66362 1033a 𐌺 Gothic Letter Kusma Gothic Other Letter
66363 1033b 𐌻 Gothic Letter Lagus Gothic Other Letter
66364 1033c 𐌼 Gothic Letter Manna Gothic Other Letter
66365 1033d 𐌽 Gothic Letter Nauths Gothic Other Letter
66366 1033e 𐌾 Gothic Letter Jer Gothic Other Letter
66367 1033f 𐌿 Gothic Letter Urus Gothic Other Letter
66368 10340 𐍀 Gothic Letter Pairthra Gothic Other Letter
66369 10341 𐍁 Gothic Letter Ninety Gothic Letter Number
66370 10342 𐍂 Gothic Letter Raida Gothic Other Letter
66371 10343 𐍃 Gothic Letter Sauil Gothic Other Letter
66372 10344 𐍄 Gothic Letter Teiws Gothic Other Letter
66373 10345 𐍅 Gothic Letter Winja Gothic Other Letter
66374 10346 𐍆 Gothic Letter Faihu Gothic Other Letter
66375 10347 𐍇 Gothic Letter Iggws Gothic Other Letter
66376 10348 𐍈 Gothic Letter Hwair Gothic Other Letter
66377 10349 𐍉 Gothic Letter Othal Gothic Other Letter
66378 1034a 𐍊 Gothic Letter Nine Hundred Gothic Letter Number
66384 10350 𐍐 Old Permic Letter An Old Permic Other Letter
66385 10351 𐍑 Old Permic Letter Bur Old Permic Other Letter
66386 10352 𐍒 Old Permic Letter Gai Old Permic Other Letter
66387 10353 𐍓 Old Permic Letter Doi Old Permic Other Letter
66388 10354 𐍔 Old Permic Letter E Old Permic Other Letter
66389 10355 𐍕 Old Permic Letter Zhoi Old Permic Other Letter
66390 10356 𐍖 Old Permic Letter Dzhoi Old Permic Other Letter
66391 10357 𐍗 Old Permic Letter Zata Old Permic Other Letter
66392 10358 𐍘 Old Permic Letter Dzita Old Permic Other Letter
66393 10359 𐍙 Old Permic Letter I Old Permic Other Letter
66394 1035a 𐍚 Old Permic Letter Koke Old Permic Other Letter
66395 1035b 𐍛 Old Permic Letter Lei Old Permic Other Letter
66396 1035c 𐍜 Old Permic Letter Menoe Old Permic Other Letter
66397 1035d 𐍝 Old Permic Letter Nenoe Old Permic Other Letter
66398 1035e 𐍞 Old Permic Letter Vooi Old Permic Other Letter
66399 1035f 𐍟 Old Permic Letter Peei Old Permic Other Letter
66400 10360 𐍠 Old Permic Letter Rei Old Permic Other Letter
66401 10361 𐍡 Old Permic Letter Sii Old Permic Other Letter
66402 10362 𐍢 Old Permic Letter Tai Old Permic Other Letter
66403 10363 𐍣 Old Permic Letter U Old Permic Other Letter
66404 10364 𐍤 Old Permic Letter Chery Old Permic Other Letter
66405 10365 𐍥 Old Permic Letter Shooi Old Permic Other Letter
66406 10366 𐍦 Old Permic Letter Shchooi Old Permic Other Letter
66407 10367 𐍧 Old Permic Letter Yry Old Permic Other Letter
66408 10368 𐍨 Old Permic Letter Yeru Old Permic Other Letter
66409 10369 𐍩 Old Permic Letter O Old Permic Other Letter
66410 1036a 𐍪 Old Permic Letter Oo Old Permic Other Letter
66411 1036b 𐍫 Old Permic Letter Ef Old Permic Other Letter
66412 1036c 𐍬 Old Permic Letter Ha Old Permic Other Letter
66413 1036d 𐍭 Old Permic Letter Tsiu Old Permic Other Letter
66414 1036e 𐍮 Old Permic Letter Ver Old Permic Other Letter
66415 1036f 𐍯 Old Permic Letter Yer Old Permic Other Letter
66416 10370 𐍰 Old Permic Letter Yeri Old Permic Other Letter
66417 10371 𐍱 Old Permic Letter Yat Old Permic Other Letter
66418 10372 𐍲 Old Permic Letter Ie Old Permic Other Letter
66419 10373 𐍳 Old Permic Letter Yu Old Permic Other Letter
66420 10374 𐍴 Old Permic Letter Ya Old Permic Other Letter
66421 10375 𐍵 Old Permic Letter Ia Old Permic Other Letter
66422 10376 𐍶 Combining Old Permic Letter An Old Permic Nonspacing Mark
66423 10377 𐍷 Combining Old Permic Letter Doi Old Permic Nonspacing Mark
66424 10378 𐍸 Combining Old Permic Letter Zata Old Permic Nonspacing Mark
66425 10379 𐍹 Combining Old Permic Letter Nenoe Old Permic Nonspacing Mark
66426 1037a 𐍺 Combining Old Permic Letter Sii Old Permic Nonspacing Mark
66432 10380 𐎀 Ugaritic Letter Alpa Ugaritic Other Letter
66433 10381 𐎁 Ugaritic Letter Beta Ugaritic Other Letter
66434 10382 𐎂 Ugaritic Letter Gamla Ugaritic Other Letter
66435 10383 𐎃 Ugaritic Letter Kha Ugaritic Other Letter
66436 10384 𐎄 Ugaritic Letter Delta Ugaritic Other Letter
66437 10385 𐎅 Ugaritic Letter Ho Ugaritic Other Letter
66438 10386 𐎆 Ugaritic Letter Wo Ugaritic Other Letter
66439 10387 𐎇 Ugaritic Letter Zeta Ugaritic Other Letter
66440 10388 𐎈 Ugaritic Letter Hota Ugaritic Other Letter
66441 10389 𐎉 Ugaritic Letter Tet Ugaritic Other Letter
66442 1038a 𐎊 Ugaritic Letter Yod Ugaritic Other Letter
66443 1038b 𐎋 Ugaritic Letter Kaf Ugaritic Other Letter
66444 1038c 𐎌 Ugaritic Letter Shin Ugaritic Other Letter
66445 1038d 𐎍 Ugaritic Letter Lamda Ugaritic Other Letter
66446 1038e 𐎎 Ugaritic Letter Mem Ugaritic Other Letter
66447 1038f 𐎏 Ugaritic Letter Dhal Ugaritic Other Letter
66448 10390 𐎐 Ugaritic Letter Nun Ugaritic Other Letter
66449 10391 𐎑 Ugaritic Letter Zu Ugaritic Other Letter
66450 10392 𐎒 Ugaritic Letter Samka Ugaritic Other Letter
66451 10393 𐎓 Ugaritic Letter Ain Ugaritic Other Letter
66452 10394 𐎔 Ugaritic Letter Pu Ugaritic Other Letter
66453 10395 𐎕 Ugaritic Letter Sade Ugaritic Other Letter
66454 10396 𐎖 Ugaritic Letter Qopa Ugaritic Other Letter
66455 10397 𐎗 Ugaritic Letter Rasha Ugaritic Other Letter
66456 10398 𐎘 Ugaritic Letter Thanna Ugaritic Other Letter
66457 10399 𐎙 Ugaritic Letter Ghain Ugaritic Other Letter
66458 1039a 𐎚 Ugaritic Letter To Ugaritic Other Letter

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