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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
3296 ce0 Kannada Letter Vocalic Rr Kannada Other Letter
3297 ce1 Kannada Letter Vocalic Ll Kannada Other Letter
3298 ce2 Kannada Vowel Sign Vocalic L Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3299 ce3 Kannada Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3302 ce6 Kannada Digit Zero Kannada Decimal Number
3303 ce7 Kannada Digit One Kannada Decimal Number
3304 ce8 Kannada Digit Two Kannada Decimal Number
3305 ce9 Kannada Digit Three Kannada Decimal Number
3306 cea Kannada Digit Four Kannada Decimal Number
3307 ceb Kannada Digit Five Kannada Decimal Number
3308 cec Kannada Digit Six Kannada Decimal Number
3309 ced Kannada Digit Seven Kannada Decimal Number
3310 cee Kannada Digit Eight Kannada Decimal Number
3311 cef Kannada Digit Nine Kannada Decimal Number
3313 cf1 Kannada Sign Jihvamuliya Kannada Other Letter
3314 cf2 Kannada Sign Upadhmaniya Kannada Other Letter
3328 d00 Malayalam Sign Combining Anusvara Above Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3329 d01 Malayalam Sign Candrabindu Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3330 d02 Malayalam Sign Anusvara Malayalam Spacing Mark
3331 d03 Malayalam Sign Visarga Malayalam Spacing Mark
3333 d05 Malayalam Letter A Malayalam Other Letter
3334 d06 Malayalam Letter Aa Malayalam Other Letter
3335 d07 Malayalam Letter I Malayalam Other Letter
3336 d08 Malayalam Letter Ii Malayalam Other Letter
3337 d09 Malayalam Letter U Malayalam Other Letter
3338 d0a Malayalam Letter Uu Malayalam Other Letter
3339 d0b Malayalam Letter Vocalic R Malayalam Other Letter
3340 d0c Malayalam Letter Vocalic L Malayalam Other Letter
3342 d0e Malayalam Letter E Malayalam Other Letter
3343 d0f Malayalam Letter Ee Malayalam Other Letter
3344 d10 Malayalam Letter Ai Malayalam Other Letter
3346 d12 Malayalam Letter O Malayalam Other Letter
3347 d13 Malayalam Letter Oo Malayalam Other Letter
3348 d14 Malayalam Letter Au Malayalam Other Letter
3349 d15 Malayalam Letter Ka Malayalam Other Letter
3350 d16 Malayalam Letter Kha Malayalam Other Letter
3351 d17 Malayalam Letter Ga Malayalam Other Letter
3352 d18 Malayalam Letter Gha Malayalam Other Letter
3353 d19 Malayalam Letter Nga Malayalam Other Letter
3354 d1a Malayalam Letter Ca Malayalam Other Letter
3355 d1b Malayalam Letter Cha Malayalam Other Letter
3356 d1c Malayalam Letter Ja Malayalam Other Letter
3357 d1d Malayalam Letter Jha Malayalam Other Letter
3358 d1e Malayalam Letter Nya Malayalam Other Letter
3359 d1f Malayalam Letter Tta Malayalam Other Letter
3360 d20 Malayalam Letter Ttha Malayalam Other Letter
3361 d21 Malayalam Letter Dda Malayalam Other Letter
3362 d22 Malayalam Letter Ddha Malayalam Other Letter
3363 d23 Malayalam Letter Nna Malayalam Other Letter
3364 d24 Malayalam Letter Ta Malayalam Other Letter
3365 d25 Malayalam Letter Tha Malayalam Other Letter
3366 d26 Malayalam Letter Da Malayalam Other Letter
3367 d27 Malayalam Letter Dha Malayalam Other Letter
3368 d28 Malayalam Letter Na Malayalam Other Letter
3369 d29 Malayalam Letter Nnna Malayalam Other Letter
3370 d2a Malayalam Letter Pa Malayalam Other Letter
3371 d2b Malayalam Letter Pha Malayalam Other Letter
3372 d2c Malayalam Letter Ba Malayalam Other Letter
3373 d2d Malayalam Letter Bha Malayalam Other Letter
3374 d2e Malayalam Letter Ma Malayalam Other Letter
3375 d2f Malayalam Letter Ya Malayalam Other Letter
3376 d30 Malayalam Letter Ra Malayalam Other Letter
3377 d31 Malayalam Letter Rra Malayalam Other Letter
3378 d32 Malayalam Letter La Malayalam Other Letter
3379 d33 Malayalam Letter Lla Malayalam Other Letter
3380 d34 Malayalam Letter Llla Malayalam Other Letter
3381 d35 Malayalam Letter Va Malayalam Other Letter
3382 d36 Malayalam Letter Sha Malayalam Other Letter
3383 d37 Malayalam Letter Ssa Malayalam Other Letter
3384 d38 Malayalam Letter Sa Malayalam Other Letter
3385 d39 Malayalam Letter Ha Malayalam Other Letter
3386 d3a Malayalam Letter Ttta Malayalam Other Letter
3387 d3b Malayalam Sign Vertical Bar Virama Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3388 d3c Malayalam Sign Circular Virama Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3389 d3d Malayalam Sign Avagraha Malayalam Other Letter
3390 d3e Malayalam Vowel Sign Aa Malayalam Spacing Mark
3391 d3f ി Malayalam Vowel Sign I Malayalam Spacing Mark
3392 d40 Malayalam Vowel Sign Ii Malayalam Spacing Mark
3393 d41 Malayalam Vowel Sign U Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3394 d42 Malayalam Vowel Sign Uu Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3395 d43 Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic R Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3396 d44 Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3398 d46 Malayalam Vowel Sign E Malayalam Spacing Mark
3399 d47 Malayalam Vowel Sign Ee Malayalam Spacing Mark
3400 d48 Malayalam Vowel Sign Ai Malayalam Spacing Mark
3402 d4a Malayalam Vowel Sign O Malayalam Spacing Mark
3403 d4b Malayalam Vowel Sign Oo Malayalam Spacing Mark
3404 d4c Malayalam Vowel Sign Au Malayalam Spacing Mark
3405 d4d Malayalam Sign Virama Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3406 d4e Malayalam Letter Dot Reph Malayalam Other Letter
3407 d4f Malayalam Sign Para Malayalam Other Symbol
3412 d54 Malayalam Letter Chillu M Malayalam Other Letter
3413 d55 Malayalam Letter Chillu Y Malayalam Other Letter
3414 d56 Malayalam Letter Chillu Lll Malayalam Other Letter
3415 d57 Malayalam Au Length Mark Malayalam Spacing Mark
3416 d58 Malayalam Fraction One One-Hundred-And-Sixtieth Malayalam Other Number
3417 d59 Malayalam Fraction One Fortieth Malayalam Other Number
3418 d5a Malayalam Fraction Three Eightieths Malayalam Other Number
3419 d5b Malayalam Fraction One Twentieth Malayalam Other Number
3420 d5c Malayalam Fraction One Tenth Malayalam Other Number
3421 d5d Malayalam Fraction Three Twentieths Malayalam Other Number
3422 d5e Malayalam Fraction One Fifth Malayalam Other Number
3423 d5f Malayalam Letter Archaic Ii Malayalam Other Letter
3424 d60 Malayalam Letter Vocalic Rr Malayalam Other Letter
3425 d61 Malayalam Letter Vocalic Ll Malayalam Other Letter
3426 d62 Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic L Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3427 d63 Malayalam Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Malayalam Nonspacing Mark
3430 d66 Malayalam Digit Zero Malayalam Decimal Number
3431 d67 Malayalam Digit One Malayalam Decimal Number
3432 d68 Malayalam Digit Two Malayalam Decimal Number
3433 d69 Malayalam Digit Three Malayalam Decimal Number
3434 d6a Malayalam Digit Four Malayalam Decimal Number
3435 d6b Malayalam Digit Five Malayalam Decimal Number
3436 d6c Malayalam Digit Six Malayalam Decimal Number
3437 d6d Malayalam Digit Seven Malayalam Decimal Number
3438 d6e Malayalam Digit Eight Malayalam Decimal Number
3439 d6f Malayalam Digit Nine Malayalam Decimal Number
3440 d70 Malayalam Number Ten Malayalam Other Number
3441 d71 Malayalam Number One Hundred Malayalam Other Number
3442 d72 Malayalam Number One Thousand Malayalam Other Number
3443 d73 Malayalam Fraction One Quarter Malayalam Other Number
3444 d74 Malayalam Fraction One Half Malayalam Other Number
3445 d75 Malayalam Fraction Three Quarters Malayalam Other Number
3446 d76 Malayalam Fraction One Sixteenth Malayalam Other Number
3447 d77 Malayalam Fraction One Eighth Malayalam Other Number
3448 d78 Malayalam Fraction Three Sixteenths Malayalam Other Number
3449 d79 Malayalam Date Mark Malayalam Other Symbol
3450 d7a Malayalam Letter Chillu Nn Malayalam Other Letter
3451 d7b Malayalam Letter Chillu N Malayalam Other Letter
3452 d7c Malayalam Letter Chillu Rr Malayalam Other Letter
3453 d7d Malayalam Letter Chillu L Malayalam Other Letter
3454 d7e Malayalam Letter Chillu Ll Malayalam Other Letter
3455 d7f ൿ Malayalam Letter Chillu K Malayalam Other Letter
3458 d82 Sinhala Sign Anusvaraya Sinhala Spacing Mark
3459 d83 Sinhala Sign Visargaya Sinhala Spacing Mark
3461 d85 Sinhala Letter Ayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3462 d86 Sinhala Letter Aayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3463 d87 Sinhala Letter Aeyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3464 d88 Sinhala Letter Aeeyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3465 d89 Sinhala Letter Iyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3466 d8a Sinhala Letter Iiyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3467 d8b Sinhala Letter Uyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3468 d8c Sinhala Letter Uuyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3469 d8d Sinhala Letter Iruyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3470 d8e Sinhala Letter Iruuyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3471 d8f Sinhala Letter Iluyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3472 d90 Sinhala Letter Iluuyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3473 d91 Sinhala Letter Eyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3474 d92 Sinhala Letter Eeyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3475 d93 Sinhala Letter Aiyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3476 d94 Sinhala Letter Oyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3477 d95 Sinhala Letter Ooyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3478 d96 Sinhala Letter Auyanna Sinhala Other Letter
3482 d9a Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Kayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3483 d9b Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Kayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3484 d9c Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Gayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3485 d9d Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Gayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3486 d9e Sinhala Letter Kantaja Naasikyaya Sinhala Other Letter
3487 d9f Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Gayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3488 da0 Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Cayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3489 da1 Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Cayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3490 da2 Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Jayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3491 da3 Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Jayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3492 da4 Sinhala Letter Taaluja Naasikyaya Sinhala Other Letter
3493 da5 Sinhala Letter Taaluja Sanyooga Naaksikyaya Sinhala Other Letter
3494 da6 Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Jayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3495 da7 Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Ttayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3496 da8 Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Ttayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3497 da9 Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Ddayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3498 daa Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Ddayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3499 dab Sinhala Letter Muurdhaja Nayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3500 dac Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Ddayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3501 dad Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Tayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3502 dae Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Tayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3503 daf Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Dayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3504 db0 Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Dayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3505 db1 Sinhala Letter Dantaja Nayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3507 db3 Sinhala Letter Sanyaka Dayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3508 db4 Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Payanna Sinhala Other Letter
3509 db5 Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Payanna Sinhala Other Letter
3510 db6 Sinhala Letter Alpapraana Bayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3511 db7 Sinhala Letter Mahaapraana Bayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3512 db8 Sinhala Letter Mayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3513 db9 Sinhala Letter Amba Bayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3514 dba Sinhala Letter Yayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3515 dbb Sinhala Letter Rayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3517 dbd Sinhala Letter Dantaja Layanna Sinhala Other Letter
3520 dc0 Sinhala Letter Vayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3521 dc1 Sinhala Letter Taaluja Sayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3522 dc2 Sinhala Letter Muurdhaja Sayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3523 dc3 Sinhala Letter Dantaja Sayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3524 dc4 Sinhala Letter Hayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3525 dc5 Sinhala Letter Muurdhaja Layanna Sinhala Other Letter
3526 dc6 Sinhala Letter Fayanna Sinhala Other Letter
3530 dca Sinhala Sign Al-Lakuna Sinhala Nonspacing Mark
3535 dcf Sinhala Vowel Sign Aela-Pilla Sinhala Spacing Mark
3536 dd0 Sinhala Vowel Sign Ketti Aeda-Pilla Sinhala Spacing Mark
3537 dd1 Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Aeda-Pilla Sinhala Spacing Mark
3538 dd2 Sinhala Vowel Sign Ketti Is-Pilla Sinhala Nonspacing Mark
3539 dd3 Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Is-Pilla Sinhala Nonspacing Mark
3540 dd4 Sinhala Vowel Sign Ketti Paa-Pilla Sinhala Nonspacing Mark
3542 dd6 Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Paa-Pilla Sinhala Nonspacing Mark
3544 dd8 Sinhala Vowel Sign Gaetta-Pilla Sinhala Spacing Mark
3545 dd9 Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva Sinhala Spacing Mark
3546 dda Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Kombuva Sinhala Spacing Mark
3547 ddb Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombu Deka Sinhala Spacing Mark
3548 ddc Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva Haa Aela-Pilla Sinhala Spacing Mark
3549 ddd Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva Haa Diga Aela-Pilla Sinhala Spacing Mark
3550 dde Sinhala Vowel Sign Kombuva Haa Gayanukitta Sinhala Spacing Mark
3551 ddf Sinhala Vowel Sign Gayanukitta Sinhala Spacing Mark
3558 de6 Sinhala Lith Digit Zero Sinhala Decimal Number
3559 de7 Sinhala Lith Digit One Sinhala Decimal Number
3560 de8 Sinhala Lith Digit Two Sinhala Decimal Number
3561 de9 Sinhala Lith Digit Three Sinhala Decimal Number
3562 dea Sinhala Lith Digit Four Sinhala Decimal Number
3563 deb Sinhala Lith Digit Five Sinhala Decimal Number
3564 dec Sinhala Lith Digit Six Sinhala Decimal Number
3565 ded Sinhala Lith Digit Seven Sinhala Decimal Number
3566 dee Sinhala Lith Digit Eight Sinhala Decimal Number
3567 def Sinhala Lith Digit Nine Sinhala Decimal Number
3570 df2 Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Gaetta-Pilla Sinhala Spacing Mark
3571 df3 Sinhala Vowel Sign Diga Gayanukitta Sinhala Spacing Mark
3572 df4 Sinhala Punctuation Kunddaliya Sinhala Other Punctuation
3585 e01 Thai Character Ko Kai Thai Other Letter
3586 e02 Thai Character Kho Khai Thai Other Letter
3587 e03 Thai Character Kho Khuat Thai Other Letter
3588 e04 Thai Character Kho Khwai Thai Other Letter
3589 e05 Thai Character Kho Khon Thai Other Letter
3590 e06 Thai Character Kho Rakhang Thai Other Letter
3591 e07 Thai Character Ngo Ngu Thai Other Letter
3592 e08 Thai Character Cho Chan Thai Other Letter
3593 e09 Thai Character Cho Ching Thai Other Letter
3594 e0a Thai Character Cho Chang Thai Other Letter
3595 e0b Thai Character So So Thai Other Letter
3596 e0c Thai Character Cho Choe Thai Other Letter
3597 e0d Thai Character Yo Ying Thai Other Letter
3598 e0e Thai Character Do Chada Thai Other Letter
3599 e0f Thai Character To Patak Thai Other Letter
3600 e10 Thai Character Tho Than Thai Other Letter
3601 e11 Thai Character Tho Nangmontho Thai Other Letter
3602 e12 Thai Character Tho Phuthao Thai Other Letter
3603 e13 Thai Character No Nen Thai Other Letter
3604 e14 Thai Character Do Dek Thai Other Letter
3605 e15 Thai Character To Tao Thai Other Letter
3606 e16 Thai Character Tho Thung Thai Other Letter
3607 e17 Thai Character Tho Thahan Thai Other Letter
3608 e18 Thai Character Tho Thong Thai Other Letter
3609 e19 Thai Character No Nu Thai Other Letter
3610 e1a Thai Character Bo Baimai Thai Other Letter
3611 e1b Thai Character Po Pla Thai Other Letter
3612 e1c Thai Character Pho Phung Thai Other Letter
3613 e1d Thai Character Fo Fa Thai Other Letter
3614 e1e Thai Character Pho Phan Thai Other Letter
3615 e1f Thai Character Fo Fan Thai Other Letter
3616 e20 Thai Character Pho Samphao Thai Other Letter
3617 e21 Thai Character Mo Ma Thai Other Letter

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