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dec. c.p. hex. c.p. char. name block gen­er­al cat­e­go­ry
2920 b68 Oriya Digit Two Oriya Decimal Number
2921 b69 Oriya Digit Three Oriya Decimal Number
2922 b6a Oriya Digit Four Oriya Decimal Number
2923 b6b Oriya Digit Five Oriya Decimal Number
2924 b6c Oriya Digit Six Oriya Decimal Number
2925 b6d Oriya Digit Seven Oriya Decimal Number
2926 b6e Oriya Digit Eight Oriya Decimal Number
2927 b6f Oriya Digit Nine Oriya Decimal Number
2928 b70 Oriya Isshar Oriya Other Symbol
2929 b71 Oriya Letter Wa Oriya Other Letter
2930 b72 Oriya Fraction One Quarter Oriya Other Number
2931 b73 Oriya Fraction One Half Oriya Other Number
2932 b74 Oriya Fraction Three Quarters Oriya Other Number
2933 b75 Oriya Fraction One Sixteenth Oriya Other Number
2934 b76 Oriya Fraction One Eighth Oriya Other Number
2935 b77 Oriya Fraction Three Sixteenths Oriya Other Number
2946 b82 Tamil Sign Anusvara Tamil Nonspacing Mark
2947 b83 Tamil Sign Visarga Tamil Other Letter
2949 b85 Tamil Letter A Tamil Other Letter
2950 b86 Tamil Letter Aa Tamil Other Letter
2951 b87 Tamil Letter I Tamil Other Letter
2952 b88 Tamil Letter Ii Tamil Other Letter
2953 b89 Tamil Letter U Tamil Other Letter
2954 b8a Tamil Letter Uu Tamil Other Letter
2958 b8e Tamil Letter E Tamil Other Letter
2959 b8f Tamil Letter Ee Tamil Other Letter
2960 b90 Tamil Letter Ai Tamil Other Letter
2962 b92 Tamil Letter O Tamil Other Letter
2963 b93 Tamil Letter Oo Tamil Other Letter
2964 b94 Tamil Letter Au Tamil Other Letter
2965 b95 Tamil Letter Ka Tamil Other Letter
2969 b99 Tamil Letter Nga Tamil Other Letter
2970 b9a Tamil Letter Ca Tamil Other Letter
2972 b9c Tamil Letter Ja Tamil Other Letter
2974 b9e Tamil Letter Nya Tamil Other Letter
2975 b9f Tamil Letter Tta Tamil Other Letter
2979 ba3 Tamil Letter Nna Tamil Other Letter
2980 ba4 Tamil Letter Ta Tamil Other Letter
2984 ba8 Tamil Letter Na Tamil Other Letter
2985 ba9 Tamil Letter Nnna Tamil Other Letter
2986 baa Tamil Letter Pa Tamil Other Letter
2990 bae Tamil Letter Ma Tamil Other Letter
2991 baf Tamil Letter Ya Tamil Other Letter
2992 bb0 Tamil Letter Ra Tamil Other Letter
2993 bb1 Tamil Letter Rra Tamil Other Letter
2994 bb2 Tamil Letter La Tamil Other Letter
2995 bb3 Tamil Letter Lla Tamil Other Letter
2996 bb4 Tamil Letter Llla Tamil Other Letter
2997 bb5 Tamil Letter Va Tamil Other Letter
2998 bb6 Tamil Letter Sha Tamil Other Letter
2999 bb7 Tamil Letter Ssa Tamil Other Letter
3000 bb8 Tamil Letter Sa Tamil Other Letter
3001 bb9 Tamil Letter Ha Tamil Other Letter
3006 bbe Tamil Vowel Sign Aa Tamil Spacing Mark
3007 bbf ி Tamil Vowel Sign I Tamil Spacing Mark
3008 bc0 Tamil Vowel Sign Ii Tamil Nonspacing Mark
3009 bc1 Tamil Vowel Sign U Tamil Spacing Mark
3010 bc2 Tamil Vowel Sign Uu Tamil Spacing Mark
3014 bc6 Tamil Vowel Sign E Tamil Spacing Mark
3015 bc7 Tamil Vowel Sign Ee Tamil Spacing Mark
3016 bc8 Tamil Vowel Sign Ai Tamil Spacing Mark
3018 bca Tamil Vowel Sign O Tamil Spacing Mark
3019 bcb Tamil Vowel Sign Oo Tamil Spacing Mark
3020 bcc Tamil Vowel Sign Au Tamil Spacing Mark
3021 bcd Tamil Sign Virama Tamil Nonspacing Mark
3024 bd0 Tamil Om Tamil Other Letter
3031 bd7 Tamil Au Length Mark Tamil Spacing Mark
3046 be6 Tamil Digit Zero Tamil Decimal Number
3047 be7 Tamil Digit One Tamil Decimal Number
3048 be8 Tamil Digit Two Tamil Decimal Number
3049 be9 Tamil Digit Three Tamil Decimal Number
3050 bea Tamil Digit Four Tamil Decimal Number
3051 beb Tamil Digit Five Tamil Decimal Number
3052 bec Tamil Digit Six Tamil Decimal Number
3053 bed Tamil Digit Seven Tamil Decimal Number
3054 bee Tamil Digit Eight Tamil Decimal Number
3055 bef Tamil Digit Nine Tamil Decimal Number
3056 bf0 Tamil Number Ten Tamil Other Number
3057 bf1 Tamil Number One Hundred Tamil Other Number
3058 bf2 Tamil Number One Thousand Tamil Other Number
3059 bf3 Tamil Day Sign Tamil Other Symbol
3060 bf4 Tamil Month Sign Tamil Other Symbol
3061 bf5 Tamil Year Sign Tamil Other Symbol
3062 bf6 Tamil Debit Sign Tamil Other Symbol
3063 bf7 Tamil Credit Sign Tamil Other Symbol
3064 bf8 Tamil As Above Sign Tamil Other Symbol
3065 bf9 Tamil Rupee Sign Tamil Currency Symbol
3066 bfa Tamil Number Sign Tamil Other Symbol
3072 c00 Telugu Sign Combining Candrabindu Above Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3073 c01 Telugu Sign Candrabindu Telugu Spacing Mark
3074 c02 Telugu Sign Anusvara Telugu Spacing Mark
3075 c03 Telugu Sign Visarga Telugu Spacing Mark
3077 c05 Telugu Letter A Telugu Other Letter
3078 c06 Telugu Letter Aa Telugu Other Letter
3079 c07 Telugu Letter I Telugu Other Letter
3080 c08 Telugu Letter Ii Telugu Other Letter
3081 c09 Telugu Letter U Telugu Other Letter
3082 c0a Telugu Letter Uu Telugu Other Letter
3083 c0b Telugu Letter Vocalic R Telugu Other Letter
3084 c0c Telugu Letter Vocalic L Telugu Other Letter
3086 c0e Telugu Letter E Telugu Other Letter
3087 c0f Telugu Letter Ee Telugu Other Letter
3088 c10 Telugu Letter Ai Telugu Other Letter
3090 c12 Telugu Letter O Telugu Other Letter
3091 c13 Telugu Letter Oo Telugu Other Letter
3092 c14 Telugu Letter Au Telugu Other Letter
3093 c15 Telugu Letter Ka Telugu Other Letter
3094 c16 Telugu Letter Kha Telugu Other Letter
3095 c17 Telugu Letter Ga Telugu Other Letter
3096 c18 Telugu Letter Gha Telugu Other Letter
3097 c19 Telugu Letter Nga Telugu Other Letter
3098 c1a Telugu Letter Ca Telugu Other Letter
3099 c1b Telugu Letter Cha Telugu Other Letter
3100 c1c Telugu Letter Ja Telugu Other Letter
3101 c1d Telugu Letter Jha Telugu Other Letter
3102 c1e Telugu Letter Nya Telugu Other Letter
3103 c1f Telugu Letter Tta Telugu Other Letter
3104 c20 Telugu Letter Ttha Telugu Other Letter
3105 c21 Telugu Letter Dda Telugu Other Letter
3106 c22 Telugu Letter Ddha Telugu Other Letter
3107 c23 Telugu Letter Nna Telugu Other Letter
3108 c24 Telugu Letter Ta Telugu Other Letter
3109 c25 Telugu Letter Tha Telugu Other Letter
3110 c26 Telugu Letter Da Telugu Other Letter
3111 c27 Telugu Letter Dha Telugu Other Letter
3112 c28 Telugu Letter Na Telugu Other Letter
3114 c2a Telugu Letter Pa Telugu Other Letter
3115 c2b Telugu Letter Pha Telugu Other Letter
3116 c2c Telugu Letter Ba Telugu Other Letter
3117 c2d Telugu Letter Bha Telugu Other Letter
3118 c2e Telugu Letter Ma Telugu Other Letter
3119 c2f Telugu Letter Ya Telugu Other Letter
3120 c30 Telugu Letter Ra Telugu Other Letter
3121 c31 Telugu Letter Rra Telugu Other Letter
3122 c32 Telugu Letter La Telugu Other Letter
3123 c33 Telugu Letter Lla Telugu Other Letter
3124 c34 Telugu Letter Llla Telugu Other Letter
3125 c35 Telugu Letter Va Telugu Other Letter
3126 c36 Telugu Letter Sha Telugu Other Letter
3127 c37 Telugu Letter Ssa Telugu Other Letter
3128 c38 Telugu Letter Sa Telugu Other Letter
3129 c39 Telugu Letter Ha Telugu Other Letter
3133 c3d Telugu Sign Avagraha Telugu Other Letter
3134 c3e Telugu Vowel Sign Aa Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3135 c3f ి Telugu Vowel Sign I Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3136 c40 Telugu Vowel Sign Ii Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3137 c41 Telugu Vowel Sign U Telugu Spacing Mark
3138 c42 Telugu Vowel Sign Uu Telugu Spacing Mark
3139 c43 Telugu Vowel Sign Vocalic R Telugu Spacing Mark
3140 c44 Telugu Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Telugu Spacing Mark
3142 c46 Telugu Vowel Sign E Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3143 c47 Telugu Vowel Sign Ee Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3144 c48 Telugu Vowel Sign Ai Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3146 c4a Telugu Vowel Sign O Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3147 c4b Telugu Vowel Sign Oo Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3148 c4c Telugu Vowel Sign Au Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3149 c4d Telugu Sign Virama Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3157 c55 Telugu Length Mark Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3158 c56 Telugu Ai Length Mark Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3160 c58 Telugu Letter Tsa Telugu Other Letter
3161 c59 Telugu Letter Dza Telugu Other Letter
3162 c5a Telugu Letter Rrra Telugu Other Letter
3168 c60 Telugu Letter Vocalic Rr Telugu Other Letter
3169 c61 Telugu Letter Vocalic Ll Telugu Other Letter
3170 c62 Telugu Vowel Sign Vocalic L Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3171 c63 Telugu Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll Telugu Nonspacing Mark
3174 c66 Telugu Digit Zero Telugu Decimal Number
3175 c67 Telugu Digit One Telugu Decimal Number
3176 c68 Telugu Digit Two Telugu Decimal Number
3177 c69 Telugu Digit Three Telugu Decimal Number
3178 c6a Telugu Digit Four Telugu Decimal Number
3179 c6b Telugu Digit Five Telugu Decimal Number
3180 c6c Telugu Digit Six Telugu Decimal Number
3181 c6d Telugu Digit Seven Telugu Decimal Number
3182 c6e Telugu Digit Eight Telugu Decimal Number
3183 c6f Telugu Digit Nine Telugu Decimal Number
3192 c78 Telugu Fraction Digit Zero For Odd Powers Of Four Telugu Other Number
3193 c79 Telugu Fraction Digit One For Odd Powers Of Four Telugu Other Number
3194 c7a Telugu Fraction Digit Two For Odd Powers Of Four Telugu Other Number
3195 c7b Telugu Fraction Digit Three For Odd Powers Of Four Telugu Other Number
3196 c7c Telugu Fraction Digit One For Even Powers Of Four Telugu Other Number
3197 c7d Telugu Fraction Digit Two For Even Powers Of Four Telugu Other Number
3198 c7e Telugu Fraction Digit Three For Even Powers Of Four Telugu Other Number
3199 c7f ౿ Telugu Sign Tuumu Telugu Other Symbol
3200 c80 Kannada Sign Spacing Candrabindu Kannada Other Letter
3201 c81 Kannada Sign Candrabindu Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3202 c82 Kannada Sign Anusvara Kannada Spacing Mark
3203 c83 Kannada Sign Visarga Kannada Spacing Mark
3205 c85 Kannada Letter A Kannada Other Letter
3206 c86 Kannada Letter Aa Kannada Other Letter
3207 c87 Kannada Letter I Kannada Other Letter
3208 c88 Kannada Letter Ii Kannada Other Letter
3209 c89 Kannada Letter U Kannada Other Letter
3210 c8a Kannada Letter Uu Kannada Other Letter
3211 c8b Kannada Letter Vocalic R Kannada Other Letter
3212 c8c Kannada Letter Vocalic L Kannada Other Letter
3214 c8e Kannada Letter E Kannada Other Letter
3215 c8f Kannada Letter Ee Kannada Other Letter
3216 c90 Kannada Letter Ai Kannada Other Letter
3218 c92 Kannada Letter O Kannada Other Letter
3219 c93 Kannada Letter Oo Kannada Other Letter
3220 c94 Kannada Letter Au Kannada Other Letter
3221 c95 Kannada Letter Ka Kannada Other Letter
3222 c96 Kannada Letter Kha Kannada Other Letter
3223 c97 Kannada Letter Ga Kannada Other Letter
3224 c98 Kannada Letter Gha Kannada Other Letter
3225 c99 Kannada Letter Nga Kannada Other Letter
3226 c9a Kannada Letter Ca Kannada Other Letter
3227 c9b Kannada Letter Cha Kannada Other Letter
3228 c9c Kannada Letter Ja Kannada Other Letter
3229 c9d Kannada Letter Jha Kannada Other Letter
3230 c9e Kannada Letter Nya Kannada Other Letter
3231 c9f Kannada Letter Tta Kannada Other Letter
3232 ca0 Kannada Letter Ttha Kannada Other Letter
3233 ca1 Kannada Letter Dda Kannada Other Letter
3234 ca2 Kannada Letter Ddha Kannada Other Letter
3235 ca3 Kannada Letter Nna Kannada Other Letter
3236 ca4 Kannada Letter Ta Kannada Other Letter
3237 ca5 Kannada Letter Tha Kannada Other Letter
3238 ca6 Kannada Letter Da Kannada Other Letter
3239 ca7 Kannada Letter Dha Kannada Other Letter
3240 ca8 Kannada Letter Na Kannada Other Letter
3242 caa Kannada Letter Pa Kannada Other Letter
3243 cab Kannada Letter Pha Kannada Other Letter
3244 cac Kannada Letter Ba Kannada Other Letter
3245 cad Kannada Letter Bha Kannada Other Letter
3246 cae Kannada Letter Ma Kannada Other Letter
3247 caf Kannada Letter Ya Kannada Other Letter
3248 cb0 Kannada Letter Ra Kannada Other Letter
3249 cb1 Kannada Letter Rra Kannada Other Letter
3250 cb2 Kannada Letter La Kannada Other Letter
3251 cb3 Kannada Letter Lla Kannada Other Letter
3253 cb5 Kannada Letter Va Kannada Other Letter
3254 cb6 Kannada Letter Sha Kannada Other Letter
3255 cb7 Kannada Letter Ssa Kannada Other Letter
3256 cb8 Kannada Letter Sa Kannada Other Letter
3257 cb9 Kannada Letter Ha Kannada Other Letter
3260 cbc Kannada Sign Nukta Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3261 cbd Kannada Sign Avagraha Kannada Other Letter
3262 cbe Kannada Vowel Sign Aa Kannada Spacing Mark
3263 cbf ಿ Kannada Vowel Sign I Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3264 cc0 Kannada Vowel Sign Ii Kannada Spacing Mark
3265 cc1 Kannada Vowel Sign U Kannada Spacing Mark
3266 cc2 Kannada Vowel Sign Uu Kannada Spacing Mark
3267 cc3 Kannada Vowel Sign Vocalic R Kannada Spacing Mark
3268 cc4 Kannada Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr Kannada Spacing Mark
3270 cc6 Kannada Vowel Sign E Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3271 cc7 Kannada Vowel Sign Ee Kannada Spacing Mark
3272 cc8 Kannada Vowel Sign Ai Kannada Spacing Mark
3274 cca Kannada Vowel Sign O Kannada Spacing Mark
3275 ccb Kannada Vowel Sign Oo Kannada Spacing Mark
3276 ccc Kannada Vowel Sign Au Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3277 ccd Kannada Sign Virama Kannada Nonspacing Mark
3285 cd5 Kannada Length Mark Kannada Spacing Mark
3286 cd6 Kannada Ai Length Mark Kannada Spacing Mark
3294 cde Kannada Letter Fa Kannada Other Letter

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