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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
3618 e22 Thai Character Yo Yak Thai Other Letter
3619 e23 Thai Character Ro Rua Thai Other Letter
3620 e24 Thai Character Ru Thai Other Letter
3621 e25 Thai Character Lo Ling Thai Other Letter
3622 e26 Thai Character Lu Thai Other Letter
3623 e27 Thai Character Wo Waen Thai Other Letter
3624 e28 Thai Character So Sala Thai Other Letter
3625 e29 Thai Character So Rusi Thai Other Letter
3626 e2a Thai Character So Sua Thai Other Letter
3627 e2b Thai Character Ho Hip Thai Other Letter
3628 e2c Thai Character Lo Chula Thai Other Letter
3629 e2d Thai Character O Ang Thai Other Letter
3630 e2e Thai Character Ho Nokhuk Thai Other Letter
3631 e2f Thai Character Paiyannoi Thai Other Letter
3632 e30 Thai Character Sara A Thai Other Letter
3633 e31 Thai Character Mai Han-Akat Thai Nonspacing Mark
3634 e32 Thai Character Sara Aa Thai Other Letter
3635 e33 Thai Character Sara Am Thai Other Letter
3636 e34 Thai Character Sara I Thai Nonspacing Mark
3637 e35 Thai Character Sara Ii Thai Nonspacing Mark
3638 e36 Thai Character Sara Ue Thai Nonspacing Mark
3639 e37 Thai Character Sara Uee Thai Nonspacing Mark
3640 e38 Thai Character Sara U Thai Nonspacing Mark
3641 e39 Thai Character Sara Uu Thai Nonspacing Mark
3642 e3a Thai Character Phinthu Thai Nonspacing Mark
3647 e3f ฿ Thai Currency Symbol Baht Thai Currency Symbol
3648 e40 Thai Character Sara E Thai Other Letter
3649 e41 Thai Character Sara Ae Thai Other Letter
3650 e42 Thai Character Sara O Thai Other Letter
3651 e43 Thai Character Sara Ai Maimuan Thai Other Letter
3652 e44 Thai Character Sara Ai Maimalai Thai Other Letter
3653 e45 Thai Character Lakkhangyao Thai Other Letter
3654 e46 Thai Character Maiyamok Thai Modifier Letter
3655 e47 Thai Character Maitaikhu Thai Nonspacing Mark
3656 e48 Thai Character Mai Ek Thai Nonspacing Mark
3657 e49 Thai Character Mai Tho Thai Nonspacing Mark
3658 e4a Thai Character Mai Tri Thai Nonspacing Mark
3659 e4b Thai Character Mai Chattawa Thai Nonspacing Mark
3660 e4c Thai Character Thanthakhat Thai Nonspacing Mark
3661 e4d Thai Character Nikhahit Thai Nonspacing Mark
3662 e4e Thai Character Yamakkan Thai Nonspacing Mark
3663 e4f Thai Character Fongman Thai Other Punctuation
3664 e50 Thai Digit Zero Thai Decimal Number
3665 e51 Thai Digit One Thai Decimal Number
3666 e52 Thai Digit Two Thai Decimal Number
3667 e53 Thai Digit Three Thai Decimal Number
3668 e54 Thai Digit Four Thai Decimal Number
3669 e55 Thai Digit Five Thai Decimal Number
3670 e56 Thai Digit Six Thai Decimal Number
3671 e57 Thai Digit Seven Thai Decimal Number
3672 e58 Thai Digit Eight Thai Decimal Number
3673 e59 Thai Digit Nine Thai Decimal Number
3674 e5a Thai Character Angkhankhu Thai Other Punctuation
3675 e5b Thai Character Khomut Thai Other Punctuation
3713 e81 Lao Letter Ko Lao Other Letter
3714 e82 Lao Letter Kho Sung Lao Other Letter
3716 e84 Lao Letter Kho Tam Lao Other Letter
3719 e87 Lao Letter Ngo Lao Other Letter
3720 e88 Lao Letter Co Lao Other Letter
3722 e8a Lao Letter So Tam Lao Other Letter
3725 e8d Lao Letter Nyo Lao Other Letter
3732 e94 Lao Letter Do Lao Other Letter
3733 e95 Lao Letter To Lao Other Letter
3734 e96 Lao Letter Tho Sung Lao Other Letter
3735 e97 Lao Letter Tho Tam Lao Other Letter
3737 e99 Lao Letter No Lao Other Letter
3738 e9a Lao Letter Bo Lao Other Letter
3739 e9b Lao Letter Po Lao Other Letter
3740 e9c Lao Letter Pho Sung Lao Other Letter
3741 e9d Lao Letter Fo Tam Lao Other Letter
3742 e9e Lao Letter Pho Tam Lao Other Letter
3743 e9f Lao Letter Fo Sung Lao Other Letter
3745 ea1 Lao Letter Mo Lao Other Letter
3746 ea2 Lao Letter Yo Lao Other Letter
3747 ea3 Lao Letter Lo Ling Lao Other Letter
3749 ea5 Lao Letter Lo Loot Lao Other Letter
3751 ea7 Lao Letter Wo Lao Other Letter
3754 eaa Lao Letter So Sung Lao Other Letter
3755 eab Lao Letter Ho Sung Lao Other Letter
3757 ead Lao Letter O Lao Other Letter
3758 eae Lao Letter Ho Tam Lao Other Letter
3759 eaf Lao Ellipsis Lao Other Letter
3760 eb0 Lao Vowel Sign A Lao Other Letter
3761 eb1 Lao Vowel Sign Mai Kan Lao Nonspacing Mark
3762 eb2 Lao Vowel Sign Aa Lao Other Letter
3763 eb3 Lao Vowel Sign Am Lao Other Letter
3764 eb4 Lao Vowel Sign I Lao Nonspacing Mark
3765 eb5 Lao Vowel Sign Ii Lao Nonspacing Mark
3766 eb6 Lao Vowel Sign Y Lao Nonspacing Mark
3767 eb7 Lao Vowel Sign Yy Lao Nonspacing Mark
3768 eb8 Lao Vowel Sign U Lao Nonspacing Mark
3769 eb9 Lao Vowel Sign Uu Lao Nonspacing Mark
3771 ebb Lao Vowel Sign Mai Kon Lao Nonspacing Mark
3772 ebc Lao Semivowel Sign Lo Lao Nonspacing Mark
3773 ebd Lao Semivowel Sign Nyo Lao Other Letter
3776 ec0 Lao Vowel Sign E Lao Other Letter
3777 ec1 Lao Vowel Sign Ei Lao Other Letter
3778 ec2 Lao Vowel Sign O Lao Other Letter
3779 ec3 Lao Vowel Sign Ay Lao Other Letter
3780 ec4 Lao Vowel Sign Ai Lao Other Letter
3782 ec6 Lao Ko La Lao Modifier Letter
3784 ec8 Lao Tone Mai Ek Lao Nonspacing Mark
3785 ec9 Lao Tone Mai Tho Lao Nonspacing Mark
3786 eca Lao Tone Mai Ti Lao Nonspacing Mark
3787 ecb Lao Tone Mai Catawa Lao Nonspacing Mark
3788 ecc Lao Cancellation Mark Lao Nonspacing Mark
3789 ecd Lao Niggahita Lao Nonspacing Mark
3792 ed0 Lao Digit Zero Lao Decimal Number
3793 ed1 Lao Digit One Lao Decimal Number
3794 ed2 Lao Digit Two Lao Decimal Number
3795 ed3 Lao Digit Three Lao Decimal Number
3796 ed4 Lao Digit Four Lao Decimal Number
3797 ed5 Lao Digit Five Lao Decimal Number
3798 ed6 Lao Digit Six Lao Decimal Number
3799 ed7 Lao Digit Seven Lao Decimal Number
3800 ed8 Lao Digit Eight Lao Decimal Number
3801 ed9 Lao Digit Nine Lao Decimal Number
3804 edc Lao Ho No Lao Other Letter
3805 edd Lao Ho Mo Lao Other Letter
3806 ede Lao Letter Khmu Go Lao Other Letter
3807 edf Lao Letter Khmu Nyo Lao Other Letter
3840 f00 Tibetan Syllable Om Tibetan Other Letter
3841 f01 Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo Truncated A Tibetan Other Symbol
3842 f02 Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo -Um Rnam Bcad Ma Tibetan Other Symbol
3843 f03 Tibetan Mark Gter Yig Mgo -Um Gter Tsheg Ma Tibetan Other Symbol
3844 f04 Tibetan Mark Initial Yig Mgo Mdun Ma Tibetan Other Punctuation
3845 f05 Tibetan Mark Closing Yig Mgo Sgab Ma Tibetan Other Punctuation
3846 f06 Tibetan Mark Caret Yig Mgo Phur Shad Ma Tibetan Other Punctuation
3847 f07 Tibetan Mark Yig Mgo Tsheg Shad Ma Tibetan Other Punctuation
3848 f08 Tibetan Mark Sbrul Shad Tibetan Other Punctuation
3849 f09 Tibetan Mark Bskur Yig Mgo Tibetan Other Punctuation
3850 f0a Tibetan Mark Bka- Shog Yig Mgo Tibetan Other Punctuation
3851 f0b Tibetan Mark Intersyllabic Tsheg Tibetan Other Punctuation
3852 f0c Tibetan Mark Delimiter Tsheg Bstar Tibetan Other Punctuation
3853 f0d Tibetan Mark Shad Tibetan Other Punctuation
3854 f0e Tibetan Mark Nyis Shad Tibetan Other Punctuation
3855 f0f Tibetan Mark Tsheg Shad Tibetan Other Punctuation
3856 f10 Tibetan Mark Nyis Tsheg Shad Tibetan Other Punctuation
3857 f11 Tibetan Mark Rin Chen Spungs Shad Tibetan Other Punctuation
3858 f12 Tibetan Mark Rgya Gram Shad Tibetan Other Punctuation
3859 f13 Tibetan Mark Caret -Dzud Rtags Me Long Can Tibetan Other Symbol
3860 f14 Tibetan Mark Gter Tsheg Tibetan Other Punctuation
3861 f15 Tibetan Logotype Sign Chad Rtags Tibetan Other Symbol
3862 f16 Tibetan Logotype Sign Lhag Rtags Tibetan Other Symbol
3863 f17 Tibetan Astrological Sign Sgra Gcan -Char Rtags Tibetan Other Symbol
3864 f18 Tibetan Astrological Sign -Khyud Pa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3865 f19 Tibetan Astrological Sign Sdong Tshugs Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3866 f1a Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Gcig Tibetan Other Symbol
3867 f1b Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Gnyis Tibetan Other Symbol
3868 f1c Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Gsum Tibetan Other Symbol
3869 f1d Tibetan Sign Rdel Nag Gcig Tibetan Other Symbol
3870 f1e Tibetan Sign Rdel Nag Gnyis Tibetan Other Symbol
3871 f1f Tibetan Sign Rdel Dkar Rdel Nag Tibetan Other Symbol
3872 f20 Tibetan Digit Zero Tibetan Decimal Number
3873 f21 Tibetan Digit One Tibetan Decimal Number
3874 f22 Tibetan Digit Two Tibetan Decimal Number
3875 f23 Tibetan Digit Three Tibetan Decimal Number
3876 f24 Tibetan Digit Four Tibetan Decimal Number
3877 f25 Tibetan Digit Five Tibetan Decimal Number
3878 f26 Tibetan Digit Six Tibetan Decimal Number
3879 f27 Tibetan Digit Seven Tibetan Decimal Number
3880 f28 Tibetan Digit Eight Tibetan Decimal Number
3881 f29 Tibetan Digit Nine Tibetan Decimal Number
3882 f2a Tibetan Digit Half One Tibetan Other Number
3883 f2b Tibetan Digit Half Two Tibetan Other Number
3884 f2c Tibetan Digit Half Three Tibetan Other Number
3885 f2d Tibetan Digit Half Four Tibetan Other Number
3886 f2e Tibetan Digit Half Five Tibetan Other Number
3887 f2f Tibetan Digit Half Six Tibetan Other Number
3888 f30 Tibetan Digit Half Seven Tibetan Other Number
3889 f31 Tibetan Digit Half Eight Tibetan Other Number
3890 f32 Tibetan Digit Half Nine Tibetan Other Number
3891 f33 Tibetan Digit Half Zero Tibetan Other Number
3892 f34 Tibetan Mark Bsdus Rtags Tibetan Other Symbol
3893 f35 Tibetan Mark Ngas Bzung Nyi Zla Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3894 f36 Tibetan Mark Caret -Dzud Rtags Bzhi Mig Can Tibetan Other Symbol
3895 f37 Tibetan Mark Ngas Bzung Sgor Rtags Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3896 f38 Tibetan Mark Che Mgo Tibetan Other Symbol
3897 f39 Tibetan Mark Tsa -Phru Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3898 f3a Tibetan Mark Gug Rtags Gyon Tibetan Open Punctuation
3899 f3b Tibetan Mark Gug Rtags Gyas Tibetan Close Punctuation
3900 f3c Tibetan Mark Ang Khang Gyon Tibetan Open Punctuation
3901 f3d Tibetan Mark Ang Khang Gyas Tibetan Close Punctuation
3902 f3e Tibetan Sign Yar Tshes Tibetan Spacing Mark
3903 f3f ༿ Tibetan Sign Mar Tshes Tibetan Spacing Mark
3904 f40 Tibetan Letter Ka Tibetan Other Letter
3905 f41 Tibetan Letter Kha Tibetan Other Letter
3906 f42 Tibetan Letter Ga Tibetan Other Letter
3907 f43 Tibetan Letter Gha Tibetan Other Letter
3908 f44 Tibetan Letter Nga Tibetan Other Letter
3909 f45 Tibetan Letter Ca Tibetan Other Letter
3910 f46 Tibetan Letter Cha Tibetan Other Letter
3911 f47 Tibetan Letter Ja Tibetan Other Letter
3913 f49 Tibetan Letter Nya Tibetan Other Letter
3914 f4a Tibetan Letter Tta Tibetan Other Letter
3915 f4b Tibetan Letter Ttha Tibetan Other Letter
3916 f4c Tibetan Letter Dda Tibetan Other Letter
3917 f4d Tibetan Letter Ddha Tibetan Other Letter
3918 f4e Tibetan Letter Nna Tibetan Other Letter
3919 f4f Tibetan Letter Ta Tibetan Other Letter
3920 f50 Tibetan Letter Tha Tibetan Other Letter
3921 f51 Tibetan Letter Da Tibetan Other Letter
3922 f52 Tibetan Letter Dha Tibetan Other Letter
3923 f53 Tibetan Letter Na Tibetan Other Letter
3924 f54 Tibetan Letter Pa Tibetan Other Letter
3925 f55 Tibetan Letter Pha Tibetan Other Letter
3926 f56 Tibetan Letter Ba Tibetan Other Letter
3927 f57 Tibetan Letter Bha Tibetan Other Letter
3928 f58 Tibetan Letter Ma Tibetan Other Letter
3929 f59 Tibetan Letter Tsa Tibetan Other Letter
3930 f5a Tibetan Letter Tsha Tibetan Other Letter
3931 f5b Tibetan Letter Dza Tibetan Other Letter
3932 f5c Tibetan Letter Dzha Tibetan Other Letter
3933 f5d Tibetan Letter Wa Tibetan Other Letter
3934 f5e Tibetan Letter Zha Tibetan Other Letter
3935 f5f Tibetan Letter Za Tibetan Other Letter
3936 f60 Tibetan Letter -A Tibetan Other Letter
3937 f61 Tibetan Letter Ya Tibetan Other Letter
3938 f62 Tibetan Letter Ra Tibetan Other Letter
3939 f63 Tibetan Letter La Tibetan Other Letter
3940 f64 Tibetan Letter Sha Tibetan Other Letter
3941 f65 Tibetan Letter Ssa Tibetan Other Letter
3942 f66 Tibetan Letter Sa Tibetan Other Letter
3943 f67 Tibetan Letter Ha Tibetan Other Letter
3944 f68 Tibetan Letter A Tibetan Other Letter
3945 f69 Tibetan Letter Kssa Tibetan Other Letter
3946 f6a Tibetan Letter Fixed-Form Ra Tibetan Other Letter
3947 f6b Tibetan Letter Kka Tibetan Other Letter
3948 f6c Tibetan Letter Rra Tibetan Other Letter
3953 f71 Tibetan Vowel Sign Aa Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3954 f72 Tibetan Vowel Sign I Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3955 f73 Tibetan Vowel Sign Ii Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3956 f74 Tibetan Vowel Sign U Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3957 f75 Tibetan Vowel Sign Uu Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3958 f76 Tibetan Vowel Sign Vocalic R Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3959 f77 Tibetan Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3960 f78 Tibetan Vowel Sign Vocalic L Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3961 f79 Tibetan Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3962 f7a Tibetan Vowel Sign E Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3963 f7b Tibetan Vowel Sign Ee Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3964 f7c Tibetan Vowel Sign O Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3965 f7d Tibetan Vowel Sign Oo Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3966 f7e Tibetan Sign Rjes Su Nga Ro Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3967 f7f ཿ Tibetan Sign Rnam Bcad Tibetan Spacing Mark
3968 f80 Tibetan Vowel Sign Reversed I Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3969 f81 Tibetan Vowel Sign Reversed Ii Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3970 f82 Tibetan Sign Nyi Zla Naa Da Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3971 f83 Tibetan Sign Sna Ldan Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3972 f84 Tibetan Mark Halanta Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3973 f85 Tibetan Mark Paluta Tibetan Other Punctuation
3974 f86 Tibetan Sign Lci Rtags Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3975 f87 Tibetan Sign Yang Rtags Tibetan Nonspacing Mark
3976 f88 Tibetan Sign Lce Tsa Can Tibetan Other Letter
3977 f89 Tibetan Sign Mchu Can Tibetan Other Letter
3978 f8a Tibetan Sign Gru Can Rgyings Tibetan Other Letter
3979 f8b Tibetan Sign Gru Med Rgyings Tibetan Other Letter

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