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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
5859 16e3 Runic Letter Calc Runic Other Letter
5860 16e4 Runic Letter Cealc Runic Other Letter
5861 16e5 Runic Letter Stan Runic Other Letter
5862 16e6 Runic Letter Long-Branch-Yr Runic Other Letter
5863 16e7 Runic Letter Short-Twig-Yr Runic Other Letter
5864 16e8 Runic Letter Icelandic-Yr Runic Other Letter
5865 16e9 Runic Letter Q Runic Other Letter
5866 16ea Runic Letter X Runic Other Letter
5867 16eb Runic Single Punctuation Runic Other Punctuation
5868 16ec Runic Multiple Punctuation Runic Other Punctuation
5869 16ed Runic Cross Punctuation Runic Other Punctuation
5870 16ee Runic Arlaug Symbol Runic Letter Number
5871 16ef Runic Tvimadur Symbol Runic Letter Number
5872 16f0 Runic Belgthor Symbol Runic Letter Number
5873 16f1 Runic Letter K Runic Other Letter
5874 16f2 Runic Letter Sh Runic Other Letter
5875 16f3 Runic Letter Oo Runic Other Letter
5876 16f4 Runic Letter Franks Casket Os Runic Other Letter
5877 16f5 Runic Letter Franks Casket Is Runic Other Letter
5878 16f6 Runic Letter Franks Casket Eh Runic Other Letter
5879 16f7 Runic Letter Franks Casket Ac Runic Other Letter
5880 16f8 Runic Letter Franks Casket Aesc Runic Other Letter
5888 1700 Tagalog Letter A Tagalog Other Letter
5889 1701 Tagalog Letter I Tagalog Other Letter
5890 1702 Tagalog Letter U Tagalog Other Letter
5891 1703 Tagalog Letter Ka Tagalog Other Letter
5892 1704 Tagalog Letter Ga Tagalog Other Letter
5893 1705 Tagalog Letter Nga Tagalog Other Letter
5894 1706 Tagalog Letter Ta Tagalog Other Letter
5895 1707 Tagalog Letter Da Tagalog Other Letter
5896 1708 Tagalog Letter Na Tagalog Other Letter
5897 1709 Tagalog Letter Pa Tagalog Other Letter
5898 170a Tagalog Letter Ba Tagalog Other Letter
5899 170b Tagalog Letter Ma Tagalog Other Letter
5900 170c Tagalog Letter Ya Tagalog Other Letter
5902 170e Tagalog Letter La Tagalog Other Letter
5903 170f Tagalog Letter Wa Tagalog Other Letter
5904 1710 Tagalog Letter Sa Tagalog Other Letter
5905 1711 Tagalog Letter Ha Tagalog Other Letter
5906 1712 Tagalog Vowel Sign I Tagalog Nonspacing Mark
5907 1713 Tagalog Vowel Sign U Tagalog Nonspacing Mark
5908 1714 Tagalog Sign Virama Tagalog Nonspacing Mark
5920 1720 Hanunoo Letter A Hanunoo Other Letter
5921 1721 Hanunoo Letter I Hanunoo Other Letter
5922 1722 Hanunoo Letter U Hanunoo Other Letter
5923 1723 Hanunoo Letter Ka Hanunoo Other Letter
5924 1724 Hanunoo Letter Ga Hanunoo Other Letter
5925 1725 Hanunoo Letter Nga Hanunoo Other Letter
5926 1726 Hanunoo Letter Ta Hanunoo Other Letter
5927 1727 Hanunoo Letter Da Hanunoo Other Letter
5928 1728 Hanunoo Letter Na Hanunoo Other Letter
5929 1729 Hanunoo Letter Pa Hanunoo Other Letter
5930 172a Hanunoo Letter Ba Hanunoo Other Letter
5931 172b Hanunoo Letter Ma Hanunoo Other Letter
5932 172c Hanunoo Letter Ya Hanunoo Other Letter
5933 172d Hanunoo Letter Ra Hanunoo Other Letter
5934 172e Hanunoo Letter La Hanunoo Other Letter
5935 172f Hanunoo Letter Wa Hanunoo Other Letter
5936 1730 Hanunoo Letter Sa Hanunoo Other Letter
5937 1731 Hanunoo Letter Ha Hanunoo Other Letter
5938 1732 Hanunoo Vowel Sign I Hanunoo Nonspacing Mark
5939 1733 Hanunoo Vowel Sign U Hanunoo Nonspacing Mark
5940 1734 Hanunoo Sign Pamudpod Hanunoo Nonspacing Mark
5941 1735 Philippine Single Punctuation Hanunoo Other Punctuation
5942 1736 Philippine Double Punctuation Hanunoo Other Punctuation
5952 1740 Buhid Letter A Buhid Other Letter
5953 1741 Buhid Letter I Buhid Other Letter
5954 1742 Buhid Letter U Buhid Other Letter
5955 1743 Buhid Letter Ka Buhid Other Letter
5956 1744 Buhid Letter Ga Buhid Other Letter
5957 1745 Buhid Letter Nga Buhid Other Letter
5958 1746 Buhid Letter Ta Buhid Other Letter
5959 1747 Buhid Letter Da Buhid Other Letter
5960 1748 Buhid Letter Na Buhid Other Letter
5961 1749 Buhid Letter Pa Buhid Other Letter
5962 174a Buhid Letter Ba Buhid Other Letter
5963 174b Buhid Letter Ma Buhid Other Letter
5964 174c Buhid Letter Ya Buhid Other Letter
5965 174d Buhid Letter Ra Buhid Other Letter
5966 174e Buhid Letter La Buhid Other Letter
5967 174f Buhid Letter Wa Buhid Other Letter
5968 1750 Buhid Letter Sa Buhid Other Letter
5969 1751 Buhid Letter Ha Buhid Other Letter
5970 1752 Buhid Vowel Sign I Buhid Nonspacing Mark
5971 1753 Buhid Vowel Sign U Buhid Nonspacing Mark
5984 1760 Tagbanwa Letter A Tagbanwa Other Letter
5985 1761 Tagbanwa Letter I Tagbanwa Other Letter
5986 1762 Tagbanwa Letter U Tagbanwa Other Letter
5987 1763 Tagbanwa Letter Ka Tagbanwa Other Letter
5988 1764 Tagbanwa Letter Ga Tagbanwa Other Letter
5989 1765 Tagbanwa Letter Nga Tagbanwa Other Letter
5990 1766 Tagbanwa Letter Ta Tagbanwa Other Letter
5991 1767 Tagbanwa Letter Da Tagbanwa Other Letter
5992 1768 Tagbanwa Letter Na Tagbanwa Other Letter
5993 1769 Tagbanwa Letter Pa Tagbanwa Other Letter
5994 176a Tagbanwa Letter Ba Tagbanwa Other Letter
5995 176b Tagbanwa Letter Ma Tagbanwa Other Letter
5996 176c Tagbanwa Letter Ya Tagbanwa Other Letter
5998 176e Tagbanwa Letter La Tagbanwa Other Letter
5999 176f Tagbanwa Letter Wa Tagbanwa Other Letter
6000 1770 Tagbanwa Letter Sa Tagbanwa Other Letter
6002 1772 Tagbanwa Vowel Sign I Tagbanwa Nonspacing Mark
6003 1773 Tagbanwa Vowel Sign U Tagbanwa Nonspacing Mark
6016 1780 Khmer Letter Ka Khmer Other Letter
6017 1781 Khmer Letter Kha Khmer Other Letter
6018 1782 Khmer Letter Ko Khmer Other Letter
6019 1783 Khmer Letter Kho Khmer Other Letter
6020 1784 Khmer Letter Ngo Khmer Other Letter
6021 1785 Khmer Letter Ca Khmer Other Letter
6022 1786 Khmer Letter Cha Khmer Other Letter
6023 1787 Khmer Letter Co Khmer Other Letter
6024 1788 Khmer Letter Cho Khmer Other Letter
6025 1789 Khmer Letter Nyo Khmer Other Letter
6026 178a Khmer Letter Da Khmer Other Letter
6027 178b Khmer Letter Ttha Khmer Other Letter
6028 178c Khmer Letter Do Khmer Other Letter
6029 178d Khmer Letter Ttho Khmer Other Letter
6030 178e Khmer Letter Nno Khmer Other Letter
6031 178f Khmer Letter Ta Khmer Other Letter
6032 1790 Khmer Letter Tha Khmer Other Letter
6033 1791 Khmer Letter To Khmer Other Letter
6034 1792 Khmer Letter Tho Khmer Other Letter
6035 1793 Khmer Letter No Khmer Other Letter
6036 1794 Khmer Letter Ba Khmer Other Letter
6037 1795 Khmer Letter Pha Khmer Other Letter
6038 1796 Khmer Letter Po Khmer Other Letter
6039 1797 Khmer Letter Pho Khmer Other Letter
6040 1798 Khmer Letter Mo Khmer Other Letter
6041 1799 Khmer Letter Yo Khmer Other Letter
6042 179a Khmer Letter Ro Khmer Other Letter
6043 179b Khmer Letter Lo Khmer Other Letter
6044 179c Khmer Letter Vo Khmer Other Letter
6045 179d Khmer Letter Sha Khmer Other Letter
6046 179e Khmer Letter Sso Khmer Other Letter
6047 179f Khmer Letter Sa Khmer Other Letter
6048 17a0 Khmer Letter Ha Khmer Other Letter
6049 17a1 Khmer Letter La Khmer Other Letter
6050 17a2 Khmer Letter Qa Khmer Other Letter
6051 17a3 Khmer Independent Vowel Qaq Khmer Other Letter
6052 17a4 Khmer Independent Vowel Qaa Khmer Other Letter
6053 17a5 Khmer Independent Vowel Qi Khmer Other Letter
6054 17a6 Khmer Independent Vowel Qii Khmer Other Letter
6055 17a7 Khmer Independent Vowel Qu Khmer Other Letter
6056 17a8 Khmer Independent Vowel Quk Khmer Other Letter
6057 17a9 Khmer Independent Vowel Quu Khmer Other Letter
6058 17aa Khmer Independent Vowel Quuv Khmer Other Letter
6059 17ab Khmer Independent Vowel Ry Khmer Other Letter
6060 17ac Khmer Independent Vowel Ryy Khmer Other Letter
6061 17ad Khmer Independent Vowel Ly Khmer Other Letter
6062 17ae Khmer Independent Vowel Lyy Khmer Other Letter
6063 17af Khmer Independent Vowel Qe Khmer Other Letter
6064 17b0 Khmer Independent Vowel Qai Khmer Other Letter
6065 17b1 Khmer Independent Vowel Qoo Type One Khmer Other Letter
6066 17b2 Khmer Independent Vowel Qoo Type Two Khmer Other Letter
6067 17b3 Khmer Independent Vowel Qau Khmer Other Letter
6068 17b4 Khmer Vowel Inherent Aq Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6069 17b5 Khmer Vowel Inherent Aa Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6070 17b6 Khmer Vowel Sign Aa Khmer Spacing Mark
6071 17b7 Khmer Vowel Sign I Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6072 17b8 Khmer Vowel Sign Ii Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6073 17b9 Khmer Vowel Sign Y Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6074 17ba Khmer Vowel Sign Yy Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6075 17bb Khmer Vowel Sign U Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6076 17bc Khmer Vowel Sign Uu Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6077 17bd Khmer Vowel Sign Ua Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6078 17be Khmer Vowel Sign Oe Khmer Spacing Mark
6079 17bf Khmer Vowel Sign Ya Khmer Spacing Mark
6080 17c0 Khmer Vowel Sign Ie Khmer Spacing Mark
6081 17c1 Khmer Vowel Sign E Khmer Spacing Mark
6082 17c2 Khmer Vowel Sign Ae Khmer Spacing Mark
6083 17c3 Khmer Vowel Sign Ai Khmer Spacing Mark
6084 17c4 Khmer Vowel Sign Oo Khmer Spacing Mark
6085 17c5 Khmer Vowel Sign Au Khmer Spacing Mark
6086 17c6 Khmer Sign Nikahit Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6087 17c7 Khmer Sign Reahmuk Khmer Spacing Mark
6088 17c8 Khmer Sign Yuukaleapintu Khmer Spacing Mark
6089 17c9 Khmer Sign Muusikatoan Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6090 17ca Khmer Sign Triisap Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6091 17cb Khmer Sign Bantoc Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6092 17cc Khmer Sign Robat Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6093 17cd Khmer Sign Toandakhiat Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6094 17ce Khmer Sign Kakabat Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6095 17cf Khmer Sign Ahsda Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6096 17d0 Khmer Sign Samyok Sannya Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6097 17d1 Khmer Sign Viriam Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6098 17d2 Khmer Sign Coeng Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6099 17d3 Khmer Sign Bathamasat Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6100 17d4 Khmer Sign Khan Khmer Other Punctuation
6101 17d5 Khmer Sign Bariyoosan Khmer Other Punctuation
6102 17d6 Khmer Sign Camnuc Pii Kuuh Khmer Other Punctuation
6103 17d7 Khmer Sign Lek Too Khmer Modifier Letter
6104 17d8 Khmer Sign Beyyal Khmer Other Punctuation
6105 17d9 Khmer Sign Phnaek Muan Khmer Other Punctuation
6106 17da Khmer Sign Koomuut Khmer Other Punctuation
6107 17db Khmer Currency Symbol Riel Khmer Currency Symbol
6108 17dc Khmer Sign Avakrahasanya Khmer Other Letter
6109 17dd Khmer Sign Atthacan Khmer Nonspacing Mark
6112 17e0 Khmer Digit Zero Khmer Decimal Number
6113 17e1 Khmer Digit One Khmer Decimal Number
6114 17e2 Khmer Digit Two Khmer Decimal Number
6115 17e3 Khmer Digit Three Khmer Decimal Number
6116 17e4 Khmer Digit Four Khmer Decimal Number
6117 17e5 Khmer Digit Five Khmer Decimal Number
6118 17e6 Khmer Digit Six Khmer Decimal Number
6119 17e7 Khmer Digit Seven Khmer Decimal Number
6120 17e8 Khmer Digit Eight Khmer Decimal Number
6121 17e9 Khmer Digit Nine Khmer Decimal Number
6128 17f0 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Son Khmer Other Number
6129 17f1 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Muoy Khmer Other Number
6130 17f2 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pii Khmer Other Number
6131 17f3 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Bei Khmer Other Number
6132 17f4 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Buon Khmer Other Number
6133 17f5 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram Khmer Other Number
6134 17f6 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Muoy Khmer Other Number
6135 17f7 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Pii Khmer Other Number
6136 17f8 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Bei Khmer Other Number
6137 17f9 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak Pram-Buon Khmer Other Number
6144 1800 Mongolian Birga Mongolian Other Punctuation
6145 1801 Mongolian Ellipsis Mongolian Other Punctuation
6146 1802 Mongolian Comma Mongolian Other Punctuation
6147 1803 Mongolian Full Stop Mongolian Other Punctuation
6148 1804 Mongolian Colon Mongolian Other Punctuation
6149 1805 Mongolian Four Dots Mongolian Other Punctuation
6150 1806 Mongolian Todo Soft Hyphen Mongolian Dash Punctuation
6151 1807 Mongolian Sibe Syllable Boundary Marker Mongolian Other Punctuation
6152 1808 Mongolian Manchu Comma Mongolian Other Punctuation
6153 1809 Mongolian Manchu Full Stop Mongolian Other Punctuation
6154 180a Mongolian Nirugu Mongolian Other Punctuation
6155 180b Mongolian Free Variation Selector One Mongolian Nonspacing Mark
6156 180c Mongolian Free Variation Selector Two Mongolian Nonspacing Mark
6157 180d Mongolian Free Variation Selector Three Mongolian Nonspacing Mark
6158 180e Mongolian Vowel Separator Mongolian Format
6160 1810 Mongolian Digit Zero Mongolian Decimal Number
6161 1811 Mongolian Digit One Mongolian Decimal Number
6162 1812 Mongolian Digit Two Mongolian Decimal Number
6163 1813 Mongolian Digit Three Mongolian Decimal Number
6164 1814 Mongolian Digit Four Mongolian Decimal Number
6165 1815 Mongolian Digit Five Mongolian Decimal Number
6166 1816 Mongolian Digit Six Mongolian Decimal Number
6167 1817 Mongolian Digit Seven Mongolian Decimal Number
6168 1818 Mongolian Digit Eight Mongolian Decimal Number
6169 1819 Mongolian Digit Nine Mongolian Decimal Number
6176 1820 Mongolian Letter A Mongolian Other Letter
6177 1821 Mongolian Letter E Mongolian Other Letter
6178 1822 Mongolian Letter I Mongolian Other Letter
6179 1823 Mongolian Letter O Mongolian Other Letter
6180 1824 Mongolian Letter U Mongolian Other Letter
6181 1825 Mongolian Letter Oe Mongolian Other Letter
6182 1826 Mongolian Letter Ue Mongolian Other Letter
6183 1827 Mongolian Letter Ee Mongolian Other Letter
6184 1828 Mongolian Letter Na Mongolian Other Letter
6185 1829 Mongolian Letter Ang Mongolian Other Letter
6186 182a Mongolian Letter Ba Mongolian Other Letter
6187 182b Mongolian Letter Pa Mongolian Other Letter
6188 182c Mongolian Letter Qa Mongolian Other Letter
6189 182d Mongolian Letter Ga Mongolian Other Letter

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