Scans of 80s Mikrobitti computer magazines

Here are some scans of the 80s issues of the Finnish computer magazine Mikrobitti. (More scans, which probably aren't interesting to my international readers, can be found on the Finnish version of this page; see the link above.)

Stavros Fasoulas (Mikrobitti 1/84)

A type-in program for Commodore VIC-20 by the Finn Stavros Fasoulas, who later developed e.g. Sanxion and Quedex for Commodore 64. (Fasoulas' name is misspelled at the top part of the image.)

Racism (Mikrobitti 4/85)

A racist caricature of a Japanese man on the cover.

Jukka Tapanimäki (Mikrobitti 6–7/86)

Jukka Tapanimäki was another Finnish game developer. Monolith was the first of his games that was published.

Linus Torvalds (Mikrobitti 11/86)

A type-in program for Sinclair QL by that Linus Torvalds.