Kalle’s programs

You need Python to run Python programs. Programs that read or write PNG images also require the PyPNG module (png.py under code directory).

language category program program (gz) description last updated
Python NES ines-chr-extract.py ines-chr-extract.py.gz Extracts CHR-ROM from an iNES ROM file (.nes) to another file. 2018-03-05
Python NES ines-info.py ines-info.py.gz Prints information of an iNES ROM file (.nes). 2018-03-05
Python NES nes-chr-decode.py nes-chr-decode.py.gz Converts an NES CHR data file to a PNG file. 2018-03-05
Python text processing refind.py refind.py.gz Filters stdin by regular expression. 2018-03-16
Python text processing unique-codepoints.py unique-codepoints.py.gz Reads text from stdin and prints unique codepoints. 2018-03-05
Python text processing unique-lines.py unique-lines.py.gz Reads text from stdin and prints unique lines. 2018-03-05
Python text processing unique-words.py unique-words.py.gz Reads text from stdin and prints unique words. 2018-03-05
Python misc dc.py dc.py.gz Compares files under two directories non-recursively. 2018-04-15
Python misc rle.py rle.py.gz A simple RLE encoder/decoder. 2018-03-23