Average colors of flags

I took flags of some European countries and calculated the averages of all pixels. (Source of flags: Wikimedia Commons – Category:SVG sovereign state flags.)

Austriaflag of Austriaaveraged flag of Austria
Belgiumflag of Belgiumaveraged flag of Belgium
Denmarkflag of Denmarkaveraged flag of Denmark
Estoniaflag of Estoniaaveraged flag of Estonia
Finlandflag of Finlandaveraged flag of Finland
Franceflag of Franceaveraged flag of France
Germanyflag of Germanyaveraged flag of Germany
Icelandflag of Icelandaveraged flag of Iceland
Irelandflag of Irelandaveraged flag of Ireland
Italyflag of Italyaveraged flag of Italy
Latviaflag of Latviaaveraged flag of Latvia
Lithuaniaflag of Lithuaniaaveraged flag of Lithuania
The Netherlandsflag of The Netherlandsaveraged flag of The Netherlands
Norwayflag of Norwayaveraged flag of Norway
Polandflag of Polandaveraged flag of Poland
Portugalflag of Portugalaveraged flag of Portugal
Russiaflag of Russiaaveraged flag of Russia
Spainflag of Spainaveraged flag of Spain
Swedenflag of Swedenaveraged flag of Sweden
Switzerlandflag of Switzerlandaveraged flag of Switzerland
The United Kingdomflag of The United Kingdomaveraged flag of The United Kingdom

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