Programs by me


Python 3charfreq.pysourcePrints statistics of characters in a text file.output
Python 3ines-extract.pysourceExtracts PRG-ROM data or CHR-ROM data from an iNES ROM file (.nes).
Python 3ines-info.pysourcePrints information of an iNES ROM file (.nes).output
Python 3ines-replace.pysourceReplaces PRG-ROM or CHR-ROM in an iNES ROM file (.nes).
Python 3md5-nohashlib-fast.pysourceFaster version of Doesn't support messages > 55 bytes.output
Python 3md5-nohashlib.pysourceCalculates the MD5 hash of a string without hashlib etc.output
Python 3md5.pysourceCalculates the MD5 hash of a string or a file.output
Python 3nes-cdl-analyze.pysourcePrints a summary of an FCEUX Code/Data Logger file (.cdl) in CSV format.output
Python 3nes-cdl-disasm.pysourceNES disassembler with FCEUX Code/Data Logger file (.cdl) supportoutput
Python 3nes-chr-decode.pysourceConverts an NES CHR-ROM data file (which can be created with to a PNG image.
Python 3nes-chr-encode.pysourceConverts a PNG image to an NES CHR-ROM data file (which can be fed to
Python 3nes-gg.pysourceNES Game Genie code decoder/encoder.output
Python 3uniquewords.pysourceReads a text file and writes a list of unique words to another file, optionally with their frequencies.output
NES (6502)nes-24balls.zipA demo that shows 24 bouncing balls. No source.screenshot
NES (6502)nes-firefox.zipA static image of the Firefox logo. It has six unique colors. No source.screenshot
NES (6502)nes-md5.zipEnter a string (0 to 7 bytes, blue) and the program computes its MD5 hash (brown).screenshot
NES (6502)nes-wolf3d.zipA static image of Wolfenstein 3D title screen. It has six unique colors. No source.screenshot
QuickBASIC 4.5graph.basDraws up to 14 graphs in XY coordinates simultaneously.screenshot
QuickBASIC 4.5montest.basA monitor test program.screenshot
OpenSCADmarvin.scadMarvin the Martian, that adorable Looney Tunes cartoon character.screenshot
OpenSCADplato.scadThe non-built-in Platonic solids: regular tetra-, octa-, dodeca- and icosahedron.screenshot

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