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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
43176 a8a8 Saurashtra Letter Ba Saurashtra Other Letter
43177 a8a9 Saurashtra Letter Bha Saurashtra Other Letter
43178 a8aa Saurashtra Letter Ma Saurashtra Other Letter
43179 a8ab Saurashtra Letter Ya Saurashtra Other Letter
43180 a8ac Saurashtra Letter Ra Saurashtra Other Letter
43181 a8ad Saurashtra Letter La Saurashtra Other Letter
43182 a8ae Saurashtra Letter Va Saurashtra Other Letter
43183 a8af Saurashtra Letter Sha Saurashtra Other Letter
43184 a8b0 Saurashtra Letter Ssa Saurashtra Other Letter
43185 a8b1 Saurashtra Letter Sa Saurashtra Other Letter
43186 a8b2 Saurashtra Letter Ha Saurashtra Other Letter
43187 a8b3 Saurashtra Letter Lla Saurashtra Other Letter
43188 a8b4 Saurashtra Consonant Sign Haaru Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43189 a8b5 Saurashtra Vowel Sign Aa Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43190 a8b6 Saurashtra Vowel Sign I Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43191 a8b7 Saurashtra Vowel Sign Ii Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43192 a8b8 Saurashtra Vowel Sign U Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43193 a8b9 Saurashtra Vowel Sign Uu Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43194 a8ba Saurashtra Vowel Sign Vocalic R Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43195 a8bb Saurashtra Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43196 a8bc Saurashtra Vowel Sign Vocalic L Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43197 a8bd Saurashtra Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43198 a8be Saurashtra Vowel Sign E Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43199 a8bf Saurashtra Vowel Sign Ee Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43200 a8c0 Saurashtra Vowel Sign Ai Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43201 a8c1 Saurashtra Vowel Sign O Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43202 a8c2 Saurashtra Vowel Sign Oo Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43203 a8c3 Saurashtra Vowel Sign Au Saurashtra Spacing Mark
43204 a8c4 Saurashtra Sign Virama Saurashtra Nonspacing Mark
43205 a8c5 Saurashtra Sign Candrabindu Saurashtra Nonspacing Mark
43214 a8ce Saurashtra Danda Saurashtra Other Punctuation
43215 a8cf Saurashtra Double Danda Saurashtra Other Punctuation
43216 a8d0 Saurashtra Digit Zero Saurashtra Decimal Number
43217 a8d1 Saurashtra Digit One Saurashtra Decimal Number
43218 a8d2 Saurashtra Digit Two Saurashtra Decimal Number
43219 a8d3 Saurashtra Digit Three Saurashtra Decimal Number
43220 a8d4 Saurashtra Digit Four Saurashtra Decimal Number
43221 a8d5 Saurashtra Digit Five Saurashtra Decimal Number
43222 a8d6 Saurashtra Digit Six Saurashtra Decimal Number
43223 a8d7 Saurashtra Digit Seven Saurashtra Decimal Number
43224 a8d8 Saurashtra Digit Eight Saurashtra Decimal Number
43225 a8d9 Saurashtra Digit Nine Saurashtra Decimal Number
43232 a8e0 Combining Devanagari Digit Zero Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43233 a8e1 Combining Devanagari Digit One Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43234 a8e2 Combining Devanagari Digit Two Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43235 a8e3 Combining Devanagari Digit Three Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43236 a8e4 Combining Devanagari Digit Four Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43237 a8e5 Combining Devanagari Digit Five Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43238 a8e6 Combining Devanagari Digit Six Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43239 a8e7 Combining Devanagari Digit Seven Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43240 a8e8 Combining Devanagari Digit Eight Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43241 a8e9 Combining Devanagari Digit Nine Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43242 a8ea Combining Devanagari Letter A Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43243 a8eb Combining Devanagari Letter U Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43244 a8ec Combining Devanagari Letter Ka Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43245 a8ed Combining Devanagari Letter Na Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43246 a8ee Combining Devanagari Letter Pa Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43247 a8ef Combining Devanagari Letter Ra Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43248 a8f0 Combining Devanagari Letter Vi Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43249 a8f1 Combining Devanagari Sign Avagraha Devanagari Extended Nonspacing Mark
43250 a8f2 Devanagari Sign Spacing Candrabindu Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43251 a8f3 Devanagari Sign Candrabindu Virama Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43252 a8f4 Devanagari Sign Double Candrabindu Virama Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43253 a8f5 Devanagari Sign Candrabindu Two Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43254 a8f6 Devanagari Sign Candrabindu Three Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43255 a8f7 Devanagari Sign Candrabindu Avagraha Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43256 a8f8 Devanagari Sign Pushpika Devanagari Extended Other Punctuation
43257 a8f9 Devanagari Gap Filler Devanagari Extended Other Punctuation
43258 a8fa Devanagari Caret Devanagari Extended Other Punctuation
43259 a8fb Devanagari Headstroke Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43260 a8fc Devanagari Sign Siddham Devanagari Extended Other Punctuation
43261 a8fd Devanagari Jain Om Devanagari Extended Other Letter
43264 a900 Kayah Li Digit Zero Kayah Li Decimal Number
43265 a901 Kayah Li Digit One Kayah Li Decimal Number
43266 a902 Kayah Li Digit Two Kayah Li Decimal Number
43267 a903 Kayah Li Digit Three Kayah Li Decimal Number
43268 a904 Kayah Li Digit Four Kayah Li Decimal Number
43269 a905 Kayah Li Digit Five Kayah Li Decimal Number
43270 a906 Kayah Li Digit Six Kayah Li Decimal Number
43271 a907 Kayah Li Digit Seven Kayah Li Decimal Number
43272 a908 Kayah Li Digit Eight Kayah Li Decimal Number
43273 a909 Kayah Li Digit Nine Kayah Li Decimal Number
43274 a90a Kayah Li Letter Ka Kayah Li Other Letter
43275 a90b Kayah Li Letter Kha Kayah Li Other Letter
43276 a90c Kayah Li Letter Ga Kayah Li Other Letter
43277 a90d Kayah Li Letter Nga Kayah Li Other Letter
43278 a90e Kayah Li Letter Sa Kayah Li Other Letter
43279 a90f Kayah Li Letter Sha Kayah Li Other Letter
43280 a910 Kayah Li Letter Za Kayah Li Other Letter
43281 a911 Kayah Li Letter Nya Kayah Li Other Letter
43282 a912 Kayah Li Letter Ta Kayah Li Other Letter
43283 a913 Kayah Li Letter Hta Kayah Li Other Letter
43284 a914 Kayah Li Letter Na Kayah Li Other Letter
43285 a915 Kayah Li Letter Pa Kayah Li Other Letter
43286 a916 Kayah Li Letter Pha Kayah Li Other Letter
43287 a917 Kayah Li Letter Ma Kayah Li Other Letter
43288 a918 Kayah Li Letter Da Kayah Li Other Letter
43289 a919 Kayah Li Letter Ba Kayah Li Other Letter
43290 a91a Kayah Li Letter Ra Kayah Li Other Letter
43291 a91b Kayah Li Letter Ya Kayah Li Other Letter
43292 a91c Kayah Li Letter La Kayah Li Other Letter
43293 a91d Kayah Li Letter Wa Kayah Li Other Letter
43294 a91e Kayah Li Letter Tha Kayah Li Other Letter
43295 a91f Kayah Li Letter Ha Kayah Li Other Letter
43296 a920 Kayah Li Letter Va Kayah Li Other Letter
43297 a921 Kayah Li Letter Ca Kayah Li Other Letter
43298 a922 Kayah Li Letter A Kayah Li Other Letter
43299 a923 Kayah Li Letter Oe Kayah Li Other Letter
43300 a924 Kayah Li Letter I Kayah Li Other Letter
43301 a925 Kayah Li Letter Oo Kayah Li Other Letter
43302 a926 Kayah Li Vowel Ue Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43303 a927 Kayah Li Vowel E Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43304 a928 Kayah Li Vowel U Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43305 a929 Kayah Li Vowel Ee Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43306 a92a Kayah Li Vowel O Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43307 a92b Kayah Li Tone Plophu Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43308 a92c Kayah Li Tone Calya Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43309 a92d Kayah Li Tone Calya Plophu Kayah Li Nonspacing Mark
43310 a92e Kayah Li Sign Cwi Kayah Li Other Punctuation
43311 a92f Kayah Li Sign Shya Kayah Li Other Punctuation
43312 a930 Rejang Letter Ka Rejang Other Letter
43313 a931 Rejang Letter Ga Rejang Other Letter
43314 a932 Rejang Letter Nga Rejang Other Letter
43315 a933 Rejang Letter Ta Rejang Other Letter
43316 a934 Rejang Letter Da Rejang Other Letter
43317 a935 Rejang Letter Na Rejang Other Letter
43318 a936 Rejang Letter Pa Rejang Other Letter
43319 a937 Rejang Letter Ba Rejang Other Letter
43320 a938 Rejang Letter Ma Rejang Other Letter
43321 a939 Rejang Letter Ca Rejang Other Letter
43322 a93a Rejang Letter Ja Rejang Other Letter
43323 a93b Rejang Letter Nya Rejang Other Letter
43324 a93c Rejang Letter Sa Rejang Other Letter
43325 a93d Rejang Letter Ra Rejang Other Letter
43326 a93e Rejang Letter La Rejang Other Letter
43327 a93f ꤿ Rejang Letter Ya Rejang Other Letter
43328 a940 Rejang Letter Wa Rejang Other Letter
43329 a941 Rejang Letter Ha Rejang Other Letter
43330 a942 Rejang Letter Mba Rejang Other Letter
43331 a943 Rejang Letter Ngga Rejang Other Letter
43332 a944 Rejang Letter Nda Rejang Other Letter
43333 a945 Rejang Letter Nyja Rejang Other Letter
43334 a946 Rejang Letter A Rejang Other Letter
43335 a947 Rejang Vowel Sign I Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43336 a948 Rejang Vowel Sign U Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43337 a949 Rejang Vowel Sign E Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43338 a94a Rejang Vowel Sign Ai Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43339 a94b Rejang Vowel Sign O Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43340 a94c Rejang Vowel Sign Au Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43341 a94d Rejang Vowel Sign Eu Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43342 a94e Rejang Vowel Sign Ea Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43343 a94f Rejang Consonant Sign Ng Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43344 a950 Rejang Consonant Sign N Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43345 a951 Rejang Consonant Sign R Rejang Nonspacing Mark
43346 a952 Rejang Consonant Sign H Rejang Spacing Mark
43347 a953 Rejang Virama Rejang Spacing Mark
43359 a95f Rejang Section Mark Rejang Other Punctuation
43360 a960 Hangul Choseong Tikeut-Mieum Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43361 a961 Hangul Choseong Tikeut-Pieup Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43362 a962 Hangul Choseong Tikeut-Sios Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43363 a963 Hangul Choseong Tikeut-Cieuc Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43364 a964 Hangul Choseong Rieul-Kiyeok Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43365 a965 Hangul Choseong Rieul-Ssangkiyeok Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43366 a966 Hangul Choseong Rieul-Tikeut Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43367 a967 Hangul Choseong Rieul-Ssangtikeut Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43368 a968 Hangul Choseong Rieul-Mieum Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43369 a969 Hangul Choseong Rieul-Pieup Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43370 a96a Hangul Choseong Rieul-Ssangpieup Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43371 a96b Hangul Choseong Rieul-Kapyeounpieup Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43372 a96c Hangul Choseong Rieul-Sios Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43373 a96d Hangul Choseong Rieul-Cieuc Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43374 a96e Hangul Choseong Rieul-Khieukh Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43375 a96f Hangul Choseong Mieum-Kiyeok Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43376 a970 Hangul Choseong Mieum-Tikeut Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43377 a971 Hangul Choseong Mieum-Sios Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43378 a972 Hangul Choseong Pieup-Sios-Thieuth Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43379 a973 Hangul Choseong Pieup-Khieukh Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43380 a974 Hangul Choseong Pieup-Hieuh Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43381 a975 Hangul Choseong Ssangsios-Pieup Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43382 a976 Hangul Choseong Ieung-Rieul Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43383 a977 Hangul Choseong Ieung-Hieuh Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43384 a978 Hangul Choseong Ssangcieuc-Hieuh Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43385 a979 Hangul Choseong Ssangthieuth Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43386 a97a Hangul Choseong Phieuph-Hieuh Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43387 a97b Hangul Choseong Hieuh-Sios Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43388 a97c Hangul Choseong Ssangyeorinhieuh Hangul Jamo Extended-A Other Letter
43392 a980 Javanese Sign Panyangga Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43393 a981 Javanese Sign Cecak Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43394 a982 Javanese Sign Layar Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43395 a983 Javanese Sign Wignyan Javanese Spacing Mark
43396 a984 Javanese Letter A Javanese Other Letter
43397 a985 Javanese Letter I Kawi Javanese Other Letter
43398 a986 Javanese Letter I Javanese Other Letter
43399 a987 Javanese Letter Ii Javanese Other Letter
43400 a988 Javanese Letter U Javanese Other Letter
43401 a989 Javanese Letter Pa Cerek Javanese Other Letter
43402 a98a Javanese Letter Nga Lelet Javanese Other Letter
43403 a98b Javanese Letter Nga Lelet Raswadi Javanese Other Letter
43404 a98c Javanese Letter E Javanese Other Letter
43405 a98d Javanese Letter Ai Javanese Other Letter
43406 a98e Javanese Letter O Javanese Other Letter
43407 a98f Javanese Letter Ka Javanese Other Letter
43408 a990 Javanese Letter Ka Sasak Javanese Other Letter
43409 a991 Javanese Letter Ka Murda Javanese Other Letter
43410 a992 Javanese Letter Ga Javanese Other Letter
43411 a993 Javanese Letter Ga Murda Javanese Other Letter
43412 a994 Javanese Letter Nga Javanese Other Letter
43413 a995 Javanese Letter Ca Javanese Other Letter
43414 a996 Javanese Letter Ca Murda Javanese Other Letter
43415 a997 Javanese Letter Ja Javanese Other Letter
43416 a998 Javanese Letter Nya Murda Javanese Other Letter
43417 a999 Javanese Letter Ja Mahaprana Javanese Other Letter
43418 a99a Javanese Letter Nya Javanese Other Letter
43419 a99b Javanese Letter Tta Javanese Other Letter
43420 a99c Javanese Letter Tta Mahaprana Javanese Other Letter
43421 a99d Javanese Letter Dda Javanese Other Letter
43422 a99e Javanese Letter Dda Mahaprana Javanese Other Letter
43423 a99f Javanese Letter Na Murda Javanese Other Letter
43424 a9a0 Javanese Letter Ta Javanese Other Letter
43425 a9a1 Javanese Letter Ta Murda Javanese Other Letter
43426 a9a2 Javanese Letter Da Javanese Other Letter
43427 a9a3 Javanese Letter Da Mahaprana Javanese Other Letter
43428 a9a4 Javanese Letter Na Javanese Other Letter
43429 a9a5 Javanese Letter Pa Javanese Other Letter
43430 a9a6 Javanese Letter Pa Murda Javanese Other Letter
43431 a9a7 Javanese Letter Ba Javanese Other Letter
43432 a9a8 Javanese Letter Ba Murda Javanese Other Letter
43433 a9a9 Javanese Letter Ma Javanese Other Letter
43434 a9aa Javanese Letter Ya Javanese Other Letter
43435 a9ab Javanese Letter Ra Javanese Other Letter
43436 a9ac Javanese Letter Ra Agung Javanese Other Letter
43437 a9ad Javanese Letter La Javanese Other Letter
43438 a9ae Javanese Letter Wa Javanese Other Letter
43439 a9af Javanese Letter Sa Murda Javanese Other Letter
43440 a9b0 Javanese Letter Sa Mahaprana Javanese Other Letter
43441 a9b1 Javanese Letter Sa Javanese Other Letter
43442 a9b2 Javanese Letter Ha Javanese Other Letter
43443 a9b3 Javanese Sign Cecak Telu Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43444 a9b4 Javanese Vowel Sign Tarung Javanese Spacing Mark
43445 a9b5 Javanese Vowel Sign Tolong Javanese Spacing Mark
43446 a9b6 Javanese Vowel Sign Wulu Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43447 a9b7 Javanese Vowel Sign Wulu Melik Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43448 a9b8 Javanese Vowel Sign Suku Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43449 a9b9 Javanese Vowel Sign Suku Mendut Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43450 a9ba Javanese Vowel Sign Taling Javanese Spacing Mark
43451 a9bb Javanese Vowel Sign Dirga Mure Javanese Spacing Mark
43452 a9bc Javanese Vowel Sign Pepet Javanese Nonspacing Mark
43453 a9bd Javanese Consonant Sign Keret Javanese Spacing Mark
43454 a9be Javanese Consonant Sign Pengkal Javanese Spacing Mark
43455 a9bf ꦿ Javanese Consonant Sign Cakra Javanese Spacing Mark
43456 a9c0 Javanese Pangkon Javanese Spacing Mark
43457 a9c1 Javanese Left Rerenggan Javanese Other Punctuation
43458 a9c2 Javanese Right Rerenggan Javanese Other Punctuation
43459 a9c3 Javanese Pada Andap Javanese Other Punctuation
43460 a9c4 Javanese Pada Madya Javanese Other Punctuation
43461 a9c5 Javanese Pada Luhur Javanese Other Punctuation

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