GIF89a specification reformatted by me

I have created my own versions of the GIF89a file format specification ( because I thought the original was a bit hard to read. To verify that I haven’t introduced errors to my versions, you can look at the GNU diff files I have provided. (I used the --minimal argument with diff.)

version diff to previous version description
spec-gif89a-version1.txt spec-gif89a-version1.diff some lines deleted
spec-gif89a-version2.txt spec-gif89a-version2.diff some newlines added, moved the string “Graphics Interchange Format Programming Reference” to its own line
spec-gif89a-version3.txt spec-gif89a-version3.diff some spaces removed, indentation adjusted accordingly
spec-gif89a-version4.txt spec-gif89a-version4.diff indentation adjusted to multiples of four spaces
spec-gif89a-version5.txt spec-gif89a-version5.diff headings&table of contents reformatted
spec-gif89a-version6.txt spec-gif89a-version6.diff text reformatted for 80-column display

I have also converted the specification to HTML. I am no longer willing to host it but a copy is available on Internet Archive.