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NES (6502)nes-24balls.zipA demo that shows 24 bouncing balls. No source.demo graphics nesimage1,628
NES (6502)nes-firefox.zipA static image of the Firefox logo. It has six unique colors. No source.demo graphics nesimage6,107
NES (6502)nes-md5.zipEnter a string (0 to 7 bytes, blue) and the program computes its MD5 hash (brown).algorithm md5 nesimage16,126
NES (6502)nes-wolf3d.zipA static image of Wolfenstein 3D title screen. It has six unique colors. No source.demo graphics nesimage5,010
Python 3charfreq.pysourcePrints statistics of characters in a text file.text_processingtext6,154
Python 3corruptor.pysourceCorrupts random bytes in a file. Many options. Tested with multi-gigabyte files.rom_hackingtext7,861
Python 3greppy.pysourceFind lines matching specified regex in a text file. Basically a UI for,636
Python 3ines-extract.pysourceExtracts PRG-ROM data or CHR-ROM data from an iNES ROM file (.nes).nes rom_hackingtext3,253
Python 3ines-info.pysourcePrints information of an iNES ROM file (.nes).nes rom_hackingtext3,243
Python 3ines-replace.pysourceReplaces PRG-ROM or CHR-ROM in an iNES ROM file (.nes).nes rom_hackingtext4,053
Python 3md5-nohashlib-fast.pysourceFaster version of Doesn't support messages > 55 bytes.md5text6,601
Python 3md5-nohashlib.pysourceCalculates the MD5 hash of a string without hashlib etc.algorithm md5text3,768
Python 3md5.pysourceCalculates the MD5 hash of a string or a file.md5text1,495
Python 3nes-cdl-analyze.pysourcePrints a summary of an FCEUX Code/Data Logger file (.cdl) in CSV format.nes rom_hackingtext5,495
Python 3nes-cdl-disasm.pysourceNES disassembler with FCEUX Code/Data Logger file (.cdl) supportnes rom_hackingtext23,669
Python 3nes-chr-decode.pysourceConverts an NES CHR-ROM data file (which can be created with to a PNG image.nes graphics rom_hackingtext4,621
Python 3nes-chr-encode.pysourceConverts a PNG image to an NES CHR-ROM data file (which can be fed to graphics rom_hackingtext5,710
Python 3nes-gg.pysourceNES Game Genie code decoder/encoder.nes rom_hackingtext5,250
Python 3playlistgen.pysourceReads a playlist exported from iTunes and generates an HTML file.text_processingHTML11,167
Python 3syntaxcolor.zipsourceReads a Python/OpenSCAD/QuickBASIC program, generates an HTML file with syntax coloring. The parser isn't very smart.text_processingHTML7,503
Python 3uniquewords.pysourceReads a text file and writes a list of unique words to another file, optionally with their frequencies.text_processingtext4,918
QuickBASIC 4.5graph.bassourceDraws up to 14 graphs in XY coordinates mathimage3,641
QuickBASIC 4.5kuntavisa.zipsourceA quiz of Finnish municipalities and regions. In Finnish. Source&exe. (Visa Suomen kunnista ja maakunnista.)game finnishimage35,681
QuickBASIC 4.5montest.zipsourceA monitor tester. Source&exe.graphicsimage39,104
OpenSCADmarvin.scadsourceMarvin the Martian, that adorable Looney Tunes cartoon character.image11,267
OpenSCADplato.scadsourceThe non-built-in Platonic solids: regular tetra-, octa-, dodeca- and icosahedron.mathimage8,234

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