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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
3980 f8c Tibetan Sign Inverted Mchu Can Tibetan Other Letter
3981 f8d Tibetan Subjoined Sign Lce Tsa Can Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3982 f8e Tibetan Subjoined Sign Mchu Can Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3983 f8f Tibetan Subjoined Sign Inverted Mchu Can Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3984 f90 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ka Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3985 f91 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Kha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3986 f92 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ga Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3987 f93 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Gha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3988 f94 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Nga Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3989 f95 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ca Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3990 f96 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Cha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3991 f97 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ja Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3993 f99 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Nya Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3994 f9a Tibetan Subjoined Letter Tta Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3995 f9b Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ttha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3996 f9c Tibetan Subjoined Letter Dda Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3997 f9d Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ddha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3998 f9e Tibetan Subjoined Letter Nna Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3999 f9f Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ta Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4000 fa0 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Tha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4001 fa1 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Da Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4002 fa2 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Dha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4003 fa3 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Na Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4004 fa4 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Pa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4005 fa5 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Pha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4006 fa6 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ba Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4007 fa7 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Bha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4008 fa8 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ma Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4009 fa9 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Tsa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4010 faa Tibetan Subjoined Letter Tsha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4011 fab Tibetan Subjoined Letter Dza Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4012 fac Tibetan Subjoined Letter Dzha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4013 fad Tibetan Subjoined Letter Wa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4014 fae Tibetan Subjoined Letter Zha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4015 faf Tibetan Subjoined Letter Za Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4016 fb0 Tibetan Subjoined Letter -A Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4017 fb1 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ya Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4018 fb2 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ra Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4019 fb3 Tibetan Subjoined Letter La Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4020 fb4 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Sha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4021 fb5 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ssa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4022 fb6 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Sa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4023 fb7 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Ha Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4024 fb8 Tibetan Subjoined Letter A Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4025 fb9 Tibetan Subjoined Letter Kssa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4026 fba Tibetan Subjoined Letter Fixed-Form Wa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4027 fbb Tibetan Subjoined Letter Fixed-Form Ya Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4028 fbc Tibetan Subjoined Letter Fixed-Form Ra Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4030 fbe Tibetan Ku Ru Kha Tibetan Other Symbol
4031 fbf ྿ Tibetan Ku Ru Kha Bzhi Mig Can Tibetan Other Symbol
4032 fc0 Tibetan Cantillation Sign Heavy Beat Tibetan Other Symbol
4033 fc1 Tibetan Cantillation Sign Light Beat Tibetan Other Symbol
4034 fc2 Tibetan Cantillation Sign Cang Te-U Tibetan Other Symbol
4035 fc3 Tibetan Cantillation Sign Sbub -Chal Tibetan Other Symbol
4036 fc4 Tibetan Symbol Dril Bu Tibetan Other Symbol
4037 fc5 Tibetan Symbol Rdo Rje Tibetan Other Symbol
4038 fc6 Tibetan Symbol Padma Gdan Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
4039 fc7 Tibetan Symbol Rdo Rje Rgya Gram Tibetan Other Symbol
4040 fc8 Tibetan Symbol Phur Pa Tibetan Other Symbol
4041 fc9 Tibetan Symbol Nor Bu Tibetan Other Symbol
4042 fca Tibetan Symbol Nor Bu Nyis -Khyil Tibetan Other Symbol
4043 fcb Tibetan Symbol Nor Bu Gsum -Khyil Tibetan Other Symbol
4044 fcc Tibetan Symbol Nor Bu Bzhi -Khyil Tibetan Other Symbol
4046 fce Tibetan Sign Rdel Nag Rdel Dkar Tibetan Other Symbol
4047 fcf Tibetan Sign Rdel Nag Gsum Tibetan Other Symbol
4048 fd0 Tibetan Mark Bska- Shog Gi Mgo Rgyan Tibetan Other Punctuation
4049 fd1 Tibetan Mark Mnyam Yig Gi Mgo Rgyan Tibetan Other Punctuation
4050 fd2 Tibetan Mark Nyis Tsheg Tibetan Other Punctuation
4051 fd3 Tibetan Mark Initial Brda Rnying Yig Mgo Mdun Ma Tibetan Other Punctuation
4052 fd4 Tibetan Mark Closing Brda Rnying Yig Mgo Sgab Ma Tibetan Other Punctuation
4053 fd5 Right-Facing Svasti Sign Tibetan Other Symbol
4054 fd6 Left-Facing Svasti Sign Tibetan Other Symbol
4055 fd7 Right-Facing Svasti Sign With Dots Tibetan Other Symbol
4056 fd8 Left-Facing Svasti Sign With Dots Tibetan Other Symbol
4057 fd9 Tibetan Mark Leading Mchan Rtags Tibetan Other Punctuation
4058 fda Tibetan Mark Trailing Mchan Rtags Tibetan Other Punctuation
4096 1000 က Myanmar Letter Ka Myanmar Other Letter
4097 1001 Myanmar Letter Kha Myanmar Other Letter
4098 1002 Myanmar Letter Ga Myanmar Other Letter
4099 1003 Myanmar Letter Gha Myanmar Other Letter
4100 1004 Myanmar Letter Nga Myanmar Other Letter
4101 1005 Myanmar Letter Ca Myanmar Other Letter
4102 1006 Myanmar Letter Cha Myanmar Other Letter
4103 1007 Myanmar Letter Ja Myanmar Other Letter
4104 1008 Myanmar Letter Jha Myanmar Other Letter
4105 1009 Myanmar Letter Nya Myanmar Other Letter
4106 100a Myanmar Letter Nnya Myanmar Other Letter
4107 100b Myanmar Letter Tta Myanmar Other Letter
4108 100c Myanmar Letter Ttha Myanmar Other Letter
4109 100d Myanmar Letter Dda Myanmar Other Letter
4110 100e Myanmar Letter Ddha Myanmar Other Letter
4111 100f Myanmar Letter Nna Myanmar Other Letter
4112 1010 Myanmar Letter Ta Myanmar Other Letter
4113 1011 Myanmar Letter Tha Myanmar Other Letter
4114 1012 Myanmar Letter Da Myanmar Other Letter
4115 1013 Myanmar Letter Dha Myanmar Other Letter
4116 1014 Myanmar Letter Na Myanmar Other Letter
4117 1015 Myanmar Letter Pa Myanmar Other Letter
4118 1016 Myanmar Letter Pha Myanmar Other Letter
4119 1017 Myanmar Letter Ba Myanmar Other Letter
4120 1018 Myanmar Letter Bha Myanmar Other Letter
4121 1019 Myanmar Letter Ma Myanmar Other Letter
4122 101a Myanmar Letter Ya Myanmar Other Letter
4123 101b Myanmar Letter Ra Myanmar Other Letter
4124 101c Myanmar Letter La Myanmar Other Letter
4125 101d Myanmar Letter Wa Myanmar Other Letter
4126 101e Myanmar Letter Sa Myanmar Other Letter
4127 101f Myanmar Letter Ha Myanmar Other Letter
4128 1020 Myanmar Letter Lla Myanmar Other Letter
4129 1021 Myanmar Letter A Myanmar Other Letter
4130 1022 Myanmar Letter Shan A Myanmar Other Letter
4131 1023 Myanmar Letter I Myanmar Other Letter
4132 1024 Myanmar Letter Ii Myanmar Other Letter
4133 1025 Myanmar Letter U Myanmar Other Letter
4134 1026 Myanmar Letter Uu Myanmar Other Letter
4135 1027 Myanmar Letter E Myanmar Other Letter
4136 1028 Myanmar Letter Mon E Myanmar Other Letter
4137 1029 Myanmar Letter O Myanmar Other Letter
4138 102a Myanmar Letter Au Myanmar Other Letter
4139 102b Myanmar Vowel Sign Tall Aa Myanmar Spacing Mark
4140 102c Myanmar Vowel Sign Aa Myanmar Spacing Mark
4141 102d Myanmar Vowel Sign I Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4142 102e Myanmar Vowel Sign Ii Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4143 102f Myanmar Vowel Sign U Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4144 1030 Myanmar Vowel Sign Uu Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4145 1031 Myanmar Vowel Sign E Myanmar Spacing Mark
4146 1032 Myanmar Vowel Sign Ai Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4147 1033 Myanmar Vowel Sign Mon Ii Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4148 1034 Myanmar Vowel Sign Mon O Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4149 1035 Myanmar Vowel Sign E Above Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4150 1036 Myanmar Sign Anusvara Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4151 1037 Myanmar Sign Dot Below Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4152 1038 Myanmar Sign Visarga Myanmar Spacing Mark
4153 1039 Myanmar Sign Virama Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4154 103a Myanmar Sign Asat Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4155 103b Myanmar Consonant Sign Medial Ya Myanmar Spacing Mark
4156 103c Myanmar Consonant Sign Medial Ra Myanmar Spacing Mark
4157 103d Myanmar Consonant Sign Medial Wa Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4158 103e Myanmar Consonant Sign Medial Ha Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4159 103f Myanmar Letter Great Sa Myanmar Other Letter
4160 1040 Myanmar Digit Zero Myanmar Decimal Number
4161 1041 Myanmar Digit One Myanmar Decimal Number
4162 1042 Myanmar Digit Two Myanmar Decimal Number
4163 1043 Myanmar Digit Three Myanmar Decimal Number
4164 1044 Myanmar Digit Four Myanmar Decimal Number
4165 1045 Myanmar Digit Five Myanmar Decimal Number
4166 1046 Myanmar Digit Six Myanmar Decimal Number
4167 1047 Myanmar Digit Seven Myanmar Decimal Number
4168 1048 Myanmar Digit Eight Myanmar Decimal Number
4169 1049 Myanmar Digit Nine Myanmar Decimal Number
4170 104a Myanmar Sign Little Section Myanmar Other Punctuation
4171 104b Myanmar Sign Section Myanmar Other Punctuation
4172 104c Myanmar Symbol Locative Myanmar Other Punctuation
4173 104d Myanmar Symbol Completed Myanmar Other Punctuation
4174 104e Myanmar Symbol Aforementioned Myanmar Other Punctuation
4175 104f Myanmar Symbol Genitive Myanmar Other Punctuation
4176 1050 Myanmar Letter Sha Myanmar Other Letter
4177 1051 Myanmar Letter Ssa Myanmar Other Letter
4178 1052 Myanmar Letter Vocalic R Myanmar Other Letter
4179 1053 Myanmar Letter Vocalic Rr Myanmar Other Letter
4180 1054 Myanmar Letter Vocalic L Myanmar Other Letter
4181 1055 Myanmar Letter Vocalic Ll Myanmar Other Letter
4182 1056 Myanmar Vowel Sign Vocalic R Myanmar Spacing Mark
4183 1057 Myanmar Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Myanmar Spacing Mark
4184 1058 Myanmar Vowel Sign Vocalic L Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4185 1059 Myanmar Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4186 105a Myanmar Letter Mon Nga Myanmar Other Letter
4187 105b Myanmar Letter Mon Jha Myanmar Other Letter
4188 105c Myanmar Letter Mon Bba Myanmar Other Letter
4189 105d Myanmar Letter Mon Bbe Myanmar Other Letter
4190 105e Myanmar Consonant Sign Mon Medial Na Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4191 105f Myanmar Consonant Sign Mon Medial Ma Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4192 1060 Myanmar Consonant Sign Mon Medial La Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4193 1061 Myanmar Letter Sgaw Karen Sha Myanmar Other Letter
4194 1062 Myanmar Vowel Sign Sgaw Karen Eu Myanmar Spacing Mark
4195 1063 Myanmar Tone Mark Sgaw Karen Hathi Myanmar Spacing Mark
4196 1064 Myanmar Tone Mark Sgaw Karen Ke Pho Myanmar Spacing Mark
4197 1065 Myanmar Letter Western Pwo Karen Tha Myanmar Other Letter
4198 1066 Myanmar Letter Western Pwo Karen Pwa Myanmar Other Letter
4199 1067 Myanmar Vowel Sign Western Pwo Karen Eu Myanmar Spacing Mark
4200 1068 Myanmar Vowel Sign Western Pwo Karen Ue Myanmar Spacing Mark
4201 1069 Myanmar Sign Western Pwo Karen Tone-1 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4202 106a Myanmar Sign Western Pwo Karen Tone-2 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4203 106b Myanmar Sign Western Pwo Karen Tone-3 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4204 106c Myanmar Sign Western Pwo Karen Tone-4 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4205 106d Myanmar Sign Western Pwo Karen Tone-5 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4206 106e Myanmar Letter Eastern Pwo Karen Nna Myanmar Other Letter
4207 106f Myanmar Letter Eastern Pwo Karen Ywa Myanmar Other Letter
4208 1070 Myanmar Letter Eastern Pwo Karen Ghwa Myanmar Other Letter
4209 1071 Myanmar Vowel Sign Geba Karen I Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4210 1072 Myanmar Vowel Sign Kayah Oe Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4211 1073 Myanmar Vowel Sign Kayah U Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4212 1074 Myanmar Vowel Sign Kayah Ee Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4213 1075 Myanmar Letter Shan Ka Myanmar Other Letter
4214 1076 Myanmar Letter Shan Kha Myanmar Other Letter
4215 1077 Myanmar Letter Shan Ga Myanmar Other Letter
4216 1078 Myanmar Letter Shan Ca Myanmar Other Letter
4217 1079 Myanmar Letter Shan Za Myanmar Other Letter
4218 107a Myanmar Letter Shan Nya Myanmar Other Letter
4219 107b Myanmar Letter Shan Da Myanmar Other Letter
4220 107c Myanmar Letter Shan Na Myanmar Other Letter
4221 107d Myanmar Letter Shan Pha Myanmar Other Letter
4222 107e Myanmar Letter Shan Fa Myanmar Other Letter
4223 107f Myanmar Letter Shan Ba Myanmar Other Letter
4224 1080 Myanmar Letter Shan Tha Myanmar Other Letter
4225 1081 Myanmar Letter Shan Ha Myanmar Other Letter
4226 1082 Myanmar Consonant Sign Shan Medial Wa Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4227 1083 Myanmar Vowel Sign Shan Aa Myanmar Spacing Mark
4228 1084 Myanmar Vowel Sign Shan E Myanmar Spacing Mark
4229 1085 Myanmar Vowel Sign Shan E Above Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4230 1086 Myanmar Vowel Sign Shan Final Y Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4231 1087 Myanmar Sign Shan Tone-2 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4232 1088 Myanmar Sign Shan Tone-3 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4233 1089 Myanmar Sign Shan Tone-5 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4234 108a Myanmar Sign Shan Tone-6 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4235 108b Myanmar Sign Shan Council Tone-2 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4236 108c Myanmar Sign Shan Council Tone-3 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4237 108d Myanmar Sign Shan Council Emphatic Tone Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4238 108e Myanmar Letter Rumai Palaung Fa Myanmar Other Letter
4239 108f Myanmar Sign Rumai Palaung Tone-5 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4240 1090 Myanmar Shan Digit Zero Myanmar Decimal Number
4241 1091 Myanmar Shan Digit One Myanmar Decimal Number
4242 1092 Myanmar Shan Digit Two Myanmar Decimal Number
4243 1093 Myanmar Shan Digit Three Myanmar Decimal Number
4244 1094 Myanmar Shan Digit Four Myanmar Decimal Number
4245 1095 Myanmar Shan Digit Five Myanmar Decimal Number
4246 1096 Myanmar Shan Digit Six Myanmar Decimal Number
4247 1097 Myanmar Shan Digit Seven Myanmar Decimal Number
4248 1098 Myanmar Shan Digit Eight Myanmar Decimal Number
4249 1099 Myanmar Shan Digit Nine Myanmar Decimal Number
4250 109a Myanmar Sign Khamti Tone-1 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4251 109b Myanmar Sign Khamti Tone-3 Myanmar Spacing Mark
4252 109c Myanmar Vowel Sign Aiton A Myanmar Spacing Mark
4253 109d Myanmar Vowel Sign Aiton Ai Myanmar Nonspacing Mark
4254 109e Myanmar Symbol Shan One Myanmar Other Symbol
4255 109f Myanmar Symbol Shan Exclamation Myanmar Other Symbol
4256 10a0 Georgian Capital Letter An Georgian Uppercase Letter
4257 10a1 Georgian Capital Letter Ban Georgian Uppercase Letter
4258 10a2 Georgian Capital Letter Gan Georgian Uppercase Letter
4259 10a3 Georgian Capital Letter Don Georgian Uppercase Letter
4260 10a4 Georgian Capital Letter En Georgian Uppercase Letter
4261 10a5 Georgian Capital Letter Vin Georgian Uppercase Letter
4262 10a6 Georgian Capital Letter Zen Georgian Uppercase Letter
4263 10a7 Georgian Capital Letter Tan Georgian Uppercase Letter
4264 10a8 Georgian Capital Letter In Georgian Uppercase Letter
4265 10a9 Georgian Capital Letter Kan Georgian Uppercase Letter
4266 10aa Georgian Capital Letter Las Georgian Uppercase Letter
4267 10ab Georgian Capital Letter Man Georgian Uppercase Letter
4268 10ac Georgian Capital Letter Nar Georgian Uppercase Letter
4269 10ad Georgian Capital Letter On Georgian Uppercase Letter
4270 10ae Georgian Capital Letter Par Georgian Uppercase Letter
4271 10af Georgian Capital Letter Zhar Georgian Uppercase Letter
4272 10b0 Georgian Capital Letter Rae Georgian Uppercase Letter
4273 10b1 Georgian Capital Letter San Georgian Uppercase Letter
4274 10b2 Georgian Capital Letter Tar Georgian Uppercase Letter
4275 10b3 Georgian Capital Letter Un Georgian Uppercase Letter

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