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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
11452 2cbc Coptic Capital Letter Cryptogrammic Ni Coptic Uppercase Letter
11453 2cbd Coptic Small Letter Cryptogrammic Ni Coptic Lowercase Letter
11454 2cbe Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Oou Coptic Uppercase Letter
11455 2cbf ⲿ Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Oou Coptic Lowercase Letter
11456 2cc0 Coptic Capital Letter Sampi Coptic Uppercase Letter
11457 2cc1 Coptic Small Letter Sampi Coptic Lowercase Letter
11458 2cc2 Coptic Capital Letter Crossed Shei Coptic Uppercase Letter
11459 2cc3 Coptic Small Letter Crossed Shei Coptic Lowercase Letter
11460 2cc4 Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Shei Coptic Uppercase Letter
11461 2cc5 Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Shei Coptic Lowercase Letter
11462 2cc6 Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Esh Coptic Uppercase Letter
11463 2cc7 Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Esh Coptic Lowercase Letter
11464 2cc8 Coptic Capital Letter Akhmimic Khei Coptic Uppercase Letter
11465 2cc9 Coptic Small Letter Akhmimic Khei Coptic Lowercase Letter
11466 2cca Coptic Capital Letter Dialect-P Hori Coptic Uppercase Letter
11467 2ccb Coptic Small Letter Dialect-P Hori Coptic Lowercase Letter
11468 2ccc Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Hori Coptic Uppercase Letter
11469 2ccd Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Hori Coptic Lowercase Letter
11470 2cce Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Ha Coptic Uppercase Letter
11471 2ccf Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Ha Coptic Lowercase Letter
11472 2cd0 Coptic Capital Letter L-Shaped Ha Coptic Uppercase Letter
11473 2cd1 Coptic Small Letter L-Shaped Ha Coptic Lowercase Letter
11474 2cd2 Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Hei Coptic Uppercase Letter
11475 2cd3 Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Hei Coptic Lowercase Letter
11476 2cd4 Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Hat Coptic Uppercase Letter
11477 2cd5 Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Hat Coptic Lowercase Letter
11478 2cd6 Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Gangia Coptic Uppercase Letter
11479 2cd7 Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Gangia Coptic Lowercase Letter
11480 2cd8 Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Dja Coptic Uppercase Letter
11481 2cd9 Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Dja Coptic Lowercase Letter
11482 2cda Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Shima Coptic Uppercase Letter
11483 2cdb Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Shima Coptic Lowercase Letter
11484 2cdc Coptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Shima Coptic Uppercase Letter
11485 2cdd Coptic Small Letter Old Nubian Shima Coptic Lowercase Letter
11486 2cde Coptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Ngi Coptic Uppercase Letter
11487 2cdf Coptic Small Letter Old Nubian Ngi Coptic Lowercase Letter
11488 2ce0 Coptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Nyi Coptic Uppercase Letter
11489 2ce1 Coptic Small Letter Old Nubian Nyi Coptic Lowercase Letter
11490 2ce2 Coptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Wau Coptic Uppercase Letter
11491 2ce3 Coptic Small Letter Old Nubian Wau Coptic Lowercase Letter
11492 2ce4 Coptic Symbol Kai Coptic Lowercase Letter
11493 2ce5 Coptic Symbol Mi Ro Coptic Other Symbol
11494 2ce6 Coptic Symbol Pi Ro Coptic Other Symbol
11495 2ce7 Coptic Symbol Stauros Coptic Other Symbol
11496 2ce8 Coptic Symbol Tau Ro Coptic Other Symbol
11497 2ce9 Coptic Symbol Khi Ro Coptic Other Symbol
11498 2cea Coptic Symbol Shima Sima Coptic Other Symbol
11499 2ceb Coptic Capital Letter Cryptogrammic Shei Coptic Uppercase Letter
11500 2cec Coptic Small Letter Cryptogrammic Shei Coptic Lowercase Letter
11501 2ced Coptic Capital Letter Cryptogrammic Gangia Coptic Uppercase Letter
11502 2cee Coptic Small Letter Cryptogrammic Gangia Coptic Lowercase Letter
11503 2cef Coptic Combining Ni Above Coptic Nonspacing Mark
11504 2cf0 Coptic Combining Spiritus Asper Coptic Nonspacing Mark
11505 2cf1 Coptic Combining Spiritus Lenis Coptic Nonspacing Mark
11506 2cf2 Coptic Capital Letter Bohairic Khei Coptic Uppercase Letter
11507 2cf3 Coptic Small Letter Bohairic Khei Coptic Lowercase Letter
11513 2cf9 Coptic Old Nubian Full Stop Coptic Other Punctuation
11514 2cfa Coptic Old Nubian Direct Question Mark Coptic Other Punctuation
11515 2cfb Coptic Old Nubian Indirect Question Mark Coptic Other Punctuation
11516 2cfc Coptic Old Nubian Verse Divider Coptic Other Punctuation
11517 2cfd Coptic Fraction One Half Coptic Other Number
11518 2cfe Coptic Full Stop Coptic Other Punctuation
11519 2cff ⳿ Coptic Morphological Divider Coptic Other Punctuation
11520 2d00 Georgian Small Letter An Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11521 2d01 Georgian Small Letter Ban Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11522 2d02 Georgian Small Letter Gan Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11523 2d03 Georgian Small Letter Don Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11524 2d04 Georgian Small Letter En Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11525 2d05 Georgian Small Letter Vin Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11526 2d06 Georgian Small Letter Zen Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11527 2d07 Georgian Small Letter Tan Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11528 2d08 Georgian Small Letter In Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11529 2d09 Georgian Small Letter Kan Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11530 2d0a Georgian Small Letter Las Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11531 2d0b Georgian Small Letter Man Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11532 2d0c Georgian Small Letter Nar Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11533 2d0d Georgian Small Letter On Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11534 2d0e Georgian Small Letter Par Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11535 2d0f Georgian Small Letter Zhar Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11536 2d10 Georgian Small Letter Rae Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11537 2d11 Georgian Small Letter San Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11538 2d12 Georgian Small Letter Tar Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11539 2d13 Georgian Small Letter Un Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11540 2d14 Georgian Small Letter Phar Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11541 2d15 Georgian Small Letter Khar Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11542 2d16 Georgian Small Letter Ghan Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11543 2d17 Georgian Small Letter Qar Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11544 2d18 Georgian Small Letter Shin Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11545 2d19 Georgian Small Letter Chin Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11546 2d1a Georgian Small Letter Can Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11547 2d1b Georgian Small Letter Jil Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11548 2d1c Georgian Small Letter Cil Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11549 2d1d Georgian Small Letter Char Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11550 2d1e Georgian Small Letter Xan Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11551 2d1f Georgian Small Letter Jhan Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11552 2d20 Georgian Small Letter Hae Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11553 2d21 Georgian Small Letter He Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11554 2d22 Georgian Small Letter Hie Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11555 2d23 Georgian Small Letter We Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11556 2d24 Georgian Small Letter Har Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11557 2d25 Georgian Small Letter Hoe Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11559 2d27 Georgian Small Letter Yn Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11565 2d2d Georgian Small Letter Aen Georgian Supplement Lowercase Letter
11568 2d30 Tifinagh Letter Ya Tifinagh Other Letter
11569 2d31 Tifinagh Letter Yab Tifinagh Other Letter
11570 2d32 Tifinagh Letter Yabh Tifinagh Other Letter
11571 2d33 Tifinagh Letter Yag Tifinagh Other Letter
11572 2d34 Tifinagh Letter Yaghh Tifinagh Other Letter
11573 2d35 Tifinagh Letter Berber Academy Yaj Tifinagh Other Letter
11574 2d36 Tifinagh Letter Yaj Tifinagh Other Letter
11575 2d37 Tifinagh Letter Yad Tifinagh Other Letter
11576 2d38 Tifinagh Letter Yadh Tifinagh Other Letter
11577 2d39 Tifinagh Letter Yadd Tifinagh Other Letter
11578 2d3a Tifinagh Letter Yaddh Tifinagh Other Letter
11579 2d3b Tifinagh Letter Yey Tifinagh Other Letter
11580 2d3c Tifinagh Letter Yaf Tifinagh Other Letter
11581 2d3d Tifinagh Letter Yak Tifinagh Other Letter
11582 2d3e Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yak Tifinagh Other Letter
11583 2d3f ⴿ Tifinagh Letter Yakhh Tifinagh Other Letter
11584 2d40 Tifinagh Letter Yah Tifinagh Other Letter
11585 2d41 Tifinagh Letter Berber Academy Yah Tifinagh Other Letter
11586 2d42 Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yah Tifinagh Other Letter
11587 2d43 Tifinagh Letter Yahh Tifinagh Other Letter
11588 2d44 Tifinagh Letter Yaa Tifinagh Other Letter
11589 2d45 Tifinagh Letter Yakh Tifinagh Other Letter
11590 2d46 Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yakh Tifinagh Other Letter
11591 2d47 Tifinagh Letter Yaq Tifinagh Other Letter
11592 2d48 Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yaq Tifinagh Other Letter
11593 2d49 Tifinagh Letter Yi Tifinagh Other Letter
11594 2d4a Tifinagh Letter Yazh Tifinagh Other Letter
11595 2d4b Tifinagh Letter Ahaggar Yazh Tifinagh Other Letter
11596 2d4c Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yazh Tifinagh Other Letter
11597 2d4d Tifinagh Letter Yal Tifinagh Other Letter
11598 2d4e Tifinagh Letter Yam Tifinagh Other Letter
11599 2d4f Tifinagh Letter Yan Tifinagh Other Letter
11600 2d50 Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yagn Tifinagh Other Letter
11601 2d51 Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yang Tifinagh Other Letter
11602 2d52 Tifinagh Letter Yap Tifinagh Other Letter
11603 2d53 Tifinagh Letter Yu Tifinagh Other Letter
11604 2d54 Tifinagh Letter Yar Tifinagh Other Letter
11605 2d55 Tifinagh Letter Yarr Tifinagh Other Letter
11606 2d56 Tifinagh Letter Yagh Tifinagh Other Letter
11607 2d57 Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yagh Tifinagh Other Letter
11608 2d58 Tifinagh Letter Ayer Yagh Tifinagh Other Letter
11609 2d59 Tifinagh Letter Yas Tifinagh Other Letter
11610 2d5a Tifinagh Letter Yass Tifinagh Other Letter
11611 2d5b Tifinagh Letter Yash Tifinagh Other Letter
11612 2d5c Tifinagh Letter Yat Tifinagh Other Letter
11613 2d5d Tifinagh Letter Yath Tifinagh Other Letter
11614 2d5e Tifinagh Letter Yach Tifinagh Other Letter
11615 2d5f Tifinagh Letter Yatt Tifinagh Other Letter
11616 2d60 Tifinagh Letter Yav Tifinagh Other Letter
11617 2d61 Tifinagh Letter Yaw Tifinagh Other Letter
11618 2d62 Tifinagh Letter Yay Tifinagh Other Letter
11619 2d63 Tifinagh Letter Yaz Tifinagh Other Letter
11620 2d64 Tifinagh Letter Tawellemet Yaz Tifinagh Other Letter
11621 2d65 Tifinagh Letter Yazz Tifinagh Other Letter
11622 2d66 Tifinagh Letter Ye Tifinagh Other Letter
11623 2d67 Tifinagh Letter Yo Tifinagh Other Letter
11631 2d6f Tifinagh Modifier Letter Labialization Mark Tifinagh Modifier Letter
11632 2d70 Tifinagh Separator Mark Tifinagh Other Punctuation
11647 2d7f ⵿ Tifinagh Consonant Joiner Tifinagh Nonspacing Mark
11648 2d80 Ethiopic Syllable Loa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11649 2d81 Ethiopic Syllable Moa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11650 2d82 Ethiopic Syllable Roa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11651 2d83 Ethiopic Syllable Soa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11652 2d84 Ethiopic Syllable Shoa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11653 2d85 Ethiopic Syllable Boa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11654 2d86 Ethiopic Syllable Toa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11655 2d87 Ethiopic Syllable Coa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11656 2d88 Ethiopic Syllable Noa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11657 2d89 Ethiopic Syllable Nyoa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11658 2d8a Ethiopic Syllable Glottal Oa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11659 2d8b Ethiopic Syllable Zoa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11660 2d8c Ethiopic Syllable Doa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11661 2d8d Ethiopic Syllable Ddoa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11662 2d8e Ethiopic Syllable Joa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11663 2d8f Ethiopic Syllable Thoa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11664 2d90 Ethiopic Syllable Choa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11665 2d91 Ethiopic Syllable Phoa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11666 2d92 Ethiopic Syllable Poa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11667 2d93 Ethiopic Syllable Ggwa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11668 2d94 Ethiopic Syllable Ggwi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11669 2d95 Ethiopic Syllable Ggwee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11670 2d96 Ethiopic Syllable Ggwe Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11680 2da0 Ethiopic Syllable Ssa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11681 2da1 Ethiopic Syllable Ssu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11682 2da2 Ethiopic Syllable Ssi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11683 2da3 Ethiopic Syllable Ssaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11684 2da4 Ethiopic Syllable Ssee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11685 2da5 Ethiopic Syllable Sse Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11686 2da6 Ethiopic Syllable Sso Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11688 2da8 Ethiopic Syllable Cca Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11689 2da9 Ethiopic Syllable Ccu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11690 2daa Ethiopic Syllable Cci Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11691 2dab Ethiopic Syllable Ccaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11692 2dac Ethiopic Syllable Ccee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11693 2dad Ethiopic Syllable Cce Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11694 2dae Ethiopic Syllable Cco Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11696 2db0 Ethiopic Syllable Zza Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11697 2db1 Ethiopic Syllable Zzu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11698 2db2 Ethiopic Syllable Zzi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11699 2db3 Ethiopic Syllable Zzaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11700 2db4 Ethiopic Syllable Zzee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11701 2db5 Ethiopic Syllable Zze Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11702 2db6 Ethiopic Syllable Zzo Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11704 2db8 Ethiopic Syllable Ccha Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11705 2db9 Ethiopic Syllable Cchu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11706 2dba Ethiopic Syllable Cchi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11707 2dbb Ethiopic Syllable Cchaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11708 2dbc Ethiopic Syllable Cchee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11709 2dbd Ethiopic Syllable Cche Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11710 2dbe Ethiopic Syllable Ccho Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11712 2dc0 Ethiopic Syllable Qya Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11713 2dc1 Ethiopic Syllable Qyu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11714 2dc2 Ethiopic Syllable Qyi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11715 2dc3 Ethiopic Syllable Qyaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11716 2dc4 Ethiopic Syllable Qyee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11717 2dc5 Ethiopic Syllable Qye Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11718 2dc6 Ethiopic Syllable Qyo Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11720 2dc8 Ethiopic Syllable Kya Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11721 2dc9 Ethiopic Syllable Kyu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11722 2dca Ethiopic Syllable Kyi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11723 2dcb Ethiopic Syllable Kyaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11724 2dcc Ethiopic Syllable Kyee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11725 2dcd Ethiopic Syllable Kye Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11726 2dce Ethiopic Syllable Kyo Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11728 2dd0 Ethiopic Syllable Xya Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11729 2dd1 Ethiopic Syllable Xyu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11730 2dd2 Ethiopic Syllable Xyi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11731 2dd3 Ethiopic Syllable Xyaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11732 2dd4 Ethiopic Syllable Xyee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11733 2dd5 Ethiopic Syllable Xye Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11734 2dd6 Ethiopic Syllable Xyo Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11736 2dd8 Ethiopic Syllable Gya Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11737 2dd9 Ethiopic Syllable Gyu Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11738 2dda Ethiopic Syllable Gyi Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11739 2ddb Ethiopic Syllable Gyaa Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11740 2ddc Ethiopic Syllable Gyee Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11741 2ddd Ethiopic Syllable Gye Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11742 2dde Ethiopic Syllable Gyo Ethiopic Extended Other Letter
11744 2de0 Combining Cyrillic Letter Be Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11745 2de1 Combining Cyrillic Letter Ve Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11746 2de2 Combining Cyrillic Letter Ghe Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11747 2de3 Combining Cyrillic Letter De Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11748 2de4 Combining Cyrillic Letter Zhe Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11749 2de5 Combining Cyrillic Letter Ze Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11750 2de6 Combining Cyrillic Letter Ka Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11751 2de7 Combining Cyrillic Letter El Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11752 2de8 Combining Cyrillic Letter Em Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11753 2de9 Combining Cyrillic Letter En Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11754 2dea Combining Cyrillic Letter O Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11755 2deb Combining Cyrillic Letter Pe Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11756 2dec Combining Cyrillic Letter Er Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11757 2ded Combining Cyrillic Letter Es Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark
11758 2dee Combining Cyrillic Letter Te Cyrillic Extended-A Nonspacing Mark

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